Lots of words to say "because he's a man". It's a serious bummer. Everyone loves a little "girl power", so long as it's not a serious threat to male dominance.
That said, I do think Clinton was a unique lightening rod for sexism, because she was known first as a wife who acte like an equal. It caused massive panic, because that is what so many men, even those who claim to be "feminist" fear: Treating the women in their lives as equals.
I do hold out hope that other women, whose "wife" status is not so prominent, might do better, because they provoke less men's fears that they might have to start treating their own wives like equals, which means, gasp! doing the dishes.
Ugh, acted like. edit button @jack
As for female sexists, a lot of rejecting Clinton was a form of sexist, uh, virtue-signaling to men: Don't worry about me! I'm not *that* kind of feminist, the one who actually wants equality at home and in the workplace.
And to be clear, I totally get it. I did my share of that as a young woman. There's a lot of fear women live under, specifically because you're threatened day in and day out with loneliness if you dare actually demand fair and equal treatment.

• • •

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18 Oct
Important thing to understand about antis is that they tell you not to have sex if you don’t want a baby, it they also don’t believe you have a right to say no to sex, aka rape.
They really do see women as merely vessels who have no say in the use of their bodies, who are expected to treat every pregnancy like a precious gift bestowed on them by a benefactor, even if he raped them.
Barrett went out of her way and misinterpreted law to deny this girl her money. Because the “gift” of a baby is compensation enough for rape, right?
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17 Oct
Listening to Pod Save America this morning, and they were really convinced that Trump's town hall performance — where he was lying, defensive, incoherent, etc. — was bad for him. I, sadly, am less convinced.
The reality is that a lot of people aren't bothered by Trump because he sounds like your average conservative white man over 50. Most of them are full of shit and their minds have gone soft from decades of no one challenging them on their shit.
Every man over 50 in my family sounds like Trump: Talks a lot and reacts to the slightest challenge with a blizzard of bullshit stated in the self-assured tones of someone who believes he is always right, simply because of who he is (white, male, old).
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16 Oct
Trump claimed QAnon "fights" "pedophilia" during his town hall last night. Not only is this flatly untrue, but the reality is QAnon's conspiracy theories make it harder for those who are actually fighting the real sexual abuse of children. salon.com/2020/10/16/tru…
Let's be clear: QAnon claims to oppose sex abuse are utterly, thoroughly insincere, which we know because they support Trump, a sexual predator. They only pretend to care about this issue as cover for their real purpose, supporting Trump and neo-fascism.
In fact, by promoting lurid and fantastical ideas about what child sex abuse looks like, QAnon is making it harder for actual victims seeking help to be believed.
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15 Oct
I've seen folks lament that impeachment was a waste of time, because the Senate failed to convict. In reality, it keeps paying off dividends, for instance, scaring journalists away from treating Giuliani like a credible source. salon.com/2020/10/15/giu…
Giuliani's scheme is just a repeat of the 2016 conspiracy against Clinton: Launder disinformation, likely Russian in origin, through cut-out into the mainstream media. And it would have worked, if it weren't for that meddling whistleblower and the House Democrats!
Impeachment, by exposing the extent of Trump and Giuliani's plot to smear Biden with false accusations, made it so any journalist who tries to run with this bullshit Ukraine story immediately looks like what they are, which is a stooge of Trump and Russian disinfo.
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15 Oct
Trump's insinuation is that deaths don't count if they're from blue areas. But even by that standard, he's wrong. The death rate is skyrocketing in red areas, due in large part to Trump making it a loyalty test to risk getting the coronavirus.
Trump is talking like it's still May, when the coronavirus was still concentrated in dense urban areas, which are indeed blue. But here's the most recent chart showing the case rate per million. This disease is hammering red states. dangoodspeed.com/covid/state-by…
I've been watching that NXIVM documentary on and off, and on the question of how these women got so snookered they allowed someone to brand them, I just say this: Millions of Americans got a potentially deadly disease to show their love for Trump.
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14 Oct
With Barr shutting down the phony "unmasking" investigation, another effort by Trump to abuse federal powers to cheat in the 2020 election falls apart. But don't get complacent. Trump is an idiot, but he's gotten lucky before. salon.com/2020/10/14/tru…
The "unmasking" scandal follows the same formula as every other GOP-faked smear campaign against Democrats, from "Benghazi" to "emails": It's deliberately dense and confusing, so people don't bother to learn the details and instead just assume whatever it is must be bad.
It really is remarkable how the entire GOP strategy on every front relies heavily on assuming their voters are too stupid or uninterested to bother learning what's really going on.
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