Starting with a small spike yesterday around 12 noon Central time and heavy plasma waves overnight.

The Schumann Resonance measures electromagnetic activity in the Earth's Atmosphere. We are electrical beings. Our bodies feel most comfortable around 7.83hz.
When the energy measured reaches above 40hz ascension symptoms may be noticed. Some individuals notice symptoms several days before, during or after.

Higher frequency energy causes lower density energy to be pushed out of the cells...
including latent viruses, bacteria, yeast, toxins, traumas and trapped emotions.

This is why people generally don't feel great during these energy shifts. Old memories, dreams, grief and despair may also surface. Fear and fight or flight response may also be triggered.
When our bodies are in a state of fear and panic this closes down our Root or base energy center and stops the flow of energy through our toroidal field.

These energies are assisting in clearing density from our bodies and healing us on a cellular level.
It is extremely important to not shut down in fear as this slows the energy flow into the higher energy centers. As we gain balance in each ascending energy center we raise in vibration over all.

Noted Ascension Symptoms :
Animal Souls passing
Human Souls passing
Anger and Grief
Easily Irritated
Severe Headaches
Cold Sore Breakouts
Seizure Like Activity
Body Vibrations
Hands Tingling/Hot
Vivid Dreams/Nightmares
Increased Synchronicities
Repeating Numbers
Deja Vu
Extreme Fatigue
Coping with the Uncomfortable:

Grounding Techniques Meditation
Salt Baths
Parasympathetic Breathing
Root teas and veggies
Calming essential oils
Grounding stones
Time in Nature
Sleep and Rest
Binaural Beats
Frequency music at 7.83hz
I AM Affirmations
Be conscious that fear will pass and allow it to move through you instead of becoming the emotion. When you feel fear creeping in try to visualize a time you felt the opposite emotion of safety, peace and joy. Feel this emotion move through your body.
We have been preprogrammed to awaken at certain times. These high frequency light codes are activating dormant DNA. This light is helping to awaken the collective.

Love is the highest state of being and is the most powerful force we have. Lead with love and compassion
Staying grounded and not reacting when in a state of stress is imperative during these times. Be aware if you become triggered as these are areas coming to the surface to heal.
Create Play Love

Feeling Safe and using our Hearts in a state of compassion and LOVE are essential for ascension.

• • •

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I have been trying to formulate this post for days in my head. So please go with me on this journey.

The Earth's Frequency is 7.83hz. This is the base frequency of the planet. This is what every plant and animal needs to stay in harmony with existence.
The Schumann Resonance measures the Frequency as energy moves through each layer of the ionosphere.

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After an entire day of strong solar winds. Starting at 7 pm Central Time Zone
Strong Ascension Symptoms
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Body Buzzing
Hyper Activity
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Geomagnetic Storms Predicted over the next few days. These storms are predicted to be G1 and G2 level storms.

Anytime the Earth's Atmosphere is magnetically shifted this also shifts our bodies.
We are electrical and as electrical forces increase this energy also increases in the cells of our bodies.
If our body is holding on to suppressed emotions, trauma or lower vibrational cells in our body such as yeast, bacteria, viruses these lower vibrational cells will push out
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