If you've lived around Indians & Arabs in Kenya, you know why they don't cry unemployment. They build an economy around themselves for years to come. But you get money, you subscribe to premium onlyfans. 2 generations down the line, your grandson is boiling maize cobs for lunch.
I have an Arab friend. Literally, his 2nd-year brother works as a manager in the family company. Do you think an average Kenyan graduate will be able to compete with him in the job market 3 years from now? That is what wealth does. It gives you opportunities. And options.
Wealth is intentional. There are bigger things in life than "turning it up" & "showing the haters". 20 years from now you'll be looking at the friend you had in primary school, lamenting his 'derision'. While he was investing in structures, you were investing in strippers.

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19 Oct
Most of the time the men you call "stupid", "manchild", "immature" & "boys" just didn't want you. It's the rejection that kills you. All men are good with the woman they deem worthy & your worth isn't determined by how well you treat him. But how much you challenge him to grow.
I have 3 categories of women: Women for a day, women for some time, & women for a lifetime. Each I assign due worth (& resources) according to their involvement in my growth. Selfish I know, but effective nonetheless. I grade women further into producers & consumers.
The woman for a day is primarily a consumer. Buy her alcohol, take her to a club, lay her. Easy-peasy. She'll get a few coins but that's it. The woman for some time is good. She cooks, cleans but has no passion for anything beyond loving me. She gets a little of my time & money.
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18 Oct
I am a traditional man. I eschew scheduled introductory dates. I think they are mechanical. My relationships are organic. I meet romance in the park, or the restaurant: on the bus, or the library. Online encounters rarely live up to their promise in real life. Hope wore me out.
I am a traditional man. I do not think much of wine. You don't either. Four Cousins tastes like burnt paper. and 4th Street like smoke. But it brings you closer to sophistication. So you sip it & jostle for pictures next to it. Find me in porridge on a quiet Friday evening.
I am a traditional man. You will not find me outside past 8:00 pm. I chase nothing in the dark that I might not find in the light. I carry bread home, after a long day at work. And though it be quiet sometimes, my house embraces me.
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17 Oct
Cancel culture is the work of underachievers. Especially, on matters sex abuse. Follow the due process when the vice happens, or shut up about it. It says 'according to the constitution', not according to 'Oshiomole's tweet'. Hearsay is not a statute.
It cannot be that we wait for men to get their breakthrough, then bombard them with unsubstantiated claims. The implicated have people who love them. They, too, deserve justice. We will not cherry-pick the legislation to mollify jaundice. Rage is not evidence.
We want justice. I know I do. Abusers must be dealt with according to their vice. But they must also be afforded the benefit of the doubt until proven guilty. If not, let us legalize lynching. That any instance of implication is dealt with on the streets. Let's illegalize the law
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16 Oct
Change is scary. A man will his job in middle age & he won't have even a cent on him to pay rent. Sometimes, he wakes up to a wife that stopped loving him; 2 kids & 10 years later. Other times, he'll just lose the will to go on. Some you'll win, some you'll lose. It's life.
Change is scary. What will people say? Where do I start? And so most of us would sooner wilt in the familiar than risk change. We fight alone in relationships that burned out years ago. We live in past glories. We postpone change, yet change is due. Change is necessary.
Understand that you can never prepare enough for the future. Storms visit you; the devil camps on your doorstep. Stupid happens. It is for this reason man shouldn't neglect his present in the pursuit of the future. In the end, all we have is memories. If you didn't create any...
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15 Oct
It isn't that the world has no peace; it's that man knows not what to do with it. He conceptualizes sociopolitical headway only from a point of conflict: man vs woman - white vs black; bourgeoisie vs proletariat. His unity of purpose is null sans an enemy. Man courts conflict.
He grades his enemies hierarchically. It is from this antagonistic purview that he builds community. If an alien mothership attacked earth today, all other conflicts would cease. Women will call upon men to protect them. Black & white man will walk arm in arm.
So then, a common enemy instructs community more than love ever will. And what informs a common enemy? Collective hate! We are a society that runs - predominantly - on collective hate. And even in the absence of conflict - in the presence of ethereal peace - we would still fight.
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12 Oct
On your way to Arusha, right after Longido, you'll find an old Maasai woman by the roadside. You'll come to a halt & shout, "yeyo, takwenya". She'll say, "iko" & rush to you, bananas in hand. Buy them. She'll say "Ashenale" & spit on the ground. She is blessing the road for you.
After the encounter, you will feel anew. Like a weight has been lifted off you. You'll be tempted to speed up, but the soft wind in your face will hold you back. You will open your phone, & connect it to the car. Play this song. You won't need another.
Before Habari Maalum, you will branch to the right. Up ahead, you will find a mountain. They call it Kilimamoto. Inside it, you will find a crater with lush pasture. It is here that I first made love to Asha Omari - the love of my life. With the sky right above us. Oh! Asha...
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