Khubayb ibn 'Adi ibn Malik al-Awsi al-Ansari RA was from the blessed 313 who took part in the battle of Badr. On the battle day, he was there, a bold warrior and a daring fighter. Among the makkans whom he killed with his sword during the battle was Al-Harith Ibn 'Amir. 1/
After the battle was over and defeated remnants of the Quraish had returned to Makkah, the sons of Al-Harith learned that their father had been killed. They learned the name of his killer very well by heart: Khubaib Ibn 'Adiy.
The Muslims returned from Badr to Al-Madinah. 2/
Khubayb ibn 'Adi RA was a true worshiper, a pious devotee. his daily routine was praying at night, fasting during the day, glorifying Allah, Lord of the Worlds.
Once, Rasulullah SAW sent a group of ten Muslims under Asim Ibn Thabit RA to learn about the plans of Makkah. 3/
When they reached Hada,a tribe called Bani Lihyan found out about them& sent a hundred men with spears to attack them. As the enemy approached, AsimRA& his companions climbed up a mountain. The infidels said to them,"Come down and surrender, and we
promise and guarantee you. 4/
that we will not kill any one of you" 'Asim bin Thabit; the leader of the Sariya said,"By Allah! I will not come
down to be under the protection of infidels. O Allah! Convey our news to Your Prophet. Then the infidels threw arrows at them till they martyred. 'Asim along 5/
with six other men, and three men came down accepting their promise and convention. and they were Khubaib-al-Ansari and Ibn Dathina and another man So, when the infidels captured them, they undid the strings of their bows and tied them. Then the third (of the captives) said, 6/
"This is the first betrayal. By Allah! I will not go with you. No doubt these,namely the martyred, have set a good example to us."So,they dragged him and tried to compel him to accompany them, but as he refused, they killed him. They took Khubaib and Ibn Dathina with them..7/
and sold them (as slaves) in Mecca (and all that took place) after the battle of Badr. Khubaib was bought by the sons of Al-Harith bin 'Amir bin Naufal. So, Khubaib remained a prisoner with those people.
During Khubayb ibn 'Adi RA his imprisonment,some miracles were witnessed 8/
by Harith's children. For example, Khubayb ibn 'Adi ibn Malik al-Awsi al-Ansari RA eating from a bunch of grapes in his hand when there were no grapes in Makkah.
Another time, Khubayb ibn 'Adi RA borrowed a knife from one of Harith's daughter; later her young child walked 9/
towards Khubayb ibn 'Adi RA until he was standing next to him, his mother was distressed to see her son so close to Khubayb who had a knife in his hand. Khubayb ibn 'Adi RA reassured her that he would not hurt the child. She later used to remark, 10/
"By Allah, I have never seen a prisoner better than Khubayb. By Allah, I too saw him eat from grapes in his hand, when he was in shackles. It was not the season for grapes Makkah. It was a provision from Allah". 11/
In his final days, the sons of Harith tried to make Khubayb ibn 'Adi RA renounces his faith in return for sparing his life. But Khubayb RA stood firm like a mountain and threw the light of his faith back at them.
On the day of execution of this noble Sahabi, the children..12/
of al-Harith took him out of the area of the Haram in Makkah as they wanted to kill him outside the Haram.
Before the execution, Khubayb ibn 'Adi ibn Malik al-Awsi al-Ansari RA requested that he be given a few minute to perform two rakaah of salah, which they agreed to. ..13/
After the salah, Khubayb said, "If you did not think I was afraid of facing death, I would have prolonged my salah (and then he made the du'a), "Oh Allah, count their numbers, wipe them out one by one, do not let any of them live." 14/
He recited the following words of profound poetry, which reflected his strength and determination till the end:
"When I'm being martyred as a Muslim, I do not care in what way I receive my Death for Allah's Sake. If he wishes he will bless cut limbs." 15/
'they wanted to kill him slowly. So they began to cut his flesh and then they begun piercing him with their swords and their spears whilst he was going through this excruciating pain, Abu safyan said to him "Oh khubaib, don't you prefer that Muhammed SAW was in your place 16/
and you were in the comforts of your home?" Whilst he was going this pain?. He replied with famous words "I swear by الله and its easy for me to say and its easy for you to listen, I swear by الله death is easier for me than a thorn pricked rasulullah pbuh. 17/
Khubayb RA’s words were so provocative that the spears and swords began to tear the hero's body to pieces, attacking it with complete madness and cruelty. The people returned to their dens while the dead body of the martyr stayed there, guarded by a group of Quraish men. 18/
When they were lifting Khubayb RA onto the palm trunk cross and tying him firmly, Khubayb ibn 'Adi ibn Malik al-Awsi al-Ansari RA turned his face towards the sky asking his Ever Magnificent Allah, "Allah! We fulfilled the mission of Your Messenger. 19/
Inform him in the early morning of what is happening to Allah responded to his prayer. While he was in Al-Madinah, Rasulullah SAW was filled with a strong feeling that his Companions were facing a severe trial, and he could almost see the crucified dead body of one of them. 20/
it was this occasion Abu Sufyaan said "I have sat with the emperors of Persia and i have sat with the emperors of Rome and i have seen the way their followers love them, and i have seen the way rasulullah pbuh follwers love him and i swear by الله,
the followers of the Roman and the Persian emperors don't love them like rasulullah pbuh followers love him. he was a person worthy of loving. afterwards Abu Sufyaan' s heart tilted towards Islam.
Immediately Rasulullah SAW sent for Miqdaad & Zubair Ibn Awwam RA. They mounted their horses and set off to cross the land rapidly. Allah guided them to their desired destination. They lowered Khubayb RA’ body to a pure spot of ground waiting to shelter him under its moist soil.
No one knows to this day where Khubayb ibn 'Adi ibn Malik al-Awsi al-Ansari RA grave lies. Maybe that is better and more respectable for him so that he remains in history's memory and in the conscience of life a hero, a hero on the cross. 24/
it was Khubaib who set the tradition for any Muslim sentenced to death in captivity, to offer a two-Rak'at prayer (before being killed). he was first to be to be crucified in Islam.

• • •

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