1) What Your going to Find out Soon is.

The World has been run by elite bankers(Deep State) Forever

Every President in the Last 100 Years except 3 (Kennedy, Reagan, Trump)were Deep State Puppets.

The Act of 1871 Created the US Corporation. (DC)
2) The Great Depression happened Why?

To Bankrupt the Corporation of the US(1933)

FDR Declared bankruptcy.

They enacted Social Security with birth certificates and Social Security Numbers. AKA Debt Slaves

everything you were Taught was a Lie.
3)All the Elite Universities were created by the Elite bankers(Deep State)

All Wars were Funded By These Banking Elite(Including the Civil War)

Titantic was a False Flag to start the FED Reserve so they could Fund the World Wars.

4)are all controlled by the elite bankers

We are at War Now

Narratives are spun to effect human emotion to create Chaos.

During chaos The bankers Get Filthier Rich.

You see there is no need for taxes.

The Barter System is a Form of trade.
5)Tariffs is How you collect Money by exporting and Importing.

This is how Trump is governing.

The Tax system is UnConstitutional.

Tax Payers Fund everything in the Current System.
6)The gold standard is a standard of Measurement on how Countries used to measure their Currency.(ended in 1971) Remember the Gas Shortage (Yep another Lie.) This was used to hike the Petrodollar Up.
7)The Elite bankers(Deep state) created the Fiat Dollar and the petrodollar. aka manipulated Currency. they Manipulate the Worth of Currency around the world. this is what caused many wars.
8)the bankers devalued a countries currency and when the leaders of these countries refused to go along our military was sent in. The Media would paint an evil picture to Get Public Opinion to sway in favor of War.


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11 Oct
Imagine yourself Being the Current President.

Now Imagine The Whole Media Empire
Music Industry
Sports Industry
Big Pharma
World Leaders
Puppet masters

Behind a narrative that instills fear through out The global Population...
What if you Knew the Real truth?

What if U Knew This was a Final Grab For Them To Keep Power?

What if 3+ years of eliminating rogue Government Officials While facing impeachment, Russian Collusion narrative? Spineless Government officials all along to Finally Purge the swamp.
How could You do this?

How Could Anyone Do this?

Now Imagine Having everything "EVERYTHING"

Now Ask Yourself Why Would You Do This?

we are at the Pinnacle of freedom That's why this Elections is more important than you know.

Do You want to see arrests?

all the work is Done
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10 Oct
What If i Told You There is an Active War Going on?

What if this is a major Ancient War?

What if this is Going on Under Your nose?

What if all this Co vid is a Last ditch effort?

What if the Military has already taken out the Puppet masters?...
...What if the Puppets are Doubles?

What if The Last remaining Effort is to wake everyone Up?

What If Christ is set to return?

What if everything You've been told is a lie?

What if Presidents are Puppets?

What if you've never heard of The Puppet Masters?...
...What if everything and everyone is connected?

What if we were taught everything to go away from the Truth?

What is the Act of 1871?

Why are These dates 1776 1781 1871 1912 1913 1917 1929 1933 1944 1960 1963 1971 2016 so very important?...
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13 Aug

Conspiracy Theory?

Abolishes IRS ✔️
Ends illegal income Tax✔️
Ends FED Reserve✔️
Rainbow Currency Backed By Gold & Silver( Check Gold, Silver Prices)✔️
Release Cures( Hydroxochlorquine Etc..)✔️
Arrests Politicians( You should see the congressional halls )✔️
Distributes wealth Back to the People illegally collected( More Stimulus checks coming).Bigger
No Income Tax✔️
National Sales Tax for new items only
Ends Politicians Slush funds.✔️
Returning to Constitutional Law
World Peace
You have No idea what's coming👆

MSM Media is The Plague of Misinformation.
Operation Mockingbird 1961

The Constitution was Placed on the Shelve in 1871 The whole reason for the Civil war was to Bankrupt the USA. The Bankers( Evil elites). Because of the Act of 1871 That Laid
the foundation for the,...
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9 Aug
The Executive Order's Trump signed yesterday Are bankrupting the FED. Ending what's Left of the FED & Reversing the Act of 1871 & US Corporation Bankrupt of 1933. It's ending the Fiat & Petro Dollar. Taking Money back to The Gold Backed Currency...
Our President is Freeing us and You don't even Know. We Are in War Time since 9/11. Congressional Approval is not Needed. Most don't even Know This. NESARA is Being Enacted as we speak. This is Not Fiction what is an Esquire? How many Presidents were Esquires?...
What Happened to the Royal Family? What's Going on at the Vatican? Coin shortage? Gold & Silver Prices? Gas Prices? CEO Resignations since 2017? Politicians resignations since 2017? Human Trafficking Arrests? can You connect dots? are You informed?...
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