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18 Oct, 32 tweets, 17 min read
yoonmin au—

model park jimin and dj suga are very lowkey about their relationship because yoongi hides his identity from all his social media. after adopting a puppy, yoongi starts being more active online and pays less attention to his boyfriend. jimin grows a little jealous. ImageImageImage
> this is a commission out of my drafts. it's an original idea, and the commissioner picked it up for me to finish writing it.

> established relationship yoonmin. famous yoonmin. lots of fluff and a little bit of comedy. pet parents yoonmin and min holly. mentions of quarantine.
the couple ImageImage
and their stans ImageImageImage
how it all started ImageImageImage
sad sujimie ImageImageImageImage
well fed ImageImageImageImage
a great day on sujim twitter ImageImage
always a great day on yoonmin’s life ImageImageImage
future pet parents ImageImageImage
🐶💖 Image
meet the puppy ImageImageImage
min holly 🐶 ImageImageImage
meanwhile Image
they’re adapting to their son ImageImageImageImage
jimin is still the baby ImageImageImage
sujim stans going through it ImageImage
yoongi fell fast ImageImageImage
yoongi is whipped ImageImageImage
he did it ImageImage
sujim stans and locals ImageImageImage
it’s all good Image
another tweet ImageImage
“min” holly ImageImage
jimin •᷄ɞ•᷅ ImageImageImage
radio silence ImageImage
mmh ImageImage
nothing to worry about ImageImageImage
slowly starting ImageImageImage
oh? ImageImageImage
the mins ImageImage
the first doubt ImageImage

• • •

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27 Sep
yoonmin au—

jimin is tired, heartbroken, and about to be kicked out from his apartment and on top of that, now there’s a music producer on his door who won't leave because he swears he can’t write more songs unless jimin is the one singing them. jimin doesn’t have time for this. ImageImageImageImage
> this is a commission out of my drafts. it’s an original idea and the commissioner picked it up for me to finish writing.
> producer min yoongi. minimini subunit. slow burn. a little angst and a lot of comfort. fluff.
> playlist for the songs featured: open.spotify.com/playlist/0rNEj…
For Jimin, Seoul lost its appeal in three months.

It lost its appeal on Friday at 2 am when Sanggyun walked out of their apartment. It lost its appeal when his boyfriend broke up with him. Sanggyun dumped him as if Jimin hadn’t left everything behind to come to Seoul with him.
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25 Sep

Originally, this AU was an 11k words commission. I wrote 13k before posting it, and I was happy with it, but as I started updating, many of you were reading and interacting, and it encouraged me to take a different route. Now, 60k words later+
And after becoming my largest threadfic in the three years I've had my twitter account, I'm not going to put 💫 the end 💫 like I usually do because I want to keep writing about these characters. Still, I have to stop somewhere because it's just getting too long for twitter. +
The original plot would have ended in the first part of the AU; Yoongi accepted Jimin's kiss that night, and the courting and mating was a lot faster and not how it ended being. After changing that scene, I've plotted the rest on the go during this month of daily updates.+
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16 Sep
au where jimin is a famous tiktoker and yoongi has a crush on him and he wants to impress jimin with a tiktok but he fails whenever he tries to post it

(this is not a reeinactment of me trying to post my assignment for class)
please watch my tiktok like it comment idk what tiktoks do it's for a class and it's the boys dancing dynamie to good news for the latino/peruvian lgbt community tiktok.com/@antonella.lbr…
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3 Sep
i can't share the full film but this is the teaser of one of my documentaries 😭
please if you're in private don't reply or quote this is a really personal project and it makes me really anxious to see private quotes
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30 Aug
2seok au—

yoongi is drunk when he decides to summon demons for twitter clout. seokjin, yoongi’s guardian angel, panics when the summoning goes right and a demon latches onto yoongi. to make matters worse, it’s not any demon. it’s jung hoseok, seokjin’s eternal sexy archenemy.

> enemies to lovers
> side taekook and yoonminjoon 🥰
> short funny au based on eme's 2seok fanart!!
> this is a commission for eme's birthday!!!! wish her a happy bday!!! it's her original idea and she asked me to write it.
the angels
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24 Aug
yoonmin au—

jimin’s father warned him about the cons of moving back to his grandfather’s house to open a veterinary hospital in his hometown. however, he didn’t warn him about wounded werewolves breaking in at the veterinary after midnight in search of dog medicine. ImageImage
> this is a commission out of my drafts. it’s an original idea, and the commissioner picked it up for me to finish writing it.

> werewolf yoongi, veterinarian jimin

> fluff, sexual tension, misunderstandings, cultural differences, mature scenes, pining
An ugly sound wakes Jimin up.

It was loud, and it’s clear to him that it didn't come from the street. It came from downstairs, from his veterinary. Jimin sits on his bed. It sounded like a crash coming from the clinic. He’s quickly out of bed and searching for a cardigan.
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