How about a law that makes voter registration mandatory and automatic? The Selective Service had no trouble finding me when I turned 18. Put that agency in charge of automatic voter registration!
How about a law that makes it a crime for an elected official to engaged in any of various defined types of voter suppression? No removing voting sites. Rebuttable presumption of guilt if lines are 5 times longer in one district than another. No purges.
How about a constitutional amendment that makes it illegal to intentionally base congressional districts on party affiliation, demographics or economic level?

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18 Oct
Donations to campaigns, PACs and Super PACs are legalized bribery that keep the rich and powerful in control. This stuff is poison for democracy. Any serious talk of protecting democracy has to include paradigm-shifting campaign finance reform.
My dream would be a constitutional amendment that allowed enough donations to enable a challenger to take on an incumbent by banning corporations and other entities donating, banning indirect support by PACs etc, capped individuals at $500 adjusted for inflation, + public funding
I’m not sure if $500 is too much. But you want to seek a balance between leveling the playing field and giving a challenger a chance to raise enough to beat an incumbent (who has name recognition). Public funding could help. Equal airtime on news TV could help.
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17 Oct
Here’s a tale of two agencies. The Trump appointee leading @US_OSC, Henry Kerner, was a partisan bulldog for republican members of Congress. He refuses to speak publicly about the bad ethical culture of the White House—except to DEFEND a Hatch Act violation in the Rose Garden. /1
As a result, White House staffers covered by the Hatch Act are tweeting about Trump’s remarks at a campaign rally. Sure @US_OSC recommended Kellyanne Conway’s firing, but she left them no choice. And Kerner reuses to seek monetary fines against her. /2
The WH counsel said Kerner only went after her because she defied his authority personally. I’m not entirely sure that’s untrue. And what the public doesn’t know is that, under Kerner, @US_OSC is rejecting many other slam dunk Hatch Act complaints against Trump appointees. /3
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10 Oct
DOJ didn’t ignore Trump when your crew went after McCabe. It didn’t ignore Trump when your crew drove Page out. It didn’t ignore Trump when Barr told Durham to go after those who investigated Trump. It didn’t ignore Trump when Wray opened an inquiry into Flynn’s investigators./1
You personally didn’t ignore Trump when you ordered your prosecutors to stop refusing to kidnap babies, you human rights violating child destroyer! You didn’t ignore Trump when you cried that he should let you “land this plane” or begged not to be tweet fired, you invertebrate./2
You personally failed to ignore Trump and even went so far as to become an active co-conspirator when you drafted a fraudulent federal record to deceive the America people into thinking you initiated Comey’s firing, you unfit for public service reprobate. /3
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7 Oct
A thing we don't discuss much in civic life is morality. I don't mean a religious conception of the term, though that's part of it for those of us who connect with that. I mean the administration and its congressional supporters have crossed a line that isn't mere politics. /1
Evil is real. I don't perceive it as a supernatural force. I perceive it as something broken in a person that leads them to harm others through action or indifference. What these broken politicians are doing is evil. Destroying families and torturing children is evil. /2
Using entrusted power to deprive parts of this country of support because a majority of folks in those places don't back you is evil. Using entrusted power to encourage or coerce foreign powers to sabotage our republic is evil. Using a large platform to foment hate is evil. /3
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24 Sep
Here’s why this is a load of garbage from Moncef Slaoui: He and the administration refuse to call him a special government employee (SGE) when he‘s clearly performing a role that should require appointment as an SGE. They are doing that that to avoid conflict of interest laws. /1
Freed from those laws, he crafted an arrangement to create the appreance of having resolved his conflicts of interest—when the reality is that the Office of Government Ethics would NEVER approve such an arrangement for a government official. /2
He insists in this video that he will donate to charity any value that accrues to particular stock holdings while he serves in his fake non-position in the government. But what about the value that accrues after he leaves his fake none-position as a result of his work? /3
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19 Sep
Make this weekend about action. We have a republic to save. Here’s what to do:
1. Retweet this post with the hashtag #I_Pledge.
2. Retweet information about how to check on voter registration and how to vote early or by mail in your state.
3. Post only encouraging tweets about the value of action to save democracy this weekend.
4. Post about the importance of voting.
5. Contact a young, elderly or other relative, friend or neighbor. Offer to help them make a plan for voting for for getting to a polling site.
6. Donate $5 to a Senate candidate.
7. Do one thing to manage your own worries. This might include: walking, exercising, meditating, playing with a pet, watching a movie, engaging in a hobby or whatever else helps.
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