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18 Oct, 3 tweets, 1 min read
Someone just reminded me that I once said Ben Sasse was “redeemable”. So how does that square with my stated difficulty that I would have in regard to supporting him at some point in the future. Here’s the deal. 1/2
I once would have enthusiastically supported Sasse for President. Now - I could theoretically vote for him but only if he was running against someone as morally deficient as Sasse. So he could get my vote in such a crappy situation but he’s eternally lost my enthusiasm.
Having said that - there are a few republicans I’d have no issue supporting right now - Larry Hogan and Mitt Romney are two such republicans. So I am not where Tom Nichols is but I’m not where the “we have to be charitable with these poor republicans in a tough spot” either.

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23 Jan
It's weird how hostile Slate is toward Biden who has spent his entire life fighting for many of the same initiatives that Slate has been fighting for. Reading @Millicentsomer- you would think she was talking about Ted Cruz's older bigger asshole brother.…
@Millicentsomer Of course I am not entirely unfamiliar with this phenomena. I was a republican for most of my life and I remember when I started seeing the articles showing up condemning moderates like me. You could hear spit leave lips when people screamed about Rino's.
@Millicentsomer And it seemed like some people on the right - who I had agreed with on quite a few things but not everything hated my moderate ass more than they hated socialists riding around in little electric cars. I was an impure republican & that was a bigger sin than being a socialist.
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16 Jan
A long time friend (and Republican) and I had a little back and forth on Facebook yesterday. The exchange we had, I think, really gets to the core of the dispute (on Trump) between folks like me (NeverTrumpers) and reluctant but faithful Trump voters. /1
His big grievance relates to how reluctant Trump voters, like himself, have been characterized negatively as a result of their association with Trump. He feels they are basically “lumped in with Trump”. He sees this as unfair and not very accurate. /2
He recognizes Trump as a raging asshole and someone that he otherwise would never associate with but he believes that in life - you have to work with assholes and tolerate assholes - if they are high performers and accomplished at achieving tangible objectives. /3
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30 Aug 19
Ok - I had to pause my live tweeting when they sat us down behind Joe and told us to put up our phones. But here is what I would have tweeted - in the moment - if I could have.
The place was packed. The venue was essentially a church gym and it was full. All the seats filled and people standing against the walls about 2 or 3 deep.
The crowd was an older group. My rough estimate would say - 80% over 35 & probably 65% over 50. But it was an extremely diverse group.
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20 Mar 19
In some ways Trump is a simple-minded dumbass and in other ways he is a freaking genius.
The dumbass part is easy to recognize. He doesn’t read. He doesn’t understand the world. He doesn’t understand intricacies. He doesn’t appreciate nuance or the comprehend the complications of situations that can’t be sketched out in a page or two of a children’s book.
But where is a genius - I think - is he recognizes that we live in a Kardashian culture. People are addicted to drama. He gets that we live in a tribal culture that is accentuated a million times over by social media. We live in a culture where people need heroes & villains.
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