This guy highlights the issue with all this Hunter Biden stuff.

“It is not going to go away and it will not look like nothing.” Then if you follow his thread, his issue is that a company hiring someone who has a famous family member, and he tries to define that as “corruption.”
Unless you ban family members of famous people from working ... at all ... you can’t stop companies from hiring people because they’re adjacent to power.

What makes it corruption is if the person in power does something or changes policy in order to *get* their relative a job.
Was John McCain guilty of corruption because Meghan McCain was hired to work in media (Daily Beast, Fox News, and then most recently ABC)?

No. Because that’s not how corruption works. It’s a backwards understanding of corruption.
It’s a bad thing. It’s how people get jobs they’re not at all qualified for. It’s how kids of famous people get into top colleges when they don’t have the grades. It’s fundamentally unfair. Of course.
But what makes something “corruption” is when THE PERSON IN POWER takes AN ACTION to get someone to hire their kid or provide favors to their kid.

THAT is corruption. Get out of here with this BS pointing to something wrong with society and then saying “that’s corruption.”
Totally. It’s a giant structural problem that stems from capitalism.
Jesus Christ... It’s like people can’t read...

“Corruption! Corruption! Everything is proof of corruption! And it’s totally not that I’m calling him corrupt because I didn’t want him to win the primary or anything!”

I don’t think anyone debates that companies that hire the children of people with power are doing so because of who their parents are.

But that’s not something that automatically makes their parents “corrupt.”
That certainly seems like the suggestion!
Exactly! That’s what I keep saying. Yes, it would be corruption if Joe Biden took action to help that company/do something related to that company differently than he would have had his son not worked there. If that turns out to be the case, sure, call it corruption.
And it doesn’t seem like that happened. They tried to claim that he interfered in an investigation into that company (which would have been corruption) but it wasn’t true. Rather than toss out the corruption claim, they just keep twisting the definition of it to make it fit.
Moving the goalposts again. Now it’s “okay, it’s fine for all and so to work, so long as they take a job that covers their basic needs and nothing else.” Give me a break.
Yet again: people with famous families get jobs they are in no way qualified for/in no way are the best choice for. That isn’t in itself evidence of the parent being “corrupt.” Stop moving the goalposts.

• • •

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Seeing people on the left fall for the most ridiculous rage bait is always disappointing and frustrating
There’s a Newsweek headline that’s like “Biden says he’s ‘not opposed’ to Amy Coney Barrett.” And several people went into full “See? He’s the same as Trump!” rage mode.

But if you look at the actual quote, he said he opposes her nomination and she shouldn’t be confirmed. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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One easy way to avoid this is to not jerk off during work meetings, whether your camera is on or not.

If I’m on a Zoom call and someone has their camera off, I’ve always assumed they’re eating or having tech difficulties, not rubbing one out.
I really don’t want to have to change that assumption in my mind
To Conor’s point, of course it was a combination of all of those things (especially the bad judgment part). Most people I’ve seen have been making jokes about this, not raging at Toobin
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In 2016, there was a Slate story that got published even though it didn’t hold up/evidence was super thin. The Intercept published a really great and thorough piece taking Slate’s article apart.…
And that Intercept article noted that a bunch of big name outlets received the same tip as Slate, but investigated it and couldn’t confirm enough of it to publish.

Those outlets were commended for ethics/standards while Slate was rightly called irresponsible. ImageImage
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When people on the right scream about "bias"... Take this Federalist article, for instance..

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19 Oct
It's really amazing how many people on the right think they can do this little sleight of hand with why people know that story is BS.

Substitute actual reason (NYP is framing a story as a scandal when the emails they're showing don't actually show a scandal) with "emails exist"
This is literally the same shit dumbass pizzagate people say to defend their conspiracy theory. "OH, SO YOU'RE SAYING THOSE AREN'T PODESTA'S EMAILS!?!?" No, we're saying they don't say what you're claiming they do.

So congrats for taking the pizzagate approach, I guess.
Anyway, I'm sure the "I'm here to dump on the Dems and I'm from the left! I'm here to dump on the Dems and I'm from the right!" show at The Hill that was created the guy who peddled bogus Biden/Ukraine stories last year are going to act like this is legit.
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