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18 Oct, 18 tweets, 7 min read
1 On @coasttocoastam the other night, @WhitleyStrieber read & responded to this tweet by @BryceZabel: "I've been all over the lot with this. I've experienced some of the worst things it has to dish out & some of the best. But when I saw...the President said that he had a brief
2 "meeting about #ufos, & then w/o really saying anything more, he actually sort of brushed them off...then he proceeds to talk about how powerful the U.S. military & the @SpaceForceDoD are. And u couldn't really put the 2 things together except to say that...if you look at that
3 "& u look at what the @TTSAcademy people are saying, u know, this could be something that's dangerous but not like an alien invasion. If it was gonna be that, it would have happened a long time ago. It's dangerous in some other way. And in my own life, it has been challenging
4 "& scary. And there have been some hard things that have happened but I wouldn't say there had ever been a sense of danger. Scary, yeah. But I didn't ever feel like I would be taken...and not brought back. It was a regard for me as a creature." #Strieber wasn't finished. But
5 as usual, @George_Noory interrupted. He asked WS if he still had his implant in his ear. He does and went on to talk about how it's a "treasure" and he uses it to bring him information and for research. But I wanted to hear him finish his thoughts on Bryce's tweet. SMH. Later
6 "on, #Strieber speculated on why the secret is being kept. Is "someone else" forcing us to keep the secret? Is it because of the weapons tech advantage we can have over adversaries? Or, is it "overwhelmingly terrible and they don't know how to tell people"?
7 Are The Visitors interdimensional? ET? - Strieber: "I always have trouble with the other planet's theory for the oldest reason in the world: The distances are really incredibly long. And we can imagine many ways of passing those distances but none of them fast enough to make it
8 "something u would really wanna do unless they happen 2B from a nearby star. But they...(indecipherable bc Noory interrupted again 🤬 & brings up how they traveled through wormholes in the movie "Contact" & WS responds to that) Yeah but the reality is, that's (wormhole travel)
9 "not probably possible. The interesting thing is though, it may be possible to travel between dimensions in #wormholes. To give you an idea of why it's so hard: If u visualize the universe as a flat piece of steel...& u take 2 points on the piece of steel & say, 'I wanna move
10 "'instantaneously between these 2 points, through a wormhole', well what u have to do to make the wormhole, is u have to expend enough energy 2 briefly bend that whole piece of steel to bring those 2 points together for long enough 4 u to move through that, for the stability.
11 "But here's the problem: Obviously, as we understand the Universe & wormholes, it would take more energy than the #Universe possesses to do something that profound to its structure. But this is not true between us & parallel universes. Not true at all. And I think we probably
12 "CAN move between parallel universes. And you know, back in the old days when Colm Kelleher & that group of scientists first went to the #NIDS (#Skinwalker) ranch, the following thing happened: They drove up, & I've talked to Colm about this...I think probably even on my show
13 "Dreamland & Coast to Coast back in the old days talking about the same thing...& when they got there, the family (The Shermans) had been waiting for them to come, to turn over the ranch, officially. And...the following thing had happened:" WS proceeds
14 to tell the giant-wolf-that-seemed-to-be-unfazed-by-bullets, story. Dire Wolf. Strieber thinks we may b dealing w/a mirror universe & talked about an experience in 2019 at the Pine Ridge Lakota reservation where he closed his eyes & saw a different version of our world. It
15 occurred over a 3-day period. Was he seeing this alleged, mirror universe? What he saw with his eyes closed was similar but different. WS said this experience was more astonishing than when he first encountered The Visitors in his bedroom in 1985. - Noory: Regardless of where
16 come from, I don't think they're hostile. They would have obliterated us a long time ago. Strieber: "They might not be hostile but they're not here just for us. I think our survival is very important to them and if you look at the @PhenomenonMovie, one of the things that's
17 "most arresting about that film is the way they cover the U.S. and Soviet nuclear programs being visited & affected by #UFOs. That happened! Not only that, they started to show up in 1947, right after WWII & when we were starting to test nuclear weapons. So there must've been
18 "a level of concern of some kind. Maybe it had something to do with… who knows? If that parallel universe I saw, exists, maybe when you blow off an atomic bomb, it's so powerful, it damages both worlds." ~@WhitleyStrieber on @coasttocoastam

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18 Oct
1 "The statement that we are not alone, if true & I think IS true, does not necessarily explain the #UFO. There are other possible theories like the time travel or parallel reality. I think there's a lot to be said for the #extraterrestrial hypothesis, IF you hypothesize a very,
2 "very advanced...Now there are stars that are millions of years older than the sun, therefore, there could be civilizations that are millions of years older, & they might just know something that we don't. After all, in the old days, in the days of the Pony Express, if you
3 "wanted to get the letter there faster, the only way u could think about it was the faster horse. You wouldn't have thought of the 747. In the same way, we don't know how these things get here. It's an intriguing thing & eminently worthy of scientific study" ~Dr. J. Allen Hynek
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20 Sep
1 I love this excerpt, which seems to be pointing to the good guys. Are #UFOs really defying physics? Is one group f***ing with & using us while another is trying to wake us up to amazing possibilities with tech & ourselves?

"The #Phenomenon involves both sightings of actual
2 "machinery - the #UFO/#UAP themselves - as well as individual beings, the so-called “#aliens” or Visitors. Both the machines and the beings behave in ways that defy the laws of physics as we understand them, and at times they even seem to flaunt their capabilities in front of
3 "us, as when they follow commercial and military aircraft as if daring the pilots to follow them or shoot them down. But what if they are not violating laws of #physics at all? What if they have somehow mastered a #quantum effect that we have not discovered? They do seem able
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19 Sep
1 Getting ready 4 a work trip 2 Utah but wanted to share this before I left. Anybody ever read #Strieber's "The Key"? Interesting book. Summary from Amazon:

"At two-thirty in the morning of June 6, 1998, Whitley Streiber was awakened by somebody knocking on his hotel room door."
2 "A man came in, and everything he said was life-altering."

I'll call the man who barged into his hotel room: MOTK (Master of the Key, as Strieber has referred to him).


WS: There are aliens [on earth]?

MOTK: Some using u, some guiding u.

WS: We're being exploited?
3 MOTK: You are, and in some respects horribly, by the creatures of the dark. But you are also being helped. You are being guided to your place as guides of another world.

WS: Could aliens walk among us without our noticing?

MOTK: By bending light, they can be invisible, & walk
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28 Jul
1 I know there are those who still think I'm over hyping the crash retrieval/NYT stuff. Especially when I say, "It's the biggest story in the history of mankind!" But guess what? It is! :-) And LK/RB WERE investigating Wilson/Davis notes. I want u to hear what James Fox, director
2 of "Phenomenon," had 2 say about it. At end, I'll share link 2 my live tweets I did during Blumenthal call 2 Michael Hall re: Wilson/Davis & the very beginning of NYT/RB/LK interest in the notes. That's one reason I (and a few others) knew they were starting 2 work on that
3 article. I deleted those tweets out of respect 4 @lesliekean & @ralphblu 2 give them time 2 research Wilson/Davis in peace. I know I didn't have 2 do that but I just thought they deserved it bc of what they've done 4 this community & bc Ralph obviously didn't know it was going
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20 Jul
1 @ChristopherKMe4 on @coasttocoastam w/@g_knapp - I'll do my best! Will only tweet new - Knapp: People complaining that pace is too slow. Mellon: Things have taken a new turn. Talks about Senate Intelligence Committee pulling together UFO date for an unclassified assessment.
2 Be patient. Trying to do what we can to get info. out there. Knapp brings up Rubio, who hopes they're from somewhere else instead of Russia and China. Amazing. Mellon: It IS amazing. Mellon is talking quietly. Probably doesn't want to wake up folks in his house.
3 Talking about East Coast sightings that took place for months and even years. That lit a fire under him and Lue. Congress didn't know about it. He applauds @marcorubio Rubio and @MarkWarner for paying attention to national security. Gerald Ford was one who did similar in past.
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29 Jun 19
1 Going to attempt to live tweet "Unidentified" E5. Tweeting and driving (as a passenger). May not be a great idea but I'm going to try.
2 First witness is former Sheriff, Larry Guessner, who had a close-up (1000 feet?) sighting in 2003. His detailed report @ link: "The speed of this object was relatively slow & I heard a muffled sound much like a jet aircraft makes." #unidentified #ufo
3 Later on, Colonel Charles Halt of the Rendlesham case, is interviewed. Here is his extended audio from that night:
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