Desert Locust in Tigray: worst scenario

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The DL enters to the low lands of Raya Alamata from north wollo zone of Amhara region and to Raya Azebo from Afar region. These areas are at an elevation of less than 2000m a.s.l ( yellow and light yellow in z map).
Thread 2/n:
As per my observation those areas happened to be favourable to the DL and also areas above 2000m( green and light green color on z map) in southern Tigray were not much affected.
Thread 3/n:
So I can roughly conclude that the color codes Red-Yellow- Green represent areas which are very suitable- suitable - less suitable respectively. If not forced to leave, the DL may prefer to stay and fly on the very suitable and suitable areas.
Thread 4/n:
The DL starts flying from the lowlands of Raya alamata and Raya azebo northwords to the lowlands Hintalo wejerat, Enderta and Atsbi wenberta. If it continues northward, it will go to northern part of Afar leaving Des'a forestry to the left and continue to Eritrea.
Thread 5:
I don't think it will tolerate the cold weather in des'a this time. But a significant amount of the DL will stay in the lowlands of Hintalo wejerat, Enderta and Atsbi wenberta. Even they will fly up to the highlands if chased where they still can destroy farms.
Thread 6/n
..but they are less active as compared the lowlands. Some of the swarms which were in Hintalo wejerat will fly to wards Sehaharti Samre following the direction of wind. The direction of wind in z northern hemisphere is towards south west.
Thread 7/n:
However, in z lowlands the wind is a bit quiet that the DL sometimes flies un any direction. If properly chased it will proceed to Abergele and then to waghimra zone of Amhara region.
Those swarms from enderta wereda may fly twards the lowlands of Degua Tembien.
Thread 8/n
Afterward it will continue to Kola Tembien and Tanqua Abergele. From there either it will fly to Wag Himra ( if there is wind) or it will follow Tekeze river to Western Tigray. The swarm from Atsbi wenberta and a little from Enderta may fly towards Wikro Kilte Awlaelo
Thread 9/n:
..and continue to some parts of Saesi'e Tsa'eda Emba, Ganta Afeshom and mostly to Hawzen and Wer'eleke where the elevation is suitable. Afterwards it will be easy to follow the south west direction of the wind to reach Na'eder Adet, Medebay zana and Tselemti.
Thread 10/n
ታሞ ንግበር
1. ጋና ኣብ ትግራይ ተለይኣተወ ምቕታል
2. ህዝቢ ኣተሓባቢርኻ ካብ ራያ ምብራርይ ምድኻምይ
3. ኣብ እንደርታ፣ ክልተ ኣውላዕሎይ ሕንጣሎይ ከም ብሓዱሽ ተወዲብኻ ምቕታልይ ምድኻምይ( እዘን ቦታታት እዚአን ብርኽ ...
Thread 11/11
...ልበላ ስለልኾና ንእሽተይ ድኽም ይብል እዩ)
4. ካብዙይ ተሓሊፉ ምዕራብ ትግራይ ሰተት ኢሉ ኣይዉ ማለት እዩ። ሰፊሕ ስለልኾነ ብሰብ ኣባሪርኻ ኣይውዳእይ። ብድሕሪኡ ተኣኪብኻ ምብኻይ እዩ።

Bzw next year is forecasted to be a drought year.

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