This interview provides a lot of insight into gender dynamics around prizes, how the people on prize committees think, how competitive behavior encourages bad relations between people, and how you can win a prize and be ungracious af…
Proprietary private telescopes are great for the people with access to them but overall they are not a public good and that damages science in the long run

Also there are more than 3 extremely competent women astronomers, fyi
I’m reminded that so many (white) women in science who do succeed get to where they are by learning to play like the nasty boys

Not always but, often
A male postdoc who treated me like crap at the behest of a female professor who treated him like crap is one reason I gave up on doing Bose-Einstein condensates in the lab, even though I loved coherent states of light and atoms
That worked out in the end since I do coherent states of dark matter now but that particular woman was pushing for a Nobel Prize and I never forgot that this is what the hunt for the Prize does to people.

She may yet win it too.

• • •

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20 Oct
If you're a student who is a member of an underrepresented group and you think that getting a PhD, postdoc, or faculty position is going to make those oppressions be less impactful in your life: no, sorry.

There is no degree or job that turns the racism (other -ism) down.
The ways that you feel empowered and disempowered shape shift until you get full professor, although the balance between empowered and disempowered significantly shifts when you get tenure.
But as junior faculty, I feel precarious still, just in completely new ways and with way more people to satisfy than I've ever had to worry about. It's maddening. In a different way than being a precarious postdoc was.
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19 Oct
Immediate thoughts on the finale: Lovecraft didn’t nail it every time, and there were grave, painful mistakes, but it is some of the bravest television I’ve ever seen in what it tried to do.

Lovecraft was bold, and that boldness opened doors that will be impossible to close.
So much television doesn’t even try to take things to the next level and while Lovecraft didn’t always hit the mark, they tried and it shined a light on what is possible when people start to dream past what we’ve been told to dream of
And even its failures were discursively rich, and I can’t think of a tv show full of white people that’s ever motivated me to even think about making that comment
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18 Oct
If you’re a white scholar doing Black studies and acting like your identity isn’t relevant to your subject, you are part of the problem that Black studies was developed to solve
The number of people in the last couple of months who quietly updated their academic bios to hint that they are white ... yo. You should have been talking about your whiteness, openly, clearly.
If you’re going to be white and taking up space in Black studies, sure maybe you have something to offer, but part of what you must offer is an analysis of how whiteness works among scholars, for some and against others, and that means being forthright about who you are
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18 Oct
This points to a larger problem of how “passing” — a word that specifically articulated the Black activity of pretending to be of only European heritage — has been recycled and remixed to reference that activity as if it was something completely different
“Passing” gets discussed now in a variety of contexts with the fundamental assumption that passing, as a historical phenomenon, was easy and identical to actually being born white.

That’s not what the historical record shows at all.
Racial passing historically was a lot more like being in the closet — constantly being afraid of the potentially violent social consequences of being found out.
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17 Oct
I, someone who does science writing, am really continuously stunned by the fast and loose way that journalists handle personal information about me
Like you trusted a website that you don’t even know the author behind over my own CV on my own website? And then had the gall to tell me that I should go to that website and tell them there’s misinformation, like it’s my job to manage the internet? My website has the story.
Also anti-shout out to the journalist who wanted to ask me personal questions about my experiences as a queer person, but insisted that it had to be in my own words over the phone, because email is somehow not my own words?
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17 Oct
Please read this thread. This is one of the most successful indie bookstores in the country. If they are struggling, they’re all struggling.

Pay the extra cost to buy local. See the extra few dollars as an investment in your neighborhood.

Mr. Rogers would approve.
Buy everyone books for Christmas! Make a list of books that are just right for everyone in your life and buy them, early! From an indie bookstore! It will feel magical!!
So speaking of books to buy! My grandmother and I are 2021 book release sibs!!! You can now preorder her book!…
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