Next year there will be a noisy ripple of public people and officials saying they opposed Trump’s racist/dumb/insane policies all along. But just a ripple. The rest will be quiet, waiting for a more skilled enabler. We don’t have to be this way. So vote them out. All of them. All
Vote them out. Anyone who shrugged at kids in cages, who said deficits only matter if poor & minority communities get help, who said COVID was a hoax even as a quarter million of us died, who frowned on Trump’s racism but loved his results, we must vote them out. All of them
And if you think that’s impossible, then go stand on the sidelines & snark. Cuz it’s not impossible. Even with gerrymandering & voter suppression, we can change it. We can change it all. Because we all matter or none of us do. I repeat: WE ALL MATTER OR NONE OF US DO.
Fiscal responsibility only applies when the working class is helped. Deficits only matter when minorities are helped. Stop being played as fools. They’re trickling down their economy on your heads and calling it rain.

• • •

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12 Oct
Please spare me the ‘long lines at voting places are inspiring’ hot takes. They’re a sign of a failing democracy where elected officials are afraid of their voters and make voting as difficult as possible for ‘the others.’ Rich neighborhoods don’t do lines...
Those who are loudest to ‘honor America’ but can’t be bothered to serve their country in any fashion are also the loudest to say how great it is that people stand for hours in line to vote while making sure it’s only the ‘right’ people who have to stand hours in line to vote
What kind of nation brags about democracy but intentionally wrecks elections? The kind of nation that applauds a GoFundMe for kids with cancer and no insurance. The kind of nation that says 210,000 deaths in 6 months is the price for the freedom to hate your neighbors. Clap clap
Read 6 tweets
12 Oct
Example on billion of me not grasping how expensive it is to be poor. Struggling neighbor gets out of jail after a nonviolent misdemeanor. All his tools stolen from his camp. No sleeping gear. Has some work but needs tools. Tools I got. Not used cuz, well, I’m not handy....
So I put together a make-shift tool kit with a real sturdy bag from my time in Baghdad and other stuff. But then he says he can’t keep them cuz they’ll just be stolen every time he goes to the store. Or bath room. Has no secure storage. No privacy to speak of....
So we come up with this: Every morning we’re gonna meet up and I’ll give Chris his tools for his day work. Then on my way home I’ll pick them up. I’ll be his secure storage. Lesson one billion. There are no little problems when you have no support. And no little acts of justice.
Read 4 tweets
9 Oct
Spent the day pondering probable cause for felonies. Just getting as much information i can to tell an accurate narrative of the elements of the crime & the exact why so-and-so did it. High stakes. Neighbor gets the benefit of the doubt. Always. So burden is on me. As it must be
Mentioned this before but I never & I mean never depend on a confession or even want one really. Just get as much verifiable information as possible & then keep working. I’ll ask for someone’s side of the story but my side is gonna have lots of evidence. No need for drama
There’s no CIA ‘trick’ or magic to talking to people. There’s just informed questioning which means try not to talk to someone until you’ve done a whole lot of work first. Then listen to them with a empathetic doubt. People lie. Facts don’t. So go get facts.
Read 4 tweets
4 Oct
Was talking to some people about how city governments can better assess how their neighbors view their police departments. People do surveys or ‘customer satisfaction cards’ etc etc. There is no one way to assess. But i suggested this:
Have people simply walk around & ask this question: ‘when was the last time you had an interaction with a police officer where you weren’t asking them something or they weren’t telling you to do something?’ It’s not a fancy pants poll and that’s fine because it shouldn’t be...
Those surveys are self-selecting and the people who feel most distant or at odds with their police departments probably aren’t responding. So just walk around neighborhoods & ask that question. You’ll be amazed at how often the answer is ‘ never’. Or ‘can’t remember’ or ‘why?’..
Read 4 tweets
3 Oct
So I hear angry sounds from the front porch. I go & see that MeanCat is yelling at an orangey cat who is on the sidewalk yelling back. I’ve heard about this cat from neighbors who thought it was MeanCat. People, THERE IS A DOPPELGÄNGER ORANGEY!! I am moving. This is a bit much
MeanCat came from the orangey clan at the park behind our house. We often see his punk ne’er do well stray relatives running around. This is the first time a distant relative has made a visit. I CAN’T TAKE ANY MORE ORANGEYS, ESPECIALLY DOPPELGÄNGER ORANGEY
I’m checking into Walter Reed. I’m feverish. Got invader agitator Orangeys lounging about in the Ellis Island Depot for Arriving Orangeys. And I got MeanCat literally knocking on the front door to be let in for third dinner after fighting his doppelgänger. I’ve been overrun.
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3 Oct
Weary. Worked a case w/ younger suspects & it’s just crushing cuz the crimes are serious & the suspects are already known to us & that’s just awful at their age. A whole lot has gone wrong for a long time for us to all meet in this time & space. Nothing good at all. Anywhere. Sad
SweetDog always makes me feel better. Giving her head rubs and scratches is heaven, hers and mine
Again and again I see how luck plays a role in our lives even though we say our success are from our hard work & our losses are someone else’s fault. So many of our neighbors haven’t had two lucky days in a row in their entire life. Not an excuse. But it is their reality.
Read 5 tweets

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