Modern medicine was SO incredible in 2019. We've reached a scifi level of knowledge&practice, over some certain basic practices working very good. Problem was resources, not protocols.

Why is now better to do what WE'VE NEVER DONE BEFORE?!!


Science was good enough!
Quarentining the infected? Never Done Before with modern medicine.
Testing for respiratory virus as universal diagnosis tool? NDB
Trying to trace a respiratory desease? NDB
Universal masking? NDB
Confining the healthy? NDB
Monopolizing health resources to ONE cause? NDB
Considering asymptomatics as sick? NDB
Considering any person as a vector? NDB
Banning mouth to mouth resurrection maneuver as general caution protocol in emergency? NBD
Accepting cloth masks as valid for virus stopping? NDB
Using PCR as diagnosis tool? NDB
Considering only a PCR+ for death cause assign?NDB
Turning phone medical attention as standard?NDB
Stopping cancer screenings worldwide for months?NDB
Gathering mild infected in quarentining aisles/temporary hospitals?NDB
Isolating infected contacts?NDB
Abandoning autopsies? NDB
Those are a few, severe samples of atrocities we JUST decided to try under covid madness. The first that simply came to my mind.

And only the medical one, if I were social or political the list will be infinite.

There's NO reason to abandon established science.
We need it back!
Some favourites on the ink tar:

Basing medical policies on brute number of positive testing without considering total number of tests done? NDB
Considering a new virus of a known family as totally different to its kind? NDB

The list would go as long as this nightmare...

• • •

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7 Oct
I've been repeatedly asked for the concerning Spanish 2nd wave, my answer was, still, human artifact unrelated with epidemic development.

Now we can prove it.

We observed the political and economical relation in the increase, but can't find it in the illness' outcomes.

First, some politics.

You probably know that Spain has the worse per million data in Europe both thru spring peak and now.

Opposition has decided to use that to attack Central gov, in response Central gov is blaming Madrid regional gov (mirror roles), worst results region.
Now economics

Huge bonus is released from Central gov to Regions linked to:
Test done>€100/each
ICU admissions>€500/e

Of course, more test leads to more cases, and the fashion parameter: ACCUMULATED INCIDENCE
Suspiciously short hosp times also showing
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6 Oct
The dystopic world covid madness has bring relays on accepting new weird and terrible things just because this virus is new.

Moral hasn't change. What was wrong before, stills wrong.

This thread will cover the things were accepting as normal or ethic.

They weren't
They aren't
No, there's NO reason for avoiding consoling a beloved one in the tough moment of the last goodbye.

We've let people die alone. We've banned funerals.

It is wrong.

This is a frontier police control.
But it's between different NEIGHBOURHOODS in Madrid.

It it's wrong to see closed borders between hoods, towns, regions. It is wrong to break again EU with barriers. It is wrong to shut up USA-EU flight link.

Today, I CAN'T go see my parents.
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4 Oct
Indirect proofs of Spain's 2nd wave completely fake.

We're told our detected accumulated incidence (weekly) is ~150/100K. If we check what it means in epidemics in the country we see it's ALWAYS related to high Rt moments, with accused slope in deaths.
There's NEVER plateauing. Image
Epidemics are consistent. They go thru basal phase(2) with small numbers and ~flat outcome, or they're in epidemic explosion (1), with high numbers, and coherent increasing death outcomes.
There's no possible high ACCUMULATED INCIDENCE without epidemic fast increase in deaths. ImageImage
We ALWAYS (yes including true covid epidemic in march) have epidemic burst when incidence >50

Therefore neither this high incidences, nor the weird & delayed death outcome is consistent with reality, but a human artifact

The uncorrected daily death data seems far more credible
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24 Sep
We've relayed on deaths for analysis, as other parameters were, specially cases, too sensitive to human manipulation.

Now, with the eye fixed in Spain, we think a clear statement must be done:

Death data has become as sensitive to political decision as any other series.
We've being analysing the situation in Spain thru all parameters, and we've concluded even death data is now sensitive to manipulating thru TESTS done. Yes, thru test done.

The mechanism works by getting lots PCR+ thru high Ct testing in a previously virus widespread pop.

Then, some of those mainly asymptomatics (old infections) PCR+ old people will eventually die.

Their deaths occur OUT of covid radar. Imagine not a pneumonia patient, with respiratory distress, but a heart attack, sepsis, cancer multiorganic failure, pure consumption death.
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22 Sep
I think we really should do an AIDS infected census.

We also should identify AIDS contacts, thru aggressive research, even phone localisation methods.

We should require a test proving you're free of AIDS for going into a plane and to cross any border.
We should force aid AIDS infected to stay at their homes, and in places with high number of AIDS positives we must close them. Bars, buildings or neighborhoods with AIDS infection must be lockdowned.

We should impose an AIDS free carnet for regular life control.
We must prosecute AIDS infected out of their homes with police, and arrest them, fine them, and in severe disobedience cases, jail them.

We must force everyone, everytime to wear a condom, to prevent AIDS. Child included.
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14 Sep

El término que, al repetitivo dictado de los medios, ha quedado para cualquier crítica a cualquier detalle de la interpretación científica oficial de los hechos es negacionista.
Fracasó antivacunas porque es jodidamente fácil probar que nadie entre la crítica seria lo es.
Negacionista es más ambiguo y pringoso, o sea, justo del gusto del cuñado. Del listo.
Les hace sentirse importantes incluir la velada acusación de nazi defensor de los genocidios, extremo que descubre psicológicamente el miedo a su muerte personal, causa principal de que un cuñado sienta la necesidad de aparecer con ese insulto por cualquier publicación crítica.
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