Blanca looks so innocent, doesn’t she? The latest on the demon possessed cat:
You may recall this thread:…
tl;dr: So I can be cat-free in my home office and have wifi cut out roughly twice an hour, or I can be in the dining room and come under cat attack.
Thursday, we had a plan: we would put the cat in the harness and put her outside, with the harness attached to a metal lawn chair in the shade. But then she went into a bedroom and was looking out the window, so I hoped we wouldn't need it. Three minutes into class
she came loping into view, jumped onto the far end of the dining room table, & sauntered across the table to curl up against the back of my laptop. She's not allowed on the table. I might still have lived with it, except she kept bumping the camera a little, moving me, in effect
I carried on talking while switching tabs to quietly text my husband "help cat." And @jdiscenza rushed in quietly to remove the cat at once! Except the cat tried to grab and got my camera. I have seen the video of this (AND NO I AM NOT SHARING—there are students on video)
It looks like I become a ghost, fly up towards the ceiling, and vanish, while my background from a fifteenth-century copy of Romance of the Rose, a beautiful manuscript page, stays absolutely still, of course.
After everyone stopped laughing, I continued with class.
Moments later, I saw husband shrug and carry the cat off to close her in the bathroom again. I thought he just couldn't get her into the harness. Here's what I missed (and @jdiscenza can correct me if I get anything wrong):
He got her quickly and easily in the harness and attached the harness to a chair under the overhang for his office (a separate building). He went back in to get her water bowl.
You should know: She's an indoor cat, but she frequently tries to sneak out so she can nibble grass.
She had shade, she was near grass, all was well, right?
He came back with the water. She freaked the frell out and went running, towing the metal chair briefly, until she slipped out of the harness. She ran for the back door to get back in, but it was CLOSED! What to do?
She ran for one side of the house with Joe in pursuit. I could have seen this through the windows well to my left, if I had not been intent on The Clerk's Tale. I'm surprised it didn't catch my eye.
But the whole yard is fenced in with a wooden fence—couldn't get out that way
So she turned back and ran the other way, my husband in hot pursuit, and ran around the other side of the house. Which is also fenced in. So she turned again, husband still behind her, and ran for the door.
He was close enough to open it and shoo her in this time.
Then he picked her up, and that's when I saw him. It happened so fast I never doubted that he just couldn't get her into the harness.
I found that out only after class and must tell my students next time.
And bonus: not only did she cry in the night that night (as she does almost every night, and gets shut in the bathroom), she managed to cause a tremendous crash at 1 am, getting me out of bed in a panic.
In case you're wondering: she has food and water in the bathroom. But it does seem cruel to keep her there when she ISN'T misbehaving, so we don't confine her there all night every night, or even during every class. I think I must during every class, though.

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