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What are some tactics used by gender activists?

One of them is creating fake consensus. They all pretend the matter is already settled and their ideology is the "truth".

That's why it's so important to always present alternative points of view whenever they attempt that.

When an external observer sees an exchange, and they see many people claiming the same thing they start to think it's a consensus. But it's fake consensus. There was never any conclusion and often the discussion didn't happen at all.

That's why it's always important to post disagreeing opinions. It's also important to ask for evidence of people's claims. And to point out what they are doing (creating fake consensus).

People who spread fake consensus will not be able to provide evidence.

It is also important to support people who present opinions going against fake consensus. Many people are afraid to speak when they think they might be the only people having such opinions. Especially when confronted with an aggressive crowd holding an opposite opinion.

It is often enough to have ONE other person who disagrees with the fake consensus to break the narrative.

That's why you might want to try to find out who has similar opinions to you in private first. Never disclose that the person has those opinions unless the person themselves goes public with them. At some point the person will be ready to publicly state their opinion.

Build trust (privately) with people who are against gender activism. We all fight against the same ideology, so small differences between us should not be important. All people are individuals with different life stories.

The function of speaking publicly against an ideology is to empower people to do it themselves. It's not because it makes you a better person. People who are not ready yet to publicly speak against is are not worse than you. They are simply at a different stage than you.

They need more time to make sure that what they think is correct and they did not make any mistake in their reasoning.

And even if someone never goes public with what they think, they can still help fighting the ideology in different ways.

Gender activists are intolerant of any kind of disagreement with their ideology. Follower MUST ALWAYS IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES CLAIM "TRANS WOMEN ARE WOMEN". Making any distinction between transwomen and women is a sin. Even if there are obvious differences between their bodies.

We should NOT do the same. Gender critical people should be open to many different points of view. "Critical" comes from critical thinking.

Many people at some point will start to doubt what gender activists say and even reject their ideology when they see that it doesn't match the reality. They may disagree with different aspects of it. It's important to approach them with an open mind.

Leaving genderism is like leaving a cult. It's often not the fault of the person that they became a cult member.

There is a great video explaining that:


"Trans women are women" is a core belief of this mentality. Everything else is adjusted to this core belief. If a fact goes against this core belief it is rejected or distorted to match it.

How people are recruited to the cult? It might be through things like "transgender awareness training" offered by organisations like Stonewall.

Instead of providing scientifically balanced discussion of trans people and the reality of what transitioning involves…

…the "training" presents science selectively. Many of the "proofs" they present are based on their own "research" and they're not peer reviewed in any way.

People who are new to the topic of trans people become convinced by fake evidence that science supports the claims.

People usually think science is too difficult for them to understand, so they "trust the experts". Activists working for organisations like Stonewall position themselves as "experts in sex and gender". People trust their knowledge and analyses.

The core belief Stonewall promotes is "trans women are women". It is because that belief is relatively simple to understand and apply. If you see any evidence that goes against that belief, your first thought should be "transphobia".

When this belief becomes entrenched in your belief system, it becomes almost impossible to reject it, because your whole belief system depends on it.

That is what makes it a quasi-religious belief. Normal beliefs can be doubted and evidence can be presented against them and people are able to reject them if the evidence is good enough.

Quasi-religious beliefs are not rejectable. Rather, presented evidence will be distorted to match them or if it cannot be distored, it will be rejected and the person presenting it will be considered a "false prophet" or "transphobe".

You can see it in action here:

The explanation of an article goes against the core belief of "trans women are women), so it creates a dissonance in that person's belief system.

Hypothetically, the person thinks "trans women are women" is a part of American liberal progressivism. So any opinion against it is "regressive" and "old-fashioned". The person rejects all the thinking and even calls it "nonsensical".

The problem with the idea of progressivism is that there are no clear criteria to say that, as far as culture (as opposed to e.g. economy) is concerned, that certain ideas are more progressive than others. Are trans rights more progressive than women's rights?

Americans do not have materialist ideas like socialism in their culture. They have conservatism, liberalism and progressivism. Progressivism takes place of socialism in their culture. But it's not a materialist idea.

Socialism makes claims about material conditions of the working class. Progressivism on the other hand is much more abstract and vague.

In addition to that, the main idea of the American culture is capitalism. All other ideas become subject to it.

Socialism is not compatible with capitalism, so it becomes rejected and distorted by the American culture.

Progressivism on the other hand is compatible with capitalism. Technical progress is an example. Also so called "social progress" is often framed as identity politics which does not touch the aspects of material reality of different classes of people.

For those reasons gender ideology works so well in the United States. It goes well with other aspects of the American belief system.

This is probably the reason why the ideology originated in the US. Unfortunately other countries in western Europe are strongly influences by American pop-culture.

It can be seen for example in how Black Lives Matter protests spread to Europe, despite the fact that policing in the US and in Europe is VERY DIFFERENT (e.g. because owning guns is not so common in Europe).

"Trans women are women" is currently becoming one of the axioms of American liberalism and progressivism. If you don't agree, you will be considered a bigot and a transphobe. Soon other countries will be expected to follow the American "guidance" on this issue, or else….

I don't think much can be done in the US at this point, but I might be wrong about that. I hope I am. Biden fully supports that ideology, so the choice is between conservatism and genderism in the US.

But even if the fight is lost in the end, it's good to start the opposition and the movement. It might take time to bring fruit.

On the other hand there is still hope for the UK.

If they UK can resist that ideological import, it might be OK.

It's not a coincidence that many trans activist on Twitter are Americans.

How to counteract importing that ideology?

One way is to provide an alternative. Instead of American progressivism one might go back to socialism and/or social democracy. Back to the analysis of material conditions of different groups of people.

Socialism provides a way to create change in the society without abandoning reality. And the change is real, material, instead of belief based, fragile and ideological.

Socialism or social democracy analysing the material relationships between different classes related to capital goes well with radical feminism analysis the material relationships between males and females in the society.

Another option is of course conservatism and the rejection of the idea of progress altogether.

Nevertheless, it's important to speak against the fake consensus of genderism. People can do it from different points of view, from different political backgrounds and for different reasons. But if nothing is done, soon "trans women are women" will become an axiom in the UK.

And professional lobby groups like Stonewall who are financed by American Arcus Foundation will make it happen.

We must resist that. It can be seen not only as an assault on women's right, but also as an assault on science.

Soon non-affirmative research on gender identity and differences in sex and sex characteristics between transwomen and women will become taboo.

And to make it clear. By things like "socialism" I mean the political ideologies, not the parties. The parties' actual ideologies often differ significantly from what they claim them to be.

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Let me discuss the details of your argument, as those details are very important. I will present a perspective of how gender critical trans activism might look like and later compare it with your perspective.
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What is bad is often not the things themselves but pressure to do them and consequences when one doesn't.

E.g. things like make-up. Without gender expectations it could be an interesting hobby or a funny thing to do from time to time.

Just like any other hobbys. But it's something totally different when there is pressure in the society for females to apply it (it takes a lot of time which can be spent elsewhere) and there are negative consequences, if they don't.

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