... ... ... they can’t even really believe this, can they? Image
Normal human being, especially one who has ever worked in a bar or a restaurant: oh yeah, they’re saying get him out of office/cut him off/vote him out/impeach him

MAGAbrains: sHe iS tHrEaTeNiNg tO mUrDeR HiM

Also, this bad faith play isn’t new:
They’re going to get her killed. This is all a game to them.
This is all they do:

1. She talks about how the wild rhetoric from Trump puts her in danger (immediately following a foiled kidnapping plot)
2. They go “No you!”

1. People point out Trump is corrupt
2. They go “No, my opponent is the corrupt one”
An absolute kindergartner level mindset
2016 debate:

HC: Trump is a puppet


This is one of the only bits of consistency from the Trump people

• • •

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19 Oct
It's really amazing how many people on the right think they can do this little sleight of hand with why people know that story is BS.

Substitute actual reason (NYP is framing a story as a scandal when the emails they're showing don't actually show a scandal) with "emails exist"
This is literally the same shit dumbass pizzagate people say to defend their conspiracy theory. "OH, SO YOU'RE SAYING THOSE AREN'T PODESTA'S EMAILS!?!?" No, we're saying they don't say what you're claiming they do.

So congrats for taking the pizzagate approach, I guess.
Anyway, I'm sure the "I'm here to dump on the Dems and I'm from the left! I'm here to dump on the Dems and I'm from the right!" show at The Hill that was created the guy who peddled bogus Biden/Ukraine stories last year are going to act like this is legit.
Read 8 tweets
19 Oct
I genuinely wonder if people like this are *actually* this naive and don't realize that it's not a matter of whether there's actual wrongdoing, but the *appearance* of wrongdoing as presented through the right-wing media filter.
"Oh wHaT wOuLd tHeY FiNd? An EmAiL sAyiNg PeOpLe ShOuLd HaVe HeALtHcArE?"

What's just amazing about these takes is that there's an assumption that people on the right are working from a place of intellectual honesty and not just revving up a smear campaign.
John Podesta's emails about catering were the basis of what became a worldwide conspiracy cult that runs around accusing Democrats and random celebrities of eating babies. It's not about there being a "there" there or not.
Read 7 tweets
19 Oct
The *biggest* issue with the Post's stories on this, and I'm willing to bet Sohrab is well aware of this, is that what's being presented by the paper as damning/criminal/"a smoking gun"/evidence is not actually damning/criminal/"a smoking gun"/evidence.
It's the same thing that was used to defend a lot of the reporting on many of the 2016 Wikileaks emails.

WL would tweet something like "DNC spox says [something]!" and then if you looked at it and followed the email thread back, it would be that person *quoting someone else*.
Then, if you'd question it, people would go, "Nuh uh! The emails are real!" which is a dodge because what you were criticizing was the conclusion derived from the emails and not the emails themselves.

Same playbook here, but much flimsier content.
Read 8 tweets
18 Oct
There are some really great pieces about the Bidens/Ukraine/Burisma that Greenwald should check out from an outlet called... one sec... ah, The Intercept.

1. theintercept.com/2019/05/10/rum…

2. theintercept.com/2019/09/22/rep…

3. theintercept.com/2019/09/25/i-w…
Another piece at The Intercept: “By reporting on a conspiracy theory promoted by the president as a political story, with two sides, journalists are helping to weaponize disinformation.”

theintercept.com/2019/09/22/rep… ImageImageImage
Read 4 tweets
18 Oct
This guy highlights the issue with all this Hunter Biden stuff.

“It is not going to go away and it will not look like nothing.” Then if you follow his thread, his issue is that a company hiring someone who has a famous family member, and he tries to define that as “corruption.”
Unless you ban family members of famous people from working ... at all ... you can’t stop companies from hiring people because they’re adjacent to power.

What makes it corruption is if the person in power does something or changes policy in order to *get* their relative a job. Image
Was John McCain guilty of corruption because Meghan McCain was hired to work in media (Daily Beast, Fox News, and then most recently ABC)?

No. Because that’s not how corruption works. It’s a backwards understanding of corruption.
Read 13 tweets
18 Oct
Which would mean that Rudy has been sitting on a hard drive full of child porn for however long he had it. Not sure THAT is the slam dunk those guys want, either...
Anyway, these guys really think that voters are going to eventually forget that Joe and Hunter Biden are two different people
And that unlike with the Trump administration, Biden wouldn’t be making his kid a senior advisor with a security clearance.
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