@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 1. The Provisional Semi-Pelaganian says just what Dr. Flowers says here at the 5 minutes 40-second mark.

"God graciously chooses to save those who choose Him"

Flowers has a problem here.

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 2. As Dr. White says: "If God does this then even by Flowers own system the number of the Elect would be fixed in the mind of God."

As God foreknowledge is infinite, perfect exhaustive, & eternal.

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 3. Dr. White ask this question to Flowers:

"is the number of the elect fixed in the mind of God since Flowers says;

White: "So the sinner's trust results in their being chosen?"

"God graciously chooses to save those who will choose Him (God)"

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 4. "God is infinite in His eternal knowledge of all things past, present, and future"

Flowers says "God's election is to send the Gospel to people. It is not God saving but God providing something that is gracious to those who choose God.

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 5. But we read that "grace", the grace found in the Lord Jesus Christ actually and really saves.

There is no provisional gracious act of God that provides something by which the sinner chooses and God reacts and saves the sinner.

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 6. We are really and actually saved by grace through faith, (it is not of ourselves) (it is God's doing) (it is the gift of God) that really actually does save not based on the sinner's choosing.

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 7. The "Provisional Semi-Pelagian" says God chooses to provide that which the sinner can respond to or not respond to.

Grace does not actually save.

Just God responding to the LFW of the sinner. Who either lets God save him or does not let God save Him

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 8. Flowers says around the 10:55 mark:

"that there are "good and bad people in hell. Relatively speaking."

White says: "Obviously the only people in hell are bad people. And the only people in heaven are those who have the righteousness of Christ.

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 9. White continues: "it is not a mixture of good and bad in hell"

Then he says: " I think what Flowers is saying,

That on a human level.

There are people in hell on a human moral level.

Are better than some people in heaven who were saved by grace"

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 10. White continues: "I think that is what Flowers was trying to say.

But in the process muddled so bad, it became a very bad assertion."

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 11. White: "Everybody in hell is the enemy of God. Everybody in heaven is in love with God."

White continues: "Why the one over the other is why we differ

The ones in heaven are saved by grace."

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 12. "By "grace"

(not that which is graciously provided)

But the grace that actually

freed them from their sin, gave them a new heart & they are changed from (God-haters) to (God-lovers)

They are not saved bc they were God-lovers, to begin with"

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 13. Flowers says: "IF a sinner is saved and ends up in heaven. The Calvinist just says they don't know why."

White: "what is the condition?

The (condition is the finished work of Jesus Christ, his death on the Cross of Calvery.

Every Calvinist knows this."

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 14. White: "Every Calvinist knows that what brings one in the presence of God is union with Christ that brings the sinner Christ's righteousness.

Otherwise, you will not stand before a Holy God."

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 15. White says to Flowers: "You said you were a Calvinist at one time. And you can never, EVER!! represent the Calvinist Christian correctly."

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 16. Flowers goes on to say: "But we, (the Provisional Semi-Pelagian) knows what the condition is It is faith.

The Calvinist says it's (unconditional) we say the conditional is faith. "

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 17. Flowers continues: "We still believe it is not based on the good or bad you do (morality) But it is conditioned on faith.

Calvinist would say it is not conditioned on the good or bad you do. and it is not conditioned on faith."

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 18. Flowers is correct partially. Only bc he does not say what we believe that "it is conditioned upon that Dr. White has already mentioned/

It is not based upon what the sinner does good/bad or faith but upon "THE FINISHED WORK OF CHRIST ON THE CROSS"

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 19. There would be no saving faith if there had not been the accomplished & finished work of Christ atonement on the Cross.

Who also atoned for the sin of unbelief.

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 20. Jesus atoned for all sins. Jesus carried the sins of many in his own body on the cross.

Those Jesus represented and died for.

Including the sin of unbelief.

The sinner does not make up for or atone for the sin of unbelief in and of himself. Nor does he have this innately
@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 21. Rom. 10:17-Faith COMES by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.

If "saving faith" has to (COME TO THE SINNER) that is an accurate indication there was a time they did not have "saving faith"
@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 22. 2 Thess. 3:2-And (pray) that we may be delivered from unreasonable and wicked men: for all men have not faith.

This verse emphatically without any doubt whatsoever tells us "evil and wicked men (sinners alienated from Christ) DO NOT HAVE SAVING FAITH)

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 23. 2 Thess 3:2 that says evil and wicked men do not have faith.

Is not talking about a specific category of men and all other sinners (who are wicked & evil) do have saving faith.

Not even logical. God forbid!! Away with such a thought! T

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 24. 2 Thess 3:2 that says "not all men have faith. thus the wicked and evil. Is speaking of all sinners alienated from the life of Christ in a universal and absolute sense.

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 25. 2 Thess 3:2 that says evil and wicked men do not have faith.

It does not mean that within some sinners there is

(something of value that God takes notice of)

which is

(innate human faith focused in the right direction) towards Jesus

This is nonsense.

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 26. The sinner is passive (not active in any way whatsoever) when God the Holy Spirit regenerates the sinner, causes the sinner to be born again.

Or "from above" which should tell everyone the "act of being born again is from above (from God).

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 27. Being regenerated/ born from above is a Divine Sovereign Omnipotent act of God's doing & not in the least bit of ourselves.

Jesus told his disciples, "without me YOU CAN DO NOTHING"

"Nothing does not (mean a little something)

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 28. If the disciples who were clean through the "Word of Christ" (meaning they were regenerated and in Christ, in possession of eternal life)

Could do (nothing apart from Jesus)

Why in the world would we think a sinner has any capacity or LFW ability pleasing to God?

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 29. John 15:3-Already you are clean because of the word that I have spoken to you.

That is the verse to show that the disciples of Jesus "were not evil and wicked men who did not possess saving faith"

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 30. Sinners (evil and wicked men),

speaking universally and absolutely of all men without exception (others than those God has saved)

Cannot take one step in the direction of Christ or contribute anything to their being born again of the Spirit whatsoever. Rom. 8:7-8
@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 31. The sinner (evil and wicked men) Jews/Gentiles. all men without exception.

Hate the light of Christ not only cannot come but refuse to come.

Bc they hate Christ and love the darkness of the sin they are in bondage to and voluntary serve.

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 31. John 3:10-20And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.

20 For everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed.
@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 32. John 3:19-20 is not talking about a specific group of sinners who are the only ones who hate Christ,

and love the darkness of their sins and refuse to come to Christ.

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 33. There are not different categories of sinners.

Unless you are talking in the sense that some are more sinful and wicked in degrees than others. Which is true

But John 3:19-30 once again speaks of all sinners in a universal & absolute sense.

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 34. So as said, sinners (evil and wicked men) (all are under sin without exception) and passive when "God sovereignty and omnipotently draws them to Jesus.

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 35. If God does not sovereignly with His almighty power draw effectually, the sinner "who cannot come to Jesus (does not have the capacity or any ability or desire to come)

The sinner will just remain in his spiritually dead condition of hating/sinfully rebelling against God
@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 36. John 6:37-All that the Father gives Me will come to Me, and the one who comes to Me I will by no means cast out.

The new podcast the Provisionist perspective says this is only speaking of the disciples.

They don't tell us how they arrive at this false belief

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 37. When the whole passage is speaking of sinner's coming to Jesus, believing and embracing Jesus Christ for eternal life. Not just the disciples

But no sinner will come unless God the Holy Spirit sovereignty with almighty power draws

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 38. John 6:44-45-No man can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him, and I will raise him up at the last day.

45 It is written in the prophets, 'And they shall all be taught by God.' Therefore everyone who has heard and learned from the Father comes to Me.

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 39. Where does this say just the disciples.

It doesn't.

And even in John 17 where Jesus is speaking of the disciples who also includes all would come to faith in Christ in that passage.

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 40. John 6: 44 makes it so clear I do not understand why it is denied and LFW is propped up and defended.

Vs 44 says " no man can come" (they do not have the LFW ability/capacity or even the desire to come to Christ. John 3:19-20)

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 41. They come only when the ("UNLESS" action of God the Holy takes place"

God the Spirit draws and vs 44 makes it clear that the one is given to Christ (vs 37)

and the one "drawn by the Father) do come in saving faith embracing Jesus for eternal life.

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 42. How do we know the "sinner man" (evil/wicked, without saving faith or any spiritual ability to come) do come to Jesus when drawn by the Father.

Vs 44 says that Jesus will "raise the one drawn up on the last day"

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 45. Then vs 45 is a re-statement of vs 44.

"It is written in the prophets, 'And they shall all be taught by God.' Therefore everyone who has heard and learned from the Father comes to Me."

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 46. The ones who come to Jesus in saving faith, (are the ones who are "taught of God"

This is the inward divine action of the Spirit illuminating the truth of the Gospel to the one being drawn.

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 47. The "ones taught of God" are the ones who "hear the external outward preaching of the Gospel."

Then are inwardly taught by the Father.

These are the ones who have "heard" the external preaching

and the ones who have been taught and learned inwardly by the Father.

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 48. As in John 6:44. Vs 45 makes it clear those who could not come in vs 44 (but come as a result of being drawn).

Do come in saving faith and embrace Christ for eternal life and in union with Him have His righteousness imputed to them.

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 49. John 6:65 is another re-statement of John 6:36, 44-45

"And He said, "Therefore I have said to you that no one can come to Me unless it has been granted to him by My Father."

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 50. John 6:65 actually says, therefore I have been saying to you.

This is why Jesus has been repeating the reason for the sinful unbelief of the unbelieving Jews he was talking to.

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 51. Jesus had already told the unbelieving Jews that the reason they do not believe or come to Him.

Was bc this only happens when they are "drawn by the Father (vs 44)" and "taught by God vs 45)

The sin of unbelief is to be expected apart from a divine miracle of God.

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 52. When God takes out the stony heart (that hates God, lives a lifestyle of loving sin in rebellion to God),

and when God puts in a heart of flesh (that is desirous, willing & pliable)

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 53. Ezk 36:26-And I will give you a new heart, and a new spirit I will put within you. And I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh.

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 54. This is a "spiritual surgical divine sovereign omnipotent operation" of God the Holy Spirit.

Who removes the heart of stone and puts in a heart of flesh

It is God's doing and man is wholly passive (with no action or involvement whatsoever)

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 55. It is utterly impossible for a sinner to come to Christ without God giving the sinner the grace to do so. John 6:37. 44-45. 65

Left to himself the sinner (evil/wicked men) prefer/love their sin.

Regeneration & conversion is a work of grace.

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 56. So Jesus tells his audience in John 6:65,

"This is why I have been telling you."

(This) refers to the sin of the unbelief. The unbelieving Jews.

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 57. Unless it is given to you, (or unless God draws, takes the divine initiative),

and gives the sinner the enabling desire and enabling the ability to come to Jesus.

The sinner cannot come vs 44 and will refuse to come (John 3:19-20)

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 58 Quote by D.A. Carson on John 6:65-

" However much sinners are commanded to believe and are held accountable for their unbelief, genuine coming to faith is never a matter of autonomous human decision."

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 59. Jesus refuted and denied "decisional regeneration" and any "conversion to Jesus" apart from the Divine Sovereign action of the Spirit of grace.

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 60. The Spirit does produce & create repentance and faith in the one regenerated.

But God does not repent or believe for the one being converted in repentance and faith.

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 61. That is the result of being regenerated by the Spirit.

The repenting/believing is done by the means\power of the Spirit.

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 62. We are regenerated or born again by the "efficient" means of the Spirit of God,

though the "instrumental means" of the Word of God/Gospel both in intimate connection with each other.

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 63. I have said many times the "Word of God" is the very "Sword of the Spirit" (Eph. 6:17),

The Spirit wields the Word/Gospel most powerfully and the Word of God does not come back void.

But it fruitful in accomplishing the very purpose for which God intended it for.

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 64. The "efficient cause" is the Spirit.

John 3:5-Jesus answered, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 65. The "instrumental cause" which the Spirit wields and works thru is the "Word of God" through which the sinner is regenerated.

1 Peter 1:23-for you have been born again not of seed which is perishable but imperishable, that is, through the living and enduring word of God
@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 66. And it all happens yes. Bc "it is according to the good pleasure of God. For his glory. (Eph 1:5)

But it all happens bc of the accomplished/finished work of Christ's atonement in securing redemption for those he died for.

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 67. This "secured redemption of the finished work of Christ will be brought to past in the lives of all Jesus died for.

Rom. 5:15-.... even so through one Man's righteous act the free gift came to all men, resulting in justification of life.

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 68. To sum it all up. I know no one will read all this.

But I like working through it.

I know it is not perfect and I ask for all to correct me, please.

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 69. Remember to look away from yourself and to Jesus.

Bc, it is bc of what he did on the cross, his finished work that brings that secured redemption into the life of the sinner.

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 70. 1 Peter 1:23-Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who according to His great mercy has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead,

@monergism @lordgrindleford @adamdcoleman @ErweeKoos @billious @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 Blessings to all and God bless.

I enjoy reading all of your comments

I always apologize for being so long-winded.

I know it is a lot to read.

But I enjoy working through it all.

Thanks for your patience with me.

• • •

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More from @Kev_GraceAlone

13 Oct
@billious @ErweeKoos @lordgrindleford @monergism @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 Great teaching from Dr. Piper today. He emphasized how salvation is a gift of God by His grace, including saving faith. (And that it is not of yourself)

Eph. 2:8-For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God,

@billious @ErweeKoos @lordgrindleford @monergism @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 The one saved can only boast in the what GOD HAS DONE (bc it was of God's doing and not of themselves)

God's grace that saves and even the gift of saving faith which is our response to grace through saving faith.


@billious @ErweeKoos @lordgrindleford @monergism @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 Piper continues in contrasts this with

Romans 6:17-But God be thanked that though you were slaves of sin, yet you obeyed from the heart that form of doctrine to which you were delivered. 18 And having been set free from sin, you became slaves of righteousness.

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9 Oct
@billious @ErweeKoos @lordgrindleford @monergism @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 Flowers does teach that the Word is the Work of the Spirit. In the sense that "Scripture was (given/spoken) by men as they were "carried along by the Spirit"

But you are mistaken in believing that Flowers says the Spirit is the "source of the Word's power."

@billious @ErweeKoos @lordgrindleford @monergism @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 Flowers has been somewhat confusing on this matter.

Saying at times the Word has inherent power, Heb. 4:12

Then at another time saying "external spoken words" have inward effects on people.

Using this as an analogy to the Word of God.

@billious @ErweeKoos @lordgrindleford @monergism @DavidJBousquet @SherryT33607969 @Eutrapeliamuse @Soteriology101 @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @dptech23 @jbabym @DrJordanBCooper @ThaRealJgibbs @DrOakley1689 I agree with Dr. Flowers that "external spoken words" can & do affect people inwardly.

The Word of God says "life and death are in the power of the tongue.

And a "word spoken in due season how good it is.

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7 Oct
@billious @monergism @ErweeKoos @Eutrapeliamuse @IrrTruth @leightonflowers @DrOakley1689

Bill has been shown that faith is a gift of God's saving grace

Will, he read the thread below in its entirely and interact. He is not going to get the answer in one short tweet.
He will need to read the thread in its entirety and not make excuses he does not have time.

For he reads more tweets in this thread where

I show that faith is a gift of God's saving grace in a few hours. Plus tweeting and retweeting

He keeps saying someone show me.
He really doesn't want to be shown I think

He just wants to assert: "I'm still waiting for someone to show me that the faith that saves by grace is different than faith/trust he would have in his wife or best friend.
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