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Tweet has racial references.
Get Ready For A True Story!
I heard and saw something that boiled my blood. This story is a little long! Please keep reading!

I saw and heard a white woman laughingly say that she was the HMIC, or Head Momma In Charge. I don't remember if she used momma, mommy, or mother.
It caught me by complete surprise! I waited for the room to explode in dismay or anger. At least a stunned silence?Nothing happened then and I'm still waiting. I've asked some close friends I trust what they thought. Some confirmed my shock. A few weren't aware of the the issue
In the 60's and 70's, the phrase was different. Apologies in advance for using the N word! HNIC was the phrase. It meant Head Nigger In Charge (apologies my friends!) I remember an employee at the school being called the name by rednecks and racist as head librarian.
I might be too close to this! I worked with the pastor of the neighboring church to get our congregations together for special times of worship. Easter Sunrise, New Year's Eve and 4 other times each year. Each church had met separately for over 100 years.
I loved all the people as we got together for those special moments. Their pastor did as well!
The first time was casual and was like a community fair. Music, crafts, best cakes and such.
Two precious old ladies came up to me. Their skin was so thin and fragile.
They asked if they could go inside the church. I teared up and asked why they felt the need to ask. They told of walking by on Sundays, barefoot as little girls, wondering what it was like. Then their father got a mule and they went by. Eventually a wagon and then a car went by.
I had tears rolling down my face, still holding those frail precious hands.
I took them on a grand tour, showing them everything and they knew when the wing and later the larger sanctuary was built. They didn't know anything about the interior because it wasn't acceptable to
go into the white church as they grew up.

Their pastor and I developed a brotherly love and I deeply miss him. We did the right thing. It was a shame that it took more than 100 years.
I might be to close but now you know why.
HNIC goes back to slavery! It's at least as bad as the flags and statues! It's not cute to change it to Momma. It's not okay to substitute Bitch. Military folks might have heard MoFo. That's not acceptable either!

I was born and raised here and I can't comprehend how we played
football, basketball, baseball, in bands, plays, choirs and everything else but somehow racism still exists. It's in our institutions all the way down to our streets.
I'm furious that the white woman was raised in New Orleans and went to college in Memphis.
She's a southerner!
It's inconceivable that she doesn't know the phrase HNIC! In 1989, Morgan Freeman was the principal of a troubled high school in the movie Stand By Me. He used the phrase about himself. My point is that it is still used today. I believe that it's in some current hip-hop.
The Rest Of The Story?

The white privileged woman was ACB and was said in the Judiciary Committee hearing to vet her for a SCOTUS seat! RGB's seat will have a racist justice.
A story about The Days of Segregation dominated the news. This never got the light. They covered up!

No one has pushed this! ACB is a racist. It came out and should have halted the Committee Hearing, FULL STOP!
She shouldn't be brought before the Senate for a vote knowing she's a racist. It has to come to the attention of every single senator!
Call your Senators please! ⚖
This came out jumbled page wise!
I can't figure out how to get it in sequence and that is important!
🙏Maybe ask for it to Unroll please 🙏

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