Chart Time! I usually post chart set-ups on all the names I invest in or trade week in and week out. With that comes a lot of great set-ups, but also many just developing or that need more time. SO, I charted all 200+ stocks I follow for the strongest/immediate set-ups I see now:
$AAPL. Has held this upward trend line beautifully since March. Mow making a nice little pennant and down wedge inside of it. This one is very market dependent, as it is basically the market. If techs hold/rally, this should run to the horizontal levels 126 138!
$ADSK. No set up I really like more besides all time high horizontal line resistance tests, especially with a Motley Fool recommendation on this one last week! At this $262 level, it can either bust through an go parabolic or trend a little lower until it builds up strength!
$CHGG. Company is great on the long term and fundamental basis in my opinion, watch this $90 level for a psychological run to $100. Might do another wave inside the pennant but that level remains the door for higher!
$DKNG. We all know this is a beast of a company, but man did it get overhyped on sports restarting and all degenerates like @AviNMash spending more time betting on football than stocks! Secondary at $52 also took it down, but can easily run to $50 soon on this down wedge break!
$DOCU. Been charting this one since $191 when I got long again. Broke some key resistances but should have ran way more on that $290 PT Upgrade from UBS. Watch that $252 level cause above it is absolutely air.
$FLGT. Didn't hold the slightly aggressive trend line I made under the recent rally line, so it looks like this is gonna be a sinusoidal wedge. But, those are typically way more bullish short-term for aggressive moves once it breaks up. All about $52.5.
$FTCH. Live video shopping is coming to this platform, that's huge. I think I will make this an average size long term position. Love the fact that they bought Off-White's parent company recently, very innovative. Watch for this mini-pennant and then horizontal line break at $32.
$FTHM. Had a huge breakout last week over the IPO high and ran to almost $25. The forward price to sales of this one is not even 2x, where the competitors trade at 5-10x. Long this one for a while here. Can move fast as only $300M market cap.
$IIPR. Another sexy horizontal line test potential breakout, a favorite general pattern by a great trader @MalibuInvest. Let's see how long it takes to test and break!
$LCA. Nice little breakout of this consolidating base here for this online-gambling name. I dove into it and worried me how the CEO of the parent co's involvement and use of the company for collateral is, so for now, definitely just a trade for me.
$LVGO. You're going to see this name every single week until it breaks $150 at least. This is my 4th largest holding. Just a matter of time. It finally broke over but couldn't close over. This is one of the strongest levels in the market because it's a merger-news/earnings high!
$MDB. Really good relative strength last week, managed to continue to close over the previous spike high. Looks like it's just gonna trend to $307 imo.
$OSTK. Company had a huge run this year and trading very cheaply on a fundamental level, something like 2x p/s or less. Watch and see if it holds the Anchored VWAP and lower trend line from April!
$OTRK. Another one that had momentum but slowed, so changed the chart to basing pennant pattern now. Seems like he wants more time to trade in this range before higher, makes sense after a 90%+ move from the 40s at the highs. Just watch the levels, lots of shorts it can squeeze!
$PINS. Last time it did this base pattern was between 33-37. where it ran another $10 almost, so wouldn't be surprised to see it happen again!
$RUN. One of the good solar companies that finally pulled back a bit back down to earth. I expect some more love for this sector going into the election uncertainty on who wins it, but just from a chart level, watch this down channel break, looks to be setting up very well!
$SLQT. I kept the volume levels on this one (I used it on all charts just take them off usually) since its a recent IPO. Medicare AEP started October 15th, Soros owns $5.5 M shares, looks like it may get going here out of this volume shelf and downtrend grind up! Needs $21.
$TTCF. Formerly $FMCI, on a company fundamental basis this one blows Beyond meat out of the water. Looks to be setting up well, I actually think this is one of the better SPACs recently. Keep an eye on that $29 break now that the merger is complete!
$WIMI. 5g play courtesy of @SEAjewce. Love the set up here with all the hype around 5g from $AAPL last week. See if it can get over $7.5 and very very hard $10.25.
$WKHS. Had an insane run this year but looking like it wants to base/consolidate in this box between 21.5 and 31. Looks to be making a little downtrend since the recent top but orderly selling and volatility. Keep an eye out for strong reversal day or on downside, break of $21.5!
That's all! So many names I follow/own have exploded recently, so current set-ups don't look as amazing now, but these above are just setting up! Elections/earnings/stimulus talks coming soon so keep your head on a swivel! And, a new episode of @PoundingDaTable coming tonight!
Totally forgot a few names, guess I didn't save them to my folder for charts! Here's 5 more: $ADBE. Very similar to $AAPL, just watch for the trend line break!
$NFLX. That horizontal line test is going to be an aggressive rally whenever it breaks through. Netflix raising prices in Canada, I bet they raise in the US soon too, and we know what that usually means!
$GOOGL. Respecting all my levels almost too well. Look for a break over the 1588 recent high!
$CDLX. Setting up for a triple top breakout! And we all know, no such things as triple bottoms and triple tops are rarely ever a thing!
$MELI. Last on the thread by first I my heart, I don't think there was a stronger stock this week besides $zm than Meli. Closed right over all time highs. Incredible strength this one is just getting started.

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