I see a lot of discourse of Wandering Witch and I’m tempted to chime in on it especially with understanding that the MC has a rather amoral attitude towards a dark and bleak world

But one common thing I am seeing is the discussion about apathy and slavery that intrigues me most
I need to watch and read it since it seems up my alley anyways, but one general trend I do see is somewhere along the lines of: “One does not simply be amoral/apathetic/indifferent to slavery. You are either for, or against it.”
That’s where I have to pump the breaks a bit. The history of slavery in our own world is quite long, terrifying, and filled with complexity

The most terrifying aspect of slavery in societies is the lack of action towards it as an institution. Apathy and helplessness was the norm
You think for a moment at how brutal slavery is—that it is worse than death itself. This was a well known sentiment for a long time across many different societies. There’s a lot of writing in various regions describing the cruelty and sympathy to slaves to prove this
Public sentiment on the issue wasn’t always universal or consistent either. An example of this inconsistency can be found even in Catholic history with Pope Gregory I at the end of like the 6th or 7th century (I forget) forbidding Jews from owning Christians (the specificity...)
It’s things like that that call an obvious line of moral questioning at hand: why do examples of slavery abolition like this even exist? Why in some regions did abolition remain a temporary measure?

Systems are hard to grasp for people in any period in history, even now
If you look at a timeline of slavery abolition, something interesting comes up. Why did the Nordic region, Central and Eastern Europe, France, Japan, etc get around to de jure abolition so much sooner than Spain, England, U.S., etc (rest of the world)? It’s complicated
This complicated aspect goes into different categories: history of each region and country, philosophy (branches like sociology and political science), etc

I’d like to say that slavery and serfdom were abolished every single time due to rebellions, but this isn’t always the case
Ultimately, another thing to consider is how people view abolition movements today. How do “moderates” and liberals view prison, ICE, police, etc? Many support it, most truly want to be apathetic towards politics but end up getting dragged in one way or another
ICE literally does slavery, yet many liberals, moderates, and conservatives fervently support keeping ICE—thinking it can be “reformed” or simply ignore their various abuses washingtonpost.com/news/post-nati…
This is why apathy towards atrocities is not always clear cut. It’s complicated. Considering how much I care about this, you can already tell how much scrutiny I’m gonna give Wandering Witch to see if there’s any signals hinting towards this complexity and chaos
TL;DR: my response to: “one does not be apathetic towards slavery; one can only be for or against it” is: “You’d be surprised at humanity’s capacity to either not give a shit or compartmentalize so much and so well that inaction towards atrocity becomes consistently normal
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17 Oct
One of the main reasons I never agreed with free speech absolutism is that the premise presupposes that language isn’t harmful. Not only does hate speech and “fringe” opinions like genocide denial incite violence, but it also is a prime way to dehumanize entire populations
Idk about you, but if you don’t include clear dehumanization and erasure as a form of violence, then you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about when it comes to how in-group/out-group mentality works and how it’s just one step towards promoting genocide
And as Kyle likes to invoke “slippery slope” arguments, it wouldn’t even be that. Genocide denial is a tactic amongst a violent strategy to eliminate the out-group. It is just one among many ongoing stages of genocide. Folks like Kyle try to view single events as isolated cases
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16 Oct
>discovers MoonA and other really well spoken vtubers

Me: “what’s anime? I don’t know her” Image
I don’t even remember the last anime I watched. Maybe it was PreCure? I’m pretty sure one of those Pokémon shorts was one, but like a full 20 min episode of something? Idk it’s been weeks

I’ve fallen down the vtuber rabbit hole. My ADHD impulses had me follow like 200 vtubers
like, this is pretty much what my workflow looks like on a day to day. I usually have discord and Messenger on one screen, a stream on another, and either a browser, LibreOffice and OneNote on the main screen Image
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29 Sep
“Crunch” is a shitty thing that keeps happening. Another word for it is: “exploitation”, which we know is a systemic issue taken advantage of by capitalists and the management class. Unions mitigate exploitation for some, but aren’t a systemic solution
The formations of unions is necessary in the short term and is a generally good thing to do anyways. However, management and capitalists will find loopholes and other ways to exploit and will succeed like we see with the anime industry with depending on freelancing
Freelancers do not benefit from unions. This is a legal issue ofc, but one of those things that we can count on abuses and more exploitation to ensue. As long as we keep the system, the opportunities to exploit will always continue

Negotiating with capital will always hurt later
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24 Sep
“We believe that institutions born of violence are maintained by violence and will not give way except to an equivalent violence” -Errico Malatesta
2 essays to read and share around when you can:

Reformism (Malatesta): theanarchistlibrary.org/library/errico…
How Nonviolence Protects the State (Gelderloos): theanarchistlibrary.org/library/peter-…
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24 Sep
Ngl, I find the recent term “anti-racism” to be suspicious mostly due to who its employed by. It seems to be used as a synonym simply for white liberals to say “anti-black” insofar as to go as far as to educate people about just behavior rather than examine systems and narratives
It’s good to check privileges and biases. It’s good to examine our culture critically. However, with the way it’s commonly used this year has some serious red flags for me that laymen and educators aren’t going any further than the current status quo of the 2010s
To me, anti-racism is intersectional
To abolish racism means to abolish capitalism too
To abolish racism means to abolish the gender binary and gender norms
To abolish racism means to abolish the state and hierarchies

White supremacy is all encompassing—so too should anti-racism
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24 Sep
Fun History fact: during the height of the Red Scare, teachers were fired and censured for being anything left of liberal. Such affects still affect us today with how we view anything outside of the Overton Window and this is a big way that white supremacy continues to perpetuate
We are surrounded by grown ass adults who are illiterate as fuck and was fed assbackward politics and worldviews by their parents and by their local districts setting the terms in which systemic indoctrination can remain the norm
I just want to remind everybody that *this* is par for the course. This is what this country stands for and always has

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