Thread: Something funny is going on with the Flynn case. For the past two days I have received alerts of amicus briefs being filed, yet when I go to the court website to read them, they are not there. Today, again, I got another notification.
And, again, nothing is on the court website. However, this time there is one document accessible on the Courtlistener website. And it’s a brief from Bijan Rafiekian’s partner, Kamil Ekim Alptekim.…
To understand this, you have to know about the case United States v. Rafiekian. This was a FARA case against Flynn’s partners in FIG (Flynn Intell Group) that was brought by the SCO and tried in the EDVA (Eastern District Virginia) federal court.
The government argued that FIG lied in its FARA application because it failed to reveal that it was working directly for the Turkish government. They won the case. Rafiekian was found guilty. But, in a very surprising move, the judge accepted the defense motion for acquittal.
IOW, he overturned the jury verdict of guilty. In his lengthy opinion, he stated that the jury verdict went against “the heavy weight of the evidence” and that the government had provided no evidence, direct or indirect, to prove their allegations.
If you followed THAT case, then you know that the government tried to get Flynn to lie on the witness stand to strengthen their case against Rafiekian, and when he refused to lie under oath, they changed their stance on HIS case and demanded time in jail.
In Alpketin’s brief, he brings up all of this background information, including the government’s use of the threat of indicting Flynn’s son to get him to plead guilty to lying to FBI agents.
Rafiekian advocates for dismissing Flynn’s case precisely because the proof of Flynn’s guilt is lacking and because the failure of the Rafiekian case revealed the convoluted plan behind the government’s prosecution of Flynn.
I doubt any of this will sway Judge Sullivan one iota, and it’s not even certain that he will allow the brief to be added to the already voluminous docket. But it’s more proof of the nefarious nature of the government’s actions against Flynn.
It ought to bother any right-thinking American.
Addendum: Leslie McAdoo Gordon has requested leave to file an amicus brief as well. There are still a number of items missing from the online docket. The docket numbers jump from 268 to 287 with no intervening docket numbers visible.

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