US Spies: to former intelligence operatives, Giuliani's involvement in the Post's story and Trump's willingness to seize on it showed just how susceptible they are to being duped by hostile intelligence services.…
Glenn Carle, a former CIA covert operative who specialized in turning Russian spies, told Business Insider that in addition to Giuliani's access to Trump, his motivations also make him an attractive target for Russian intelligence.
No matter what the motivation is, a foreign intelligence service can usually exploit it," Carle said.

"In this case, it's very straightforward: Giuliani is hunting for information that he thinks will help Trump and harm Biden...”
“And then you look at the person's psychological makeup. Are they gullible? Can they be duped? Are they motivated to take chances? In Giuliani's case, the answer to all those questions is a glaring 'yes.'"
Giuliani has "been stumbling around in Ukraine, which is Russian turf from an intelligence perspective. In every way, Trump & Giuliani are grotesquely vulnerable, exploitable targets for Russian intelligence...”
Giuliani, he said, "is a lot smarter than Trump but misses being in the limelight and wants to be a power player in Washington. He's an old guy who loves attention. So the Russians can easily get an agent to talk to him, butter him up...”
Hall echoed that view and described Giuliani as a "useful idiot" for Russian operatives.

"The Russians can make Giuliani feel like he's important..They can appeal to his ego and basically get the same type of control over him that they can with a traditional recruited asset."
"At the very least, Giuliani has been directly manipulated and fed information for a substantial period of time," Carle said.
"And when confronted with these concerns, both he and Trump aggressively challenge it and denounce those who raised the points.

From a counterintelligence perspective, all of that is very alarming and suspicious."
"They want to protect their boy in the White House because Trump's policies have been strategically fantastic for Russia," Carle said. "He alienated the United States from NATO and turned a blind eye to Russian influence in Crimea...”
“... His actions in the Middle East, especially in Syria and Libya, helped Russia gain a significant presence in the region for the first time in 48 years."
Most of all, Russia has a strategic objective to "make America dysfunctional because what's bad for America is good for Russia," Carle added.
"So if they can sow dissension in our political practices that discredits our institutions and disaffects Americans from participating in the democratic process, then America crumbles."

"And that's how Russia wins," he said
"Giuliani ...thinks he's the smartest guy in the room, politically...& he has protection from the Trump administration. That's exactly the kind of personality that Russian intelligence services would look to take advantage of."
former CIA chief of Russia operations

• • •

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20 Oct
Color Revolution:
Article touches on the origin/meaning but is more about Q priming for delegitimizing of election.

My first thought:
It’s not a phrase the average American uses relative to US political protest or revolution…… Image
They started with it around mid-August Image
Something changed & accelerated between Aug & Oct.

I find that Q using a phrase like ‘color revolution’ —which came about around the same time to help prime their followers for delegitimization of the election —is very interesting.

From Neiman Lab… Image
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20 Oct
U.S. Diplomats and Spies Battle Trump Administration Over Suspected Attacks

American officials in China, Cuba and Russia say U.S. agencies are concealing the true extent of the episodes, leaving colleagues vulnerable to hostile actions abroad.…
The strange sound came at night:
a crack like a marble striking the floor of the apartment above them.

Mark Lenzi & his wife suffered from lightheadedness
sleep issues
sudden memory loss like forgetting names of work tools

Their children woke up with bloody noses...
What began as strange sounds and symptoms among more than a dozen US officials and their family members in China in 2018 has turned into a diplomatic mystery spanning multiple countries and involving speculation about secret high-tech weapons and foreign attacks.
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19 Oct
“maybe.. Biden can convince us to stop doom-scrolling the American demise that hasn’t happened & is not imminent & turn instead back to the hard, non-reality show work of building a functional country that will lead the way through these coming decades..”…
“... of transformative human transition before it’s too late and we find authoritarian nations have set the terms of a dystopian future. Maybe this would be the greatest perception hack of all.”
“..Biden, in his half of the “dueling town halls” .. repeatedly avoiding taking swipes at Trump supporters or Republicans, or saying that all is lost or that we are close to the abyss. We have to stop suspecting each other’s motives, he said, even when we don’t agree on policy.”
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19 Oct
Russian military Intel (GRU) were planning a cyberattack on the Olympics & Paralympics in Tokyo this summer in an attempt to disrupt the event, the UK National Cyber Security Centre said, disclosing a joint operation with US intelligence agencies #allies…
The Russian cyber-reconnaissance work covered the Games organizers, logistics services and sponsors & was under way before the Olympics was postponed due to #COVID19.
Many previous ascribed Russian cyber-attacks have been against the state institutions of Moscow’s political opponents, but some cyber-activity has been directed at the agencies conducting inquiries into Russian sports doping.
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19 Oct
Oopsie: 10 Individuals Charged in $50 Million Russian Smuggling Scheme…
The defendants allegedly participated in the illegal smuggling of electronic devices, particularly Apple products, from the United States to Russia using couriers, many of whom were current and former employees of Aeroflot Airlines.
Akmal Asadov
Sayuz Daibagya
Anton Perevoznikov
Shohruh Saidov
Marat Shadkhin
Kirill Sokhonchuk
Zokir Iskanderov were arrested today & will be arraigned this afternoon Azamat Bobomurodov was arrested in the NDIL & will be arraigned in that district later today.
2 addl: fugitives.
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19 Oct
The Bannon playbook dictates that such efforts must “enter the public consciousness” as something other than “conservative attacks,” It was only through getting “coverage in the mainstream press” that they might get “weaponized” or “legitimized.”…
To defeat don’t repeat.
Repetition makes it stick.

Perception. Reflexive Control. Illusory Truth Effect.
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