#Science & #COVID19 "The Flu I mean The #Coronavirus" #SCAMDEMIC FACTS:
-#TrackAndTrace DOES NOT treat an infection for ANYTHING & CAN NOT help in treating infections
-Knowing who has come in contact with an infected person CAN NOT TREAT an infection
-Those pumping #TrackAndTrace have NEVER even suggested a Treatment regimen of ANY kind, Other than Forced Injections of Toxic Unidentified Untested Agents with ZERO recourse if they Poison or Kill or Maim you & your family & no help when they do whatsoever ever spoken of.
-#TrackAndTrace CAN NOT solve a pandemic, & there is no real evidence of ANY KIND on ANY LEVEL that it can do so.
-Tracking AFTER THE FACT the spread of where a disease went, that is airborne & hyper-infectious & penetrates masks, CAN NOT help a pandemic
-Tracking with NO TREATMENT renders your entire #TrackAndTrace system as USELESS.
-When you roll out a #Vaccine, all those who should have had the Vaccine should now be immune, this is the LIE they tell you but they ALSO told you that you will need TWO shots EVERY YEAR for it
-TWO shots a YEAR, (maybe more they will say next) & why TWO? & Why every year?? (Like the flu shot, notice all the flu data is missing??) Because it's #1 a TOTAL CRIME FRAUD, & #2 They KNOW the #Vaccine will NOT give you ANY immunity whatsoever, meaning IT CAN NOT WORK.
-They KNOW any #vaccine can NOT possibly work to protect you, (no immunity) thus it's an UN-NECESSARY Injection
-They KNOW it's Toxic & damaging, according to BOTH #FDA & #NIH which just published AGAIN data on this saying especially long term there are damages
-Vaccines cant work, so you need them 2x (or more) every year
-They have given immunity for recourse to all the injectors but they get to make massive profits on these CRIMES against you & your family
-The Flu data has been eliminated & this is Flu
-#TrackAndTrace is really a SURVEILLANCE & CONTROL & #Humanrights & Privacy #ELIMINATION Prison Colony CHAINS system to CHAIN YOU by having access to everything you do, eliminating your free rights to move & travel, access to ALL your contacts & communications & congregation
-Flu shots vaccines are continually being changed. Why? Because Flu is constantly mutating. A #Coronavirus mutates much more easily than Flu & that's why there has NEVER been a #Vaccine for the common cold, it's considered to be a joke. Notice how there's no common cold now?
-A #Coronavirus can NOT possibly be #vaccine-ated against & they ALL KNOW this. It's not possible. They know that there will NEVER be a vaccine that can be successful against ANY of them, & it continually mutates between people. It's impossible & they don't have one for SARS1
-In 20 YEARS they STILL don't have a #Vaccine for SARS-COV1 because its a #Coronavirus & mutates. It's not possible to make a vax for it due the continual mutation rate especially an RNA vaccine which will result in endless mutations on it's own which still isn't being spoken
-They are instituting this CRIMINAL #TrackAndTrace program KNOWING that there will NEVER be ANY possibility of an effective #vaccine, & Defrauding the public completely by LYING to the people's faces & Doctoring the Flu data as Proven by everyone in #CDC #USA & #Canada data.
-Despite KNOWING there will NEVER be an effective #vaccine, they are STILL doing #TrackAndTrace to destroy all of your #Humanrights & make you a Slave in Chains with zero freedom of movement, Factually living in an open air prison, everyone a prisoner but for the elites doing
-ALSO, despite knowing there can be NO Effective #vaccine & all 5 trials halted due MASSIVE DAMAGE to those given to, they plan to Force Inject you these Toxins anyway. They are all being given documents showing they had it when actually didn't& will have this in "clearances"
-So, in FACT, TOXIC NON WORKING Injections, which they have already admitted CAN NOT WORK, will be force injected to you & your families, something many levels worse & more CRIMINAL & Sinister than even Force injecting ppl with something that might work.
-The Flu Vax is PROVEN already to result in at least 37% MORE #Coronavirus "CASE positives" than those who didn't get it, & a MUCH HIGHER symptoms & SEVERE symptoms rate than those who never had the Flu Vax but tested positive on a PCR test
-The Tests CAN NOT detect infection
-The #TrackAndTrace system DOES NOT even have an effective testing method. They know this. Only 7% of False positives are even claimed to be positive or actual infection according to the #NHS & #Medical officials, though some like LIAR CRIMINAL #MattHancock LIE otherwise.
-They are doing #TrackAndTrace with NO WAY TO DETECT INFECTION. A PCR test DOES NOT detect live infection. So they are running around like fools behind PCR test positives & closing down economies & lives & quarantining when a PCR test positive can NOT even detect an infection
-Make No Mistake. They are NOT "Stupid" Nor "Idiots". This is 100% known by them it's absolutely Sinister CRIME & EVIL with Motives being Financial, Political, & Racist against lower classes, non-elites, undeveloped countries, & Nazi Eugenicists as well who hope poison undevs
-These are INDISPUTABLE #CrimesAgainstHumanity with NO POSSIBLE Explanation, Excuses, Scientific reasoning, basis nor data, with MASSIVE Evidence of CRIMINAL FRAUD on epic scale, TENS OF THOUSANDS of Doctors against it & Top Scientists & CRIMINAL FRAUD Lawyers against it also

• • •

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20 Oct
Remember when #BillGates said
-"Throw out all test positives that are 3-4 days old DONT COUNT those. THEY ARE BOGUS
-test result inside 24 hours then lets count that
-Whats the point of the tests? do you just write apology notes for the people you ran into for the last 3-4 days?
-#BillGates MOCKS the idea of testing Asymptomatic people. He clearly has communicated that it's REDICULOUS.
-We can’t get to Mega-testing, the chance of that working isn’t super-high
-No strategy should be based on more than 200,000 tests a day
-One you have symptoms, you have 3-4 days of remaining "Peak infectiousness" so testing at all beyond that is REDICULOUS. You need TREATMENTS, NOT A TESTING REGIME. Tracking & Tracing WITHOUT TREATMENTS will achieve NOTHING. Repeat, #TrackAndTrace WITHOUT TREATMENTS, USELESS
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20 Oct
#BillGates said “Most of the tests are expired. We shouldn’t be using them. One clinic said “at least 20% of the tests coming in were moldy inside you could see the mold. 300 clinics we are part of reported 100% positive rates which means the tests are garbage”. More Data needed
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20 Oct
To TALK “Change The World” what is required? What is the truth & what are the behaviors & actions required in order to be genuine & real about it? You will see this behavior & action very clearly & the Litmus test is that #AlphaOmegaEnergy is what you will be heavily invested in.
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20 Oct
The Resurgence of the Nazi Eugenics Reich. As Robert Reich fought against private prisons for decades against his own Liberal Democrats he now fights for the German Nazis all over West enacting IBM “Persecution of the Jews 2” extended to entire WorldControl. Islam thgt Christ bad
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20 Oct
#Breaking #BreakingNews
#BillGates is after an Open-Air-Prison for the Whole World. 3 prong system:
1. TrackAndTraceApp #Covid19 “Detection Patent”
2. 5G monitoring (connects app)
3. Injected chip (connects all)
4. Forced crypto system UBI to get it
5. Serco Prison Administration
2/ this Worldwide Open-Air-Prison is being tested in #Australia Right now in full where they also have added a 5 Kilometer travelling radius limit. They fine you severely & arrest ppl for going outside. They have also added a 25km additional barrier.
These are the Fence Pens.
Anyone thinking “this is a conspiracy theory” is fooling themselves. This is being built RIGHT NOW in front of everyone’s faces and it’s completely documented, spelled out by them also in plain view. We have entered the fast speed construction phase of this, its not an IDEA
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19 Oct
#Breaking #BreakingNews
#Australia has turned Full Nazi Fascist & Eliminated All #HumanRights. Forced Injections with Zero Liability on injectors. CRIMINAL #TrackAndTrace& Nazi Eugenics Prison Nation Police State the likes CCP & Robert Mugabe haven't even tried. Can't even leave
-No money & total abandonment of the #vaccine damaged persons
-Still Lying that vaccines don't do any damage
-All 5 vaccines so far for the Fake #Scamdemic have damaged the patients so badly nearly killing them that had to terminate all trials
-No country on earth so Fascist
#AU is officially the first country in history you need to be force injected with Toxic chemicals to travel out of, effectively eliminating all bodily sovereignty for over 20 million people in Medical Tyranny & #MedicalRape #CrimesAgainstHumanity on scale never seen before.
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