Will mass Covid vaccinations lead to the Mark of the Beast?


It's easy to see the Globalist roadmap.

They want to use fear and "getting back to normal" as a way to gain more control over people's lives and I think introduce the Mark of the Beast system.
(1) It's easy to see how they can put this system in place by saying people can't buy or sell without a mark showing they have been vaccinated.

Just imagine, you can't go to work, sporting events or Walmart without a mark showing you have been vaccinated.
(2) Here's an article talking about this:

(3) First, the author of this article talked about people searching for a piece of paper that says they're vaccinated is just nonsense.

In this day and age, the mark will probably start on your smartphone.

Then they will say, too many people can make real looking fakes that
(4) can be used on their phones but if the mark was an electronic tattoo, invisible quantum dot tattoo or chip would be better and keep people safe.


(5) Again the Globalist agenda is clear but there's an X Factor right now......#Trump.

Whatever you think about Trump, it's clear he's a thorn in the side of Globalist.

They expected #Killary to be President during this pandemic and she would already have us at war with Syria
(6) and we would still be on lockdown.

#Biden has already said he would let people like Fauci take the lead.

Biden would be a rubber stamp.

Does anyone think he will not let #BillGates run the vaccine process?

Bill and Melinda Gates trashed Trump because he wouldn't let
(7) them run the vaccine process.

Trump will not give Globalist their foreign wars and regime change plans.

This is why the #MSM has Trump hate at 1,000.

Trump is doing exactly what Globalist don't want.

Trump is saying don't fear #Covid.
(8) He's saying open up schools and people should use their own smarts when dealing with Covid until better treatments or a vaccine is ready.

The Globalist want you to be in fear over Covid.
(9) It's this fear that will allow them to say give me more control and I will "Get things back to normal."

Biden is saying exactly what the Globalist want.

He's saying you should fear covid, you should basically let #Fauci and others like Fauci take the lead and if they
(10) say lockdown the Country then he will lock it down.

If or should I say “when” Trump wins, the Globalist will tear down this Country and there will be a massive civil war.

These Globalist will not allow 4 more years to pass with Trump thwarting their agenda.
(11) They want to run most of their agenda through America but they will tear this Country down and run most of their agenda through #China or #Russia if they have to....

For what it’s worth 🤔


• • •

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The Chinese Chess Game


1. Create a low grade bio military virus

2. Construct to an approach to Chinese world style type government.

3. Bribe and blackmail as many world leaders as you can around the world.
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Connecting the Dots, Covid 19, Masks, CDC, Censorship, False News, ignoring science to influence the election.

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If you listen to Bill Gates (a tech guy with no background in science or medical field) or CNN, MSNBC,
(1) Facebook who now "fact-checks" which they never did before, or YouTube(who deleted videos of Knowledgeable doctors and scientist when they go against the narrative to close down the countries, the virus is super deadly and super contagious) you need masks,
(2) but the facts are otherwise....

The masks most commonly used only filter down to 1 micron which isn't enough due to this Virus particulate being smaller, a gas mask or respirator are the only tools that will.

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#Biden is a Catholic in name only and JFK and Bobby would chastise him to his face and be ashamed of what the Democrat Party has become today.
(2) Joe #CrookedBiden is also responsible for the taking of innocent life as regards his role in the implementation of Obama's unjust foreign policy agenda in Libya, Iraq, Egypt, Syria and Ukraine.
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