All you worry warts and hand wringers, pour yourself a drink and listen up

Trump's campaign has a brilliant plan for identifying new voters and tracking Democrats that have switched to team Trump and his ground game may be the best ever created.
They are using detailed data analytics to identify new voters and make sure they get to the polls rather than all the spending on campaign ads. Trump is going to take the states he needs to win the election.
The Democrats aren't going to be able to cheat their way into the White House, at least not in 2020. See Trump uses these rallies to measure who's seeking him out.
They look at the numbers the lazy media pollsters overlook, when you attend a rally they ask specific questions to check you in.
The numbers from Nevada

✅ 15,038 polled for Carson City rally

✅ 18.4% not Republican

✅ 30.0% did not vote in 2016

✅ 13,850 polled

✅ 47.5% not Republican

✅ 24.1% did not vote in 2016
Muskegon MI rally:

✅ 11,842 voters registered

✅ Only 48.3% Republican

✅ 36% who did not vote in 2016
Trump concentrates on the undervote. His die hard base is there till the end of time. It’s those undervotes those indies and frustrated lefty.

Trump gets 22% black vote mark it down

• • •

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20 Oct
Well @RepAdamSchiff who are you going to go now with your Russia BS? @DNI_Ratcliffe Stated the IC has no intel to support your claims!

FBI you say?

Well FBI/DOJ officially concur w/Ratcliffe that Hunter Biden's laptop & the emails weren't part of a Russian disinformation.
Oh yes and they have said on the record, the FBI DOES have possession of the Hunter Biden laptop in question, and have reviewed it's contents to confirm the ODNI position.

You're a liar Pencilneck.
Schiff claims these clowns are telling him based on their vast experience it has all the earmarks of Russia, however admit they've seen no evidence to back up their claim. Image
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20 Oct
BOOM! US 2nd CIr court yesterday dealt Ghislaine Maxwell a blow by refusing to block the release of a deposition she gave on her relationship with the monster/sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. They've been fighting like hell to keep this sealed…
Court said there was a presumption the public had a right to see Maxwell’s 418-page deposition, which was taken in April 2016 for a now-settled civil defamation lawsuit against her. The shit is likely to hit the fan if she names names like I.m pretty certain she does.
ORDER: In light of the Court of Appeals' mandate affirming this Court's July 23, 2020 order (dkt.
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18 Oct
Hobbs Act violation... 🤔 Interesting...
Hmmm 🤔

"consent, induced by wrongful use of actual or threatened force, violence, or fear," including fear of economic harm.
See this Manual at 2405 and Evans v. United States, 504 U.S. 255, 265, 112 S.Ct. 1181, 1188 (1992) (only a private individual's extortion of property by the wrongful use of force, violence, or fear requires that the victim's consent be induced by these means;
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18 Oct
People need to know that Wray has been actively working a full blown Counterintelligence Investigation on @RudyGiuliani since the Ukraine phone call, full surveillance to works. All through the impeachment without so much as a briefing to POTUS, which is the sole purpose of CI.
Looking at people like Parnas is one thing but the POTUS personal attorney is a whole other kettle of fish. And believe me had there been any there there you would be a Stone/Manafort type of raid. Wray has been running cover for the Biden Camp hoping they could bluff Rudy.
I'm trying to find the interview where Rudy mentions it himself that he suspects they are watching him. It was an interview with Joe Di Genova & @VicToensing I think, But Rudy knows the game, Rudy was at this game in the 5 boroughs against the Mob when Wray was a punk schoolkid
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17 Oct
US v FLynn has been flooded by Amicus briefs from the line of kooks, I'm counting ten so far, Lawrence Tribe and the laundry list of kooks…
Some in support of Flynn some not
This is the can of worms Sullivan started when he completely FUBAR this case procedurally. The process in this case is so far off the rails it’s immeasurable
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17 Oct
Enemy of the State CNN with their last ditch effort to complete the seditious conspiracy is lining up the disgruntled scampers that were sniff out and sent packing. The swamp wants their money machine back, @realDonaldTrump cut off their gravy train on dollars.
Is Trump a flawed man? Sure he is, who isn't. But you know what great about it, he doesn't do nearly as good a job hiding his flaws as career politicians do. There is no doubt about either of those things.
But the interesting thing about the claims Trump's supposedly being unfit for office is that the criticism in 2016 was meant to show that he couldn't be relied upon, and was dangerous, in foreign affairs.
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