@AnnaTereseR @Coogs_11 @ValiantThor12 @MPfenig @CamilloChris @DominicanSap @GirlUndun @honestwalterwh1 @skyways4u @JulzAnn8 @John_F_Kennnedy @HSRetoucher @CodyColeSloPoke @Starseed521 @Mattm12000 @PepeMatter @LisaBeni @druglorddick Magnetosomes are membranous structures present in magnetotactic bacteria (MTB). They contain iron-rich magnetic particles that are enclosed within a lipid bilayer membrane.
@AnnaTereseR @Coogs_11 @ValiantThor12 @MPfenig @CamilloChris @DominicanSap @GirlUndun @honestwalterwh1 @skyways4u @JulzAnn8 @John_F_Kennnedy @HSRetoucher @CodyColeSloPoke @Starseed521 @Mattm12000 @PepeMatter @LisaBeni @druglorddick Each magnetosome can often contain 15 to 20 magnetite crystals that form a chain which acts like a compass needle to orient magnetotactic bacteria in geomagnetic fields, thereby simplifying their search for their preferred microaerophilic environments.
@AnnaTereseR @Coogs_11 @ValiantThor12 @MPfenig @CamilloChris @DominicanSap @GirlUndun @honestwalterwh1 @skyways4u @JulzAnn8 @John_F_Kennnedy @HSRetoucher @CodyColeSloPoke @Starseed521 @Mattm12000 @PepeMatter @LisaBeni @druglorddick Magnetite-bearing magnetosomes have also been found in eukaryotic magnetotactic algae, with each cell containing several thousand crystals.
@AnnaTereseR @Coogs_11 @ValiantThor12 @MPfenig @CamilloChris @DominicanSap @GirlUndun @honestwalterwh1 @skyways4u @JulzAnn8 @John_F_Kennnedy @HSRetoucher @CodyColeSloPoke @Starseed521 @Mattm12000 @PepeMatter @LisaBeni @druglorddick Magnetotactic bacteria usually mineralize either iron oxide magnetosomes, which contain crystals of magnetite (Fe3O4), or iron sulfide magnetosomes, which contain crystals of greigite (Fe3S4).
@AnnaTereseR @Coogs_11 @ValiantThor12 @MPfenig @CamilloChris @DominicanSap @GirlUndun @honestwalterwh1 @skyways4u @JulzAnn8 @John_F_Kennnedy @HSRetoucher @CodyColeSloPoke @Starseed521 @Mattm12000 @PepeMatter @LisaBeni @druglorddick SInce the behavior of strings of magnetic balls resembles some of DNA behaviors such as in replication and transcription, we hypothesize that DNA is magnetic and that DNA strands are magnetized in antiparallel orientation.
@AnnaTereseR @Coogs_11 @ValiantThor12 @MPfenig @CamilloChris @DominicanSap @GirlUndun @honestwalterwh1 @skyways4u @JulzAnn8 @John_F_Kennnedy @HSRetoucher @CodyColeSloPoke @Starseed521 @Mattm12000 @PepeMatter @LisaBeni @druglorddick paramagnetic

1(of a substance or body) very weakly attracted by the poles of a magnet, but not retaining any permanent magnetism.
@AnnaTereseR @Coogs_11 @ValiantThor12 @MPfenig @CamilloChris @DominicanSap @GirlUndun @honestwalterwh1 @skyways4u @JulzAnn8 @John_F_Kennnedy @HSRetoucher @CodyColeSloPoke @Starseed521 @Mattm12000 @PepeMatter @LisaBeni @druglorddick Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is an elective surgical procedure in which electrodes are implanted into certain brain areas. These electrodes, or leads, generate electrical impulses that control abnormal brain activity.

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