Say "Russian election interference" was on the list of topics for the last Clinton/Trump debate in 2016, and the debate commission removed it from the topic list a week before the debate. Think @jaketapper, @andersoncooper, @maddow, @donlemon et al would be deferring to the...
...unassailable prerogative of the "bipartisan debate commission" and just moving on? Because I don't. I think they'd be losing their shit, digging into commissioners' backgrounds and social media, delivering earnest and emotive monologues on the usurpation of our democratic...
...process by unelected partisans, all delivered while literally shaking. Yet not a whimper from any quarter of the press when the debate commission removes, at the 11th hour, the debate topic most likely to invite discussion of the possibility that the Dem candidate for...
...president not only lied about having no knowledge of, or influence associated with, his son's business dealings with various foreign entities, but his son has stated in texts and emails that the Dem candidate has taken a portion of the proceeds of his son's influence...
...peddling. Instead, if we hear about it at all, it's during a comically self-righteous rant about Russian disinformation ops and the media's obligation to avoid printing unverified rumors and innuendo. They have to protect their hard-earned reputation, you see. This whole...
...affair is a bizarre game of opposites. Up is down, down it up, and the only thing that makes any sense at all is that the media and Dems are lying and covering up for each other. Other than that, nothing about this is normal.

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21 Oct
Shouldn't be, I suppose, but it's a bit stunning to see Obama trot out a succession of false/debunked innuendo and lies as a central part of his big campaign speech debut. Tells me he/they really need people to believe that shit to vote for Biden. Interesting.
Blames Covid deaths AND economic decline on Trump - says not better off than 4 years ago because "4 years ago you'd be tailgating here" - the pandemic is Trump's fault.
Says Trump "won't extend relief to the millions of people who are having trouble putting food on the table because of this pandemic." Not true. Trump proposed a clean, straightforward individual payment relief bill - said he'd sign it immediately.
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18 Oct
.@jaketapper just had @LaraLeaTrump on for no other reason than to ask a series of "Why are you and your father-in-law such terrible human beings?" questions. He played the tape of Brayden Harrington, the young man with a stutter who spoke at the virtual DNC convention, then...
played a tape of Lara saying she tenses up when Biden is asked a question, waiting for him to "get it out." Tapper then asked Lara "How do you think it makes little kids with stutters feel when they see you make a comment like that?" Lara responded by asserting that she was...
...speaking to what she sees as Biden's cognitive decline, which gave Tapper the vapors - he reacted as if Biden's obvious cognitive decline hasn't been a subject of widespread discussion in the media, on his own network, and discussed by Dem presidential candidates and...
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18 Oct
Really, really hard to listen to this Dem/media mantra listing the number of Covid deaths and asking ,"When is Trump going to do something to stop the spread of this virus?" It's a lazy and condescending (and "anti-science") attack from people who know that the only way... "stop the spread" would be a nationwide, mandatory shutdown that would further destroy our economy and plunge millions of Americans further into financial ruin. Those same people are also using Covid's debilitating effect on the economy in campaign ads against Trump,...
...ignoring three years of pre-pandemic record economic growth to suggest the economic decline (more of which would come if he followed their exhortations to shut down the country and "stop the spread") was a result of his economic policies. It's world-class gaslighting - the...
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17 Oct
Wherein James Clapper confirms that he had no business running a mail room in the IC, much less the entire organization. He doesn't understand how deranged conspiracy-mongering like this further invalidates every word he's uttered on Trump/Russia, collusion, et al. He doesn't...
...understand that it is he - and his colleagues and fellow travelers in the media and "former" community - who has been manipulated by the Russians into doing their bidding. They are undoubtedly ROFLOL in Moscow watching these fools vocalize their fevered dreams of RUSSIA...
...masterfully crafting bogus Hunter Biden emails (cc'd to multiple recipients - that's brilliant work), staging bogus grand juries and fabricating laptop subpoenas. They must be basking in the glow of the false credit they're receiving, particularly considering their success...
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17 Oct
Given my forced familiarity with the Dem/media playbook for handling damaging stories such as the emergent @JoeBiden involvement in (and profiting from) his son's foreign business dealings, I can confidently predict that it won't be long before we start reading and hearing...
...something like this: "So what if Joe Biden's son shared his wealth with his father? What good son doesn't take care of his parents? How is that a crime? Look at what Trump's kids are doing right now - they're all tied up in each others' business." Or, "Really? And how is...
...what Hunter Biden was doing different than former congressmen lobbying? It's the same thing - it's monetizing your access to power-brokers - and it's been going on for hundreds of years. But since someone in Biden's family does it, it's wrong? Please."

Or, "Let's take a...
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14 Oct
For those of you who pay attention this kind of stuff - note the interrogative phrase @ChrisCuomo uses at the beginning, "What do you make of..."

Keep it in the back of your mind as you watch cable news anchors interview guests from both sides. You'll find that...
..."What do you make of..." is used almost exclusively with like-minded Dem guests, and is used as a prompt (not a question) for those guests to deride whatever Trump- or GOP-related issue follows "What do you make of...". The subtext - what they're really saying - is "Take a...
...couple minutes to talk some shit about this horrible Trump/GOP thing, which I'm certain you find as repulsive as I do. I would like you to amplify our shared distaste for the issue here on the air."

How often do you hear that interrogative used with GOP guests? Watch for it.
Read 8 tweets

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