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1. Loves Of Being!

With Tears Of Liquid Crystals, Formed With Joy And Deep Love, I Share My Essence With You In These Moments. What I Express Through The Ethers Of Timelessness, Comes From The Place Where I Hold The One Force Of Creation. This Essence Is Love.
2. Many Moments We Tell You That The Name Of God Is Expressed In Sound From A Thought Construct. This Name Is Changed, Planet By Planet, Star By Star, Country By Country, Religion By Religion. So, We Are Respectful Of Your Understanding. The Unnameable Has No Name Except 'I AM.'
3. From This Point You Are Free To Name, As This Will Resonate With Your Soul As You Live In Multiple Locations.

To Those Who Believe This Is Not True, I Bow In Humble Knowing That You Will Remember Again.
4. To Those Who Know Of The Many Light Languages, I Have Chosen To Sing To You Although It Will Be Without Sound, You May Give It Your Own. For All Is Sacred And Filled With The Highest Vibration Of Love!

Beloved Ones Of My Heart, You Must Know You Are An Infinite Being Of Light!  This Will Tell You That You Were Never Born And Will Never Die!
6. You Simply Arrive In Form And Leave The Form. You May Choose To Remain Non-Physical And Observe Or Plan Another Life Story, You May Choose To Incarnate To The Place You Just Left, Or To Another Planet, Or Back To Your Planet Of Origin.
7. SHEEN Is Also An Option Of This Waking Dream For Those That Leave The Body Form On Planet Earth. You Are A Spirit From God. This Is The Absolute Origin Of All Creation.
8. The Magnificent Consciousness Of Divine Love, Expressed Into Being The Many Galaxies And Beings That Would Inhabit Each Location (Dimension) And Gave Free Will And Abilities To Expand, Learn And Grow.
9. We Are Called Pleiadians In Your Language In The Country Of KABAMUR And His Mother, So That You Are Able To Understand Our Expressions Of Words.

Pleiadians Were The First Group Of Those Created In ELOHIM.
10. With Pleiadians, There Were Angels, Fairies, Nature Spirits, Light Beings And The Explosion Of Life Touched The Far Reaches Of All That Would Be Called Densities (Vibrational Frequencies).
11. We Ventured Out From 12-D And Knew Ourselves In Love And Power. We Chose A Star That You Know As Taygeta. We Call It Home. We Traveled And Created And Made Many Friends On Other Stars And Planets. We Learned To Leave Our Body Form And Live On Earth In Other Body Forms.
12. Many Of You Are Our Pleiadian Family.

These Moments Are Precious And Brief As We Soon Will Hear The Call From The Galactic Forces That The Gathering Back To Know Only The Power Of Love, The Love Of ONE, Has Come.
13. Love One Another Now! Love Yourself Completely As You Understand Everything Is God! Nothing Can Exist Without God. Many Are In Conflict As They Believe They Are Separate. Soon All Will Awaken As The Light Covers All!

I Love You So!


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22 Oct

1. Friends Of The Light!

The Planet Is Surviving But All Desire To See Thriving! The Choices You Make And The Thoughts You Allow, Will Create The Variables That Will Manifest Before You! Create Your Path With Truth And Diligence Each Moment!
2. All Life In Changing And Shifting Quickly Before Your Eyes! When One Is Working With Information That Constitutes Major Shifts In One's Life Perspective, It Is To Be Expected To Witness Truth And Lies Simultaneously!
3. For It Will Be The Higher Self Of Each Being To Sift Through The Wreckage That You Call News, To Determine What Is Truly Light! Darkness Often Parades As Goodness But Will Fall Hard When Exposed By Many!
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21 Oct

1. Beloved Friends!

At Last You Are Understanding Our Family Of Light!  You, Our Friends And Family Are Most Certainly Our Family Of Light, But In This Moment I Speak Of My Personal Family Unit!
2. IKAI Is My Father And Elder Of Taygeta, My Mother Is AYA, Goddess Of Taygeta. My Brothers Are LAKA, NEIOH, And KABAMUR. Both AYA And KABAMUR Have Incarnated As Mother And Son On Earth. Our Communication Comes Through Judith (AYA), And Is Immediately Given To KABAMUR.
3. We Honor You And Love You Deeply. Our Intention Is To Encourage And Prepare You For The Soon Coming Shift Of The Ages!  Indeed, It Will Be Grand!  With So Many Stories Turning You Upside Down, Focus On The Goodness And Light That Is Always Present Within!

Breathe Deeply Now!
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19 Oct

1. Friends Of Light!

With All We Offer In Truth, It Is Understandable That Many Are Not Able To Receive The Information. Our Intention Has Never Been To Convince Anyone Of Anything. For The Way Of Earth Is Difficult.
2. You Are Hard-Wired In Belief Systems And In Many Incarnations We Have Shared This Dilemma As We Too Were Human.

Take What Resonates And Leave The Rest. For One Can Only Perceive From Their Current Level Of Awareness!
3. Many Hopes And Dreams Are Shared As You Move Together In Both Harmony And Discord.

In The Shared Information On Forums, You Have Discovered That Information Is Often Hidden By The Ones Who Could Share Truth To Those Searching.
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18 Oct

1. Beloved Friends Of Light!

The Forces Of Existence Are Simultaneously With You, Both In High And Low Frequencies! As We Know That Only Love Is Real, You May Choose This Frequency Over Fear! 

For As You Have Learned, Fear Is An Illusion!
2. Within The Illusion Of Fear, There Are Moments Of Doubt, Distress And Hatred. Any Negativity Can Be Traced Back To Fear! 

You Carry The Sacred Creator Within So Remember The Words Spoken With Loving Intent; "If God Be For Us, Who Can Be Against Us?"
3. Find The Place Within That Is Your Beginning. You Were Created In Love, As Love!  This Is Your Power And Strength In Each Waking Dream! You Arrive In Deep Sleep Until You Realize You Are Dreaming. Then You Begin To Awaken!
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17 Oct

1. Beloved Friends!

Do You Know Who You Are?

Who Were You Before Someone Gave You A False Name, When You Changed Densities In A Flash Of Light To Be Here With Many Friends Of Light; Who Were You In Origin?
2. The Purpose And Intention Has Always Been Love, Yet Many Forgot Their Mission When The Going Got Tough! 

Many Lightworkers Are Waking Up To Others That Are Fully Awake!  To The Dreamers In This Waking Dream, We Tell You In Truth, It Is Time To Awaken!
3. Even Though You Know In Your Higher Self, You Are Hearing Truth, The False Identity Is Running The Narrative For You In Most Moments!

Indeed, It Is Wonderful To Hear The Wisdom Of Another, But Some Truth Will Only Be Discovered By The True Self Coming Through For You!
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16 Oct

1. Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

We Are One Love, One Essence Of Source Creator. In Realizing This, Also Know There Are No New Thoughts Or Feelings. We Are Gifted Separate Souls For Growth And Expansion, But In Truth, All Carry The Sacred Creator Within.
2. When One Hurts, Know This Pain Is Universal.  All Created Beings Feel Pain, Joy, Playfulness, Grief And Boredom.

In The Moment Of Experience In Joy Or Laughter, You May Feel To Be Part Of The Group. Part Of Everything, And Joined With Many.
3. In Contrast With Sadness Or Despair, You Might Feel Totally Alone And You Close Down Your Heart As Though You Are Creating A Boundary Where Nothing Else Can Enter Or Hurt You!
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