Thread: @drawanstrike wrote a thread expressing disbelief that Hunter Biden would drop off a laptop and then forget it.…
I read it, but frankly I don’t buy his argument. His argument is that if HE did that, there’s no way he would forget about his laptop because everything on it is important to him. I get that. I would be the same way.
I panic when my laptop seems to screw up, because I think about all the work I’m going to have to do to recover everything and how I’m going to have to switch to my home computer in another room until the laptop is fixed. It’s a royal PITA and no one wants that.
But here’s the thing. Rich people don’t think like we do. I’ll give you an example. I once worked for a guy in the oil business. He was quite wealthy. He took a liking to me, so he’d drag me along with him every Friday to pick up a pair of custom cowboy boots. E.V.E.R.Y. Friday.
I once asked him how many pair of boots he had. He had no idea. I asked him why he kept buying more. He said he liked cowboy boots. The boots cost about $1000, and he bought a pair every week.
Here’s another story. One day a buddy of his walked into the office. The two of them decided to go to his favorite hangout for a liquid lunch. They returned about 3PM three sheets to the wind. His buddy said he had to pee like a race horse and headed to the bathroom.
Meanwhile, he sat down next to me on a bench in the hallway and pulled out a huge wad of $100 bills. I asked him how much he had, and said, “Hell, I don’t know. You count it.” And he threw the bills out all over the floor. When I finished collecting them all, I counted $21,000.
I asked him why he had so much money on him, and he said he and his buddy were flipping quarters and calling heads or tails for $100 per flip. And he won. About that time, his buddy rolls out of the bathroom with his pockets sticking out. He says, “Damn, Tom, you cleaned me out.”
“Let’s go back to the bar and have another round.” With that, I handed Tom the wad and the two of them headed out the door. That’s when I realized rich people don’t think like you and I do.
Imagine you’re in a store and you spot something you want to buy. It costs $1. You don’t even think about it. You pick it up, plop it down on the counter, produce a $1 bill and pay for it. Dollars aren’t significant to you. They’re change. Walking around money.
That’s what $1000 dollars is to a rich person. Chump change. Walking around money. Buying $1000 dollar pair of cowboy boots every Friday was an indulgence to Tom. I would NEVER spend that much money for shoes. NEVER.
So, when I think about Hunter dropping off a laptop for repair and then not bothering to pick it up, it doesn’t seem at all unreasonable or odd to me. He’s used to dealing in millions. A $2,000 Macbook is chump change. Walking around money. He probably already had five others.
He probably told some flunky to pick him up another one because his was in the shop. And then he promptly forgot about it. Remember, Macs can be (and usually are) setup to sync to the cloud. So all his data would be deposited on the new laptop as soon as he logged in.
And the three that he dropped off? He likely promptly forgot about them. After all, they’re just chump change. Walking around money. So, no, I don’t have a hard time buying the story at all. He’s not like you and me. He’s rich. Always has been. He lives in a different world.
One that neither you nor I will ever inhabit. Nor can we imagine what it’s like to live there. I sometimes look at the money in my pocket. Maybe a $20, a $10 and a few ones. And I think about Tom. And how he had nothing but $100s in his pocket. Lots and lots of them.
Between Tom and his buddy, they were walking around with $21,000 in their pockets. And never gave it a second thought. THAT is the world Hunter Biden lives in.

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At the entrance to the voting area, there was hand sanitizer available. As you entered the room, you were guided to a registrar who sat behind a plexiglass barrier with an opening at the bottom. I handed her my drivers license, and she scanned the barcode on the back of it.
I was thus verified as a registered voter living at the address on my license. She then directed me to pick up a stylus. The styli were in a paper cup. They were made out of paper (like a straw) with a foam tip on the end. I signed my name on a tablet using the stylus.
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The DoJ has NEVER investigated it. When you think about THAT, you begin to realize how endemic the problem in DC is. There’s a reason that call it the swamp. Everyone in DC HAD to know what Biden was up to. Yet they said nothing. They did nothing.
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And, again, nothing is on the court website. However, this time there is one document accessible on the Courtlistener website. And it’s a brief from Bijan Rafiekian’s partner, Kamil Ekim Alptekim.…
To understand this, you have to know about the case United States v. Rafiekian. This was a FARA case against Flynn’s partners in FIG (Flynn Intell Group) that was brought by the SCO and tried in the EDVA (Eastern District Virginia) federal court.
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