Does this ring any bells?

It’s a now-classic ‘PCR false positive pseudo epidemic’.

Different infectious organism (a gram-negative bacterium) & disease (whooping cough) but all the other features look familiar.
Look at the characteristics:
“Pertussis Pseudo-outbreak linked to specimens contaminated by Bordetella pertussis DNA From clinic surfaces”.

These technical staff were not even under the kind of time pressure the poor lab techs in U.K., yet the false...
...positives arose from contamination on the work bench & surrounding areas. Infinitesimally small amounts of contamination are proven to be sufficient to light up positive in PCR. It’s a brilliant technique. But it’s just not reliable on mass scale unless you’ve tremendous...
...rigour, bench discipline & only use highly experienced lab technical staff.
In my view, done in any other way & a high false positive rate is inevitable.
We’re not being told what the FPR is, right now, in Pillar 2 mass testing in the community.
That’s a scandal. Today, I...
...was in touch with a former colleague from Pfizer research labs at Sandwich. Neither of us would ever have operated like this.

All that’s now needed is to run the amplification on PCR up really high. Even though we already know that we find all the truly infected cases with...
...roughly 30 cycles, we’re running up toward Ct40.

Checking the technical details of the PCR false positive pseudo epidemic in this paper, the few genuine cases lit up with Ct30 or so. The false positives? Ct41.

This MUST lead to changes in UK’s testing system. Every one...
...of the litany of errors forensically uncovered in this careful report in the aftermath of a chaotic situation are in place in the U.K. covid19 PCR testing system.
Merely a 5% false positive rate now means all or almost all the so-called ‘cases’ are false.
Sometimes ill,
...sometimes admitted, sometimes even dying after a PCR test positive is not at all the same as saying these things are caused by this virus.
If we don’t find & fix any problems in our testing system, the pandemic will NEVER end.
Every extra day this continues is associated...
...with yet more avoidable deaths & suffering from non covid causes.

It’s scandalously bad scientific practise that we don’t even know our own FPR. It’s never published. I have a horrible feeling that ITS NOT EVEN BEING MEASURED.

Who will get a grip on this? People are dying.

• • •

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@SteveGreaves9 @Psycobunny I regret to say this is true. I was shocked recently to discover that EVEN MPs DONT SEEM TO KNOW ABOUT THIS:
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23 Oct
I’ve previously shown that U.K. is over the herd immunity threshold. That’s why London isn’t experiencing 500 deaths per day from Covid19.
In summer, I & others deduced a false positive rate in Pillar 2 of around 1%. Julia Hartley-Brewer forced Hancock to confess “it’s just under 1%”, accounting for substantially all the “cases”.
Once you accept there is a FPR, don’t you need to know the %? It varies. It’s much...
...worse as number of tests per day soars, as all sample preparation is done MANUALLY, by underpaid & often inexperienced, recently hired staff.
I contend no more than that the FPR now is perhaps 5%. If so, then there ARE NO CASES.
Sure, people do get ill, get admitted with...
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...other news items, usually fronted by the horribly under qualified ‘medical correspondent’, Fergus Walsh, which got my attention. Followers will note I discussed the impact of inexperience on error induced false positives. I am more sure of this now. It may be that there is...
...no cross reactivity whatsoever with even partial sequence identity between certain PCR primers & sequences in common cold-producing coronaviruses (there are four which are endemic & apparently around 3% of us has one of these colds at any time from now on. But it’s not....
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'No sign of second wave' as ONS data shows normal level of deaths for time of year

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I had an interesting exchange today through Twitter messages. I can now see why public figures disable this feature. A person from a major sports club told me that it was their club policy to have players, coaches, physios, anyone who might travel to & from other clubs, tested...
...by swab / PCR twice a week. Funny thing is, they said, it was commonplace for a couple or three positives to come back almost time, and on no occasion has anyone been symptomatic. Because the club is adequately funded & they want to know the real Covid19 status of their...
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20 Oct
This made me smile. I think seriously they simply weren't aware that CROSS IMMUNITY is actually REALLY COMMON.
Recall Edward Jenner vaccinated a boy with cowpox. He was then immune to smallpox, a related virus.
This is all anyone is saying. 30% of us had immunity to SARS-CoV-2...
...because we'd seen off related viruses in the past.
Best summary is BMJ: bmj.com/content/370/bm…
Not so novel coronavirus?
At least six studies have reported T cell reactivity against SARS-CoV-2 in 20% to 50% of people with no known exposure to the virus.
OK. So, there was 30% pre-immunity. That means once far fewer people had been infected, herd immunity would be reached. SAGE says 7% infected. I referred to a paper by currently THE WORLD'S MOST CITED SCIENTIST. I calculate 32% infected in UK.
The remaining % susceptible is key..
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