The Covid Narrative has many elements. Every single one is bogus. Have a look at it:

“There’s a DEADLY NEW VIRUS that causes a serious disease to which we are ALL SUSCEPTIBLE. All immunity vanishes, so even if you’re lucky enough to recover, you can catch it and GET SICK AGAIN and it has exceptional LONG-TERM CONSEQUENCES.”

“Only LOCKDOWNS AND MASKS CAN SAVE US until we have a vaccine. We should rush that VACCINE and make it mandatory. HERD IMMUNITY IS A STRATEGY, held only by evil people who want to ‘LET IT RIP’ and who don’t see that we need a GREAT RESET.”

“We must be TRACED, QUARANTINED and POKED. Get used to it.”

Let’s see how each of these can be taken apart:

For starters, Covid isn’t really “novel”, being very similar to viruses long circulating among humans. It’s not even a new species, merely an individuum of the SARS betacoronaviruses.…

For most people the virus is less deadly than the flu ……

…& a minority are susceptible to developing the disease if infected. We develop t-cell & antibody responses. The latter decay as for any other disease, but immune memory develops & protects.

Many have pre-existing cross-reactive immunity and mount strong t-cell responses, but our governments are only measuring b-cell antibody responses, thus greatly underestimating population immunity.

There is nothing to suggest that Covid is associated with unusual long-term effects. Reinfections are rare and don’t trigger successive bouts of the disease. Benefits of neither lockdowns nor mask mandates are discernible in the data.

Herd immunity is not a “strategy”. It is an inevitable end-point that will be reached with or without a vaccine. Covid will become one of many endemic seasonal respiratory diseases, with which we have co-existed without disruption for most of our history.

The freedoms we’re being asked to give up ushered in our greatest period of progress. Their end would spell death and decay. While Gates and Schwab have such dystopian fantasies, the rest of us don’t.

That a narrative consisting entirely of false elements persists in so many quarters testifies to the tragic power of propaganda. That narrative will be far, far deadlier than the virus. It may already have been. Overcoming it is the duty of every clear head on the planet.

Ask yourself why you have been told so many lies. Ask yourself why so much money is being thrown at sustaining them. Ask yourself WHO is telling them to you. AND NEVER TRUST A WORD THEY SAY AGAIN!


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18 Jun
It’s always useful to study what people are being censored for. This shifts over time. Lab origin was once the lead, but it’s now okay. At the moment, warnings of the dangers of immunity passports are ascendant. /1
My jail spell was for mask mandates, now a minority story in the US, only surviving in crackpot states like CA and NY; also associated with irretrievably stupid school closures and a scurrilous obsession on vaccinating kids, despite this clearly not being in their interests. /2
Other top censorship targets: Treatments, which stand in the way of continuing emergency use authorisations, and mRNA issues. The missionary zeal is peculiar unless viewed through the lens of a surveillance technocracy. /3
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6 Jun
Insanity reigns in the UK: SAGE drew up 5 ‘scenarios’ when agreeing the 21 June end date for all restrictions.

The number of people in hospital is now less than half the number anticipated by even their most optimistic ‘scenario’. /1
The evidence purporting to show the Delta variant to be more deadly is flawed and not borne out by the data - cases are not being hospitalized. /2
From the ONS antibody survey:
Age 40-64: 90%
Age 65-69: 91%
Age 70-74: 96.5%
Age 75-79: 97%
Age 80+: 96.2%

By 21 June close to 100% of the over-50s will have been fully vaccinated. They account for 99% of all deaths from Covid so far.
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15 May
A shortlist of the lies being told by governments:

-PCR mass testing reasonably reliably distinguishes infected and infectious people from others;

-that masks reduce transmission of respiratory viruses; /1…
-that transmission of infection in the absence of symptoms is an important contribution to epidemic spreading;

-that lockdowns as executed reduce hospitalisation and deaths; /2
-that no matter how small the remaining susceptible population & no matter that virtually no people who, if infected, might die remain unvaccinated, the position is perilous;

-that no pharmaceutical treatments are available; /3
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15 May
Well, Tucker definitely got the memo. Ridicule is required, and here it comes, by the truckload. There has been much insanity around Covid, but masking is the most craven and pathetic of it all. Fear is no longer an excuse.…
I’m not saying this was the most extreme illustration, but it will be hard to beat.
And explain to me how on God’s earth a cretin like this gets a million followers.
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11 May
Look at this guy! An example of the psychological pitfall of anchoring. Clearly a reasonable hand at data, but he decided a while ago that masks work, and so the data MUST show that, even if they sure as f%*€ don’t. /1
In any other era he’d have no trouble telling you that his explanation of the lack of a result would have virtually zero chance of manifesting in any one location, let alone every one he looked at. /2
I can’t help but like the guy, even though his post hoc rationalisation as an apparently numerate man makes you realise what a profound problem we face when it comes to those brought up in the corridors of Woke U, where the very concept of reality is viewed askance. /3
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3 May
"[T]he researchers determined that SARS-CoV-2-specific CD8+ T-cell responses remained largely intact and could recognize virtually all mutations in the variants studied." /1…
Here's the paper. /2…
This is, of course, not surprising, as discussed here, by @PanData19: /3…
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