How do we speak to each other? How do we hear each other? How do we realise that sometimes we’re saying the same thing, sometimes fighting the same fight just expressing it differently? Timeline is full of commentary from people who think they’re on polar ends of something...
And they’re really not. The polarity that seems to be needed for us to feel validated in our values and principles in discussions is a smokescreen that simply does the very thing we are all asking for: nuance, to be seen for who we are, to be heard.
An example. I have been intrigued about how the unspoken values around ‘excellence’ night do more harm to Black artists in theatre than we know sometimes. I then read a post about how there’s nothing wrong with ‘excellence’ when it comes to Black work. And I agree.
There’s dialogue between these two things that on paper look different but actually saying the same thing about Black art/work - can we have the space to make crappy work if we want, or excellent work if that’s where we’re at. They speak of range of experience. A need for that.
I don’t know where this thought is going but polarity doesn’t seem to serve anything but the ego. It doesn’t do the work of conversation, dialogue, listening. And it takes away the very things that we are in our own ways and languages asking how do we move away from it?
And the fundamental thing that gets us closer to understanding a different perspective is questions? So when one person says ‘I want to be seen by the world for the Black woman I am’ and that value is rooted in how they have ‘felt’ their life experiences...
That doesn’t seem that far away from another Black woman saying ‘l just want to be seen as a human first’ - they’re both asking for their humanity to be first and foremost acknowledged aren’t they? Does the request to acknowledge ‘how you want to be seen negate your humanity?
Or do those two conversations not absolutely sit/compliment/ speak to each other? As someone who has for very personal reasons had to develop an emotional response which can feel very blunt/no grey areas, my work as an adult has been about moving away from this...
Which is why I’m such a keen (Twitter) student of @KGuilaine who constantly talks and engages with the spaces the psychological and political meet. Is this revived need for polarity in everyday conversations a product of trauma? And how do we heal this because...
We have some really big problems in the world right now. And if we were all *imagine caring, sweet Primary School teacher archetype* we would be staying classy the only way you’re going to solve the puzzle is by working together and listening. Listen to each other. Work together’
Thinking out loud, but polarisation is feeling more like where we go to find personalities, soapboxes and tend to traumatised egos. And yet when we see people refusing to engage with polarising arguments and focus on the issue as @MarcusRashford has done...we see true humanity.
And I am personally trying to speak with people who don’t hold similar views or are using a different perspective to understand something. That does not mean I will tolerate racism, sexism, misogynoir, homophobia, transphobia or any abled-bodied nonsense - still no thanks!
So interested in practices navigating this at the moment because there’s no point blaming social media for everything. I think as a society we’ve been in a downward spiral re public discourse and general public debate. And worst the media/politicians have taken advantage of that.
*saying class*
And I would argue that many of the 'personalities' pushing against the binary/polarisation of discourse, can't escape the ways in which their arguments have to become ever increasingly binary in order to create a sense of momentum.

• • •

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23 Oct
Not going to lie, I have been hanging on emotionally by a very thin thread all week. Everyday feeling ever more fragile and worried that the smallest thing will tip me over. But I’ve continued on...I’ve done my own writing, supported others in theirs, and dreamt up new stories...
I have answered emails, sent info, proofed things, and tried to keep my diary updated. Have had phone calls, and made phone calls, and been encouraged and encouraged where I can. And all of these things so many others could point to in their week too...
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I went to bed last night in tears. I saw the post about the @DailyMailUK FB comments were PEOPLE were being gleeful and expressing joy at the death of a young refugee. This is no longer something we can put under labels of Brexit, Politics or Immigration - THIS IS PURE HATE.
Hate that PEOPLE are walking around with and justifying to each other in open public and civil spaces - the digital space is both of those things. And both our gov’t and media see nothing wrong it captialising and encouraging it. This is a deep corrosion of societal values...
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30 May
I think one of the things we really have to take stock of in this moment is that we work with, are acquainted with, live next door to people who think humanity only becomes relevant when it directly touches in something about them or what they deem important...
When people talk about noticing the importance of the deafening silence of some in this moment, with this injustice, they are talking also about finally recognising the real value you put in my life in this beautiful skin...
And we’re going to have to honest that do many of the liberal Whiteness that takes place in this country is lip-service and performative. We will have to be honest some very liberal creative people secretly think ‘there’s too much talk about race’...
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