1/ Last month, it was widely reported that Chinese business leader Ren Zhiqiang was given an 18-year sentence for calling Xi Jinping a "clown."

That's not what happened.

Ren was given an 18-year sentence because he wanted the truth about Xi's lockdowns.
2/ In his essay, Ren was disgusted with Xi's COVID response:

"Trying to cover up the true facts with various 'great achievements,' as if this epidemic began with your written instructions on January 7."

Jan 7 was the day Xi authorized Wuhan's lockdown.
3/ Ren continues: "Why haven’t the January 7 instructions been made public, not yet even today?! How were various national-level meetings able to gather after January 7? Why are you still traveling abroad? Why did you celebrate Spring Festival in Yunnan?…
4/ Ren goes on: "China’s ruling party concealed the cause of the outbreak, then using the power of the entire country, followed up by sealing a city, deceiving the trust of the WHO, and winning international praise."

That's a question I think we'd all like the answer to—which would help explain many of the events of 2020. But Xi instead decided Ren couldn't handle the truth.
6/ Team Reality is already down one man, condemned for life to one of Xi's dungeons.

Next time you catch some random blue-check praising China's lockdowns, remember not even Chinese people believe it, they just get 18 years when they say so.
7/ Ren's essay concludes: "When shameless and ignorant people attempt to resign themselves to the stupidity of the great leader, society becomes a mob that is hard to develop and sustain."

Truer words have never been spoken.

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22 Oct
1/ In his viral March 10 article, Tomas Pueyo predicted:
"in 2–4 weeks, when the ENTIRE WORLD is in lockdown… people won't criticize"

As of March 10:

-India, population 1,384,000,000. Cases: 62

-Pakistan, pop. 222,000,000. Cases: 19

-Bangladesh, pop. 165,000,000. Cases: 3
2/ As of March 10, when Pueyo predicted the whole world would soon be "in lockdown"…

-Brazil, population 213,000,000. Cases: 34

-Mexico, pop. 129,000,000. Cases: 7

-Argentina, pop. 45,000,000. Cases: 19

-Peru, pop. 33,000,000. Cases: 11

-Colombia, pop. 51,000,000. Cases: 3
3/ As of March 10, when Pueyo predicted the whole world would soon be "in lockdown"…

-Nigeria, population 207,000,000. Cases: 2

-South Africa, pop. 59,000,000. Cases: 7

-Uganda, pop. 46,000,000. Cases: 0

-Kenya, pop. 54,000,000. Cases: 0
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14 Oct

Many folks have asked about some suspicious high-level globalist initiatives and whether they might have worked with the CCP to fake a pandemic. This thread lists some key initiatives and their likely relation to the world lockdown catastrophe. Image
2/ Event 201

This eyebrow-raising, but good-faith, 2019 pandemic exercise, to which CCP was a party, simulated steps for global institutions to take during a severe coronavirus pandemic. This appears to be the model CCP hijacked for its COVID-19 fraud.
3/ Rockefeller Lock Step

This is a 2010 simulation of a nightmare pandemic leading to authoritarianism, discussing how philanthropies could help. If it seems like someone read these scenarios and the book 1984 and got ideas, that’s exactly what CCP did.
nommeraadio.ee/meedia/pdf/RRS… Image
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8 Oct
1/ A visual representation of the 2020 COVID psyop strategy, which appears to be a rare false-false-flag operation.

Essentially, the CCP used the Wuhan virology lab as a decoy to distract hawkish officials while laundering deadly, totalitarian lockdowns as “the science.”
2/ Regardless of origin, studies have proven COVID to be rather ordinary, IFR ~.13%. CCP used fake whistleblowers and propaganda to accuse ITSELF of releasing it, sowing fear and distracting China watchers from the totalitarianism cropping up around them.
3/ Meanwhile, CCP used its clout and collaborators in prestigious international, academic, media, and government institutions, which carry great weight with liberal elites, to normalize the lie that China’s measures could effectively “control the virus.”
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4 Oct
1/5 Big News: USCIS issues policy generally disallowing visas and green cards for members of the CCP or “other totalitarian party.”

To my knowledge, this is the first official policy referring to the CCP as “totalitarian” since the end of the Cold War.
2/5 The USCIS policy dusts off an old law from 1952 which has lain dormant (unenforced) since the Cold War.

Earlier this year, Pompeo, O’Brien, Wray, and Barr referred to the CCP as a totalitarian threat, but this is the first official policy to do so.
3/5 This is an enormous step, marking a turn from tough words to concrete actions. The CCP has over 90 million members, so before celebrating too much, remember this likely affects people we know, though there are some exceptions and waivers available.
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21 Sep

An open letter to Xi Jinping.

When your VP visited Wuhan, your oppressed citizens shouted “fake, fake, everything is fake!” I’ve identified irregularities in your pandemic response that lend weight to their protest.
3/ Fake public health response.
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16 Sep
By promoting fraudulent data, aggressively deploying disinformation, and flexing its institutional clout, Beijing transformed the snake oil of lockdowns into “science,” crippling rival economies, expanding its influence, and sowing authoritarian values.
In March 2020, liberal democracy ground to a sudden stop.

Like the Reichstag Fire of 1933, historians may never know how SARS-CoV-2 came about. For scientists, exploring its origins would be a rewarding endeavor if it weren’t precluded by the jackboot of Xi Jinping’s CCP.
As one lead scientist wrote: "Xi's persistent refusal to allow an independent international investigation into the origins of the virus is more than a lack of responsibility, it is a declaration of contempt for human life." "It is a crime that cost lives."
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