“Chichina” Ferreyra, the girl from Cordoba (Argentina), with whom 22-year-old Ernesto Che Guevara fell in love in 1950.

Before leaving for his Latin American motorcycle Trip on Jan 1952, Ernesto gave her a gift: a young, wriggly puppy. Ernesto has named the puppy as “Comeback.” Image
Chichina gave Ernesto fifteen American dollars to buy her a scarf when he reached the United States.

For Ernesto, the ensuing romance was serious but Chichina’s family didn’t like him. Ernesto was still in love and nagged by doubts about leaving on the trip. And soon it ended. Image
Before entering Peru, Ernesto was still carrying the fifteen dollars Chichina had given him to buy her a scarf, his friend tried to persuade him to spend it but Ernesto refused. Chichina might have broken up with him, but he was determined to keep his promise.
Ernesto's life changed when he met the workers and indigenous people of Peru. He gave a few dollars to a couple whom he had met on a trip.

Same dollars which he had kept for the scarf.
"Ernesto looked into the star-filled night sky and asked himself if it was worth it to lose Chichina for this trip and his belief. Something in the nocturnal void told him that it was."

Page 103
When he returned home after his trip, Ernesto did not try to see Chichina again in Cordoba, but he did send her the scarf. They never met again.

The first 109 pages (Chapter 1-5) of Jon Anderson's Book is about Che Guevara's, his lost love and his trip.

It's Beautiful.
'I Am Not the Person I Was Before' (Chapter 6)

The old Ernesto was dead. His days in Peru and his encounter with the indigenous people had changed him to the core.

• • •

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1 Jan
32 yrs after Safdar Hashmi’s death, his legacy lives on.

A Renowned Indian artist and a communist, Safdar was murdered in broad daylight on 1st January 1989, while performing a street play, Halla Bol, a street play about factory workers and their exploitation in Sahibabad.

Delhi erupted in spontaneous grief. Artistes & filmmakers all came together for his funeral.

A week after Safdar's death, Shabana Azmi protested his killing on the stage of 12th International Film Festival on Jan 10th 1989, while Congress leader HKL Bhagat was in the audience.
Comrade Safdar pioneered street theatre ^ founded the People's Theatre Front, which became popular for plays on inflation, worker rights, women’s empowerment & communalism.

Born and raised in a Leftist family, Safdar's playwright redefined the art of resistance in India.

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31 Dec 20
Kerala was part of Madagascar millions of years ago.

The entire western Indian coast and Madagascar (Africa) was single landmass until 245 million years ago. The pink sapphire occurrences in Madagascar and Kerala provide strong evidence for India-Madagascar juxtaposition
This is a Historic fact based on science, not Myth.

A Sreedhara Menon mentions in his book how the Axe myth arrived in Tamilakam after 8th century AD. Some folks still believe in it.
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28 Dec 20
In the 1930s, the Western Media loved the LW = RW narrative, especially the British.

When the Nazis were defeated at Stalingrad, Churchill presented the Sword of Stalingrad to Stalin at a ceremony during the Teheran Conference in 1943.

Soon, the Soviets steamrolled the Nazis.
There are many Indian Liberals and so-called progressives who still spew the LW = RW narrative of the 1930s Western media, because they want to look Neutral.

If you think they are going to defeat Fascists, then good luck.
A Perfect Example.

The Holocaust was an attempt to permanently remove three ethnic groups from the planet.

The Soviet prison camp system aka Gulags wasn't in the same tier. how bad were the gulags?

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28 Dec 20
Mayanadhi is a movie which was completely misunderstood by many, and as a result, many dislike the characters of Maathan and Appu. The director of the French classic Breathless showed the subtle emotions.

In reality, Maayanadhi is a love story of two imperfect people. How? 1/n
Maathan lost his entire family at a young age. He survived not because of his will, but because of Fate

When an individual loses family at a young age, they become rudderless, a feeling of no sense of goal or hope. The Maathan we see in the movie is a character who is rudderless
In the very beginning of the movie Mathan says, "A house, a wife, a couple of Labrador pups." Homo Sapiens who lose their family at a young age crave for Love. They long for a family's care.

Appu knew this because she said this to her friends and told them that he is a survivor.
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27 Dec 20
And today I found out that Puttu (the steamed rice cake) is just 500 years old.

Puttu was created by the Portuguese to feed their soldiers in the absence of wheat in Malabar (Kerala). Rice was powdered & steamed in the cylindrical bamboo piper, which was easily cooked on ships.
Sikhs brought Chapatis, Kappa (Tapioca) arrived 120-150 years ago and Parotta arrived from Sri Lanka.

Appam is a variation of the Dutch pancake with coconut milk, the Achappam a derivation from Dutch Rose cookies.

Kerala food is a mix of everything.
everyday you learn something new.
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25 Dec 20
Youngest Mayor in India.

21-year-old Arya Rajendran will be the #Mayor of Trivandrum Corporation in Kerala.
Have to check the data but She might be the youngest Mayor in Indian History.

Mekala Kavya was 26 and Fadnavis was 27 when they became Mayors.
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