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30 Oct

Somehow it has still not gotten through to journalists and politicians that athletic competition rarely spreads CV19.

This has been shown at practices, in games, and even in the stands.
#LetUsPlay #RationalGround #NoNewNormal Image
2/6 Across professional sports, @williamfleitch notes:
“...there hasn’t been a single documented instance of a player getting COVID from an on-field event.”

“…leagues are starting to... [put] spectators in seats. This hasn’t led to any mass outbreaks...”…
3/6 At the H.S. level, even indoor, contact sports like basketball saw almost no issues with practices.

A survey in Illinois indicated that during fall practices only 9% of 546 schools had a CV19 case and only 0.3% had more than 2 players get CV19. Image
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26 Oct
1/7 The director of @CU_PublicHealth recently responded to a Covid-19 question in the local paper (@news_gazette).

The Question: Is Florida outperforming Illinois in its CV19 response?

Her Answer: No, Florida is doing much worse than Illinois.

Is that True? #RationalGround
2/7 If we first look at total deaths/100k since March and cases/100k in the last 30 days (to show the current trend). We see that Illinois is performing worse in both.

Illinois has slightly more overall deaths and almost double the cases.
3/7 Next, looking at current hospitalization data (provided by @HHS) we see again that Illinois is performing worse than Florida with a higher % of hospital beds filled and a higher % of Covid-19 patients in hospitals:
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21 Oct
1/7 This would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad.

The University of Michigan is now under a “stay in place order.”

Why don't you take a walk through insanity with me:
2/7 First off the order is in place due to…. you guessed it, cases.

Not hospitalizations, not deaths, but plain old cases:…
3/7 So why would cases be up? Well the county health department thinks it’s all those maskless college parties.

Call me crazy, but I’ve got another theory... maybe it’s because they’ve tested more people in the last 2 weeks than they tested From March through August:
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19 Oct
Stories of hospitals being overwhelmed from CV19 are often without context

Hospitals operate near capacity, so needing extra space, staff, and resources isn’t uncommon

This graphic provides an overview from past years; 20+ citations are in the thread
2/6 This is not an exhaustive list , but shows the frequency which hospital capacity issues arise:……………
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11 Oct
1/5 I tried to ignore the political theatre of the Rose Garden event since I find it a ridiculous use of resources.

Now, however, that Fauci is using it to suggest an outdoor event without masks could cause a large outbreak, it needs to be addressed.…
2/5 The first obvious issue is that the event was not only outdoors; it was an indoor/outdoor event.

This makes tying an outbreak to “rose garden” impossible to determine and irresponsible to suggest.
3/5 Next, of the 11 positive cases (out of 107) 5 are constantly around each other in a variety of other indoor situations.

In other words there is no evidence that being near each other in the rose garden was the cause of spread for Trump, Melania, Christi, Conway, or McEnany.
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7 Oct
1/6 There is a lot of media hyperventilating about Wisconsin because their hospitalizations are up.

The thing is, Wisconsin's recent rise merely puts them at the same level as neighboring "safe" states.
2/6 Well, maybe their ICU's are close to being overwhelmed?

Nope, the state doesn't appear to be near concerning levels.
3/6 But @GovEvers has said field hospitals will be opened next week, so there must be imminent danger, right?

Though possible, it's probably unlikely given how the "need" for field hospitals turned out in the past:…
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