Ever think that Robot-robots are cooler than Meat-robots? Yeah, I know. I am weird like that. πŸ˜πŸ––πŸ½

Humanity; possibly the biological boot loader for digital superintelligence. - @elonmusk
This was a difficult book to get through and hard to absorb in a single read. But this book explains in detail how artificial superintelligence will eventually arise and what are the works that being done. It's also a fascinating walkthrough of what intelligence really is.
This year has been wild with so many things happening in a news cycle it's just really crazy and hard to keep track off. I mean think about it, from pandemic to trump to Islamist, to black lives matter and climate change and so many more things than I can fit into this tweet.
But if was to pick 1 thing that will have the most lasting impact on humanity into perpetuity would be that of developments in AI that has happened silently in the background without most people ever noticing it.
The most important of which is that of GPT3, a language learning model that has the capacity of 175 billion machine learning parameters, beating previous efforts by GPT2 (mid year) and also a model by Microsoft by 10x (February) all within this year. The growth is exponential.
So what is GPT3? A video is easier to explain.
And I recommend this as well
GPT3 is so amazing its hard to even comprehend how significant this is. Here is another video.
Also combine this with developments in machine vision.
So what does all this mean for people all over the world? We will be longing for the good old days of 2020 when the misinformation was still kind of distinguishable from reality. That line is about to fucking disappear. Sam Harris and Nina Schick explain.

I can not even remember how many times I have said ”everything has changed” this year. I think it begs repeating again. EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED! 2020 is a pivot point in humanity and we are now venturing into the unknown. Welcome to the future.
Oh and buy cloud computing stocks. The stock market gains from the last 20 years is possibly a precursor to a much larger market move coming. It's will be like the last 20 years of tech was was just proof of concept. And now it's time for the main event to begin.

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31 Oct
Came across these superhero memes of @EmmanuelMacron which I think is absolutely timely and needed. So here goes. Here he is with the Avengers. 1/n Image
Here is Macron as superman. 2/n Image
Emanuel Macron in the Matrix as Neo.
”believe in the incredible” 3/n Image
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28 Oct
It may not be so obvious right now, but this moment of defiance by #France will define global geopolitics for many years to come. #JeSuisMacron
What @EmmanuelMacron has done is find the courage and begun to seek the language, the policies and strategy to protect enlightenment values, human rights, civil liberties from an increasingly globalized and emboldening Islamic supremacist movement. #JeSuisFrance
The outrage from the Islamic world can't be sustained in perpetuity to bend France to it's will. Eventually there has to be a point of either violent pushback by Islamist or dialogue by moderates, pushing the extremists publicly into the margins. Something has to give.
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26 Oct
The problem is the Islamic mindset. Here he is praying for the unbelievers to find the ”true path” (as he calls it) and then goes on to pray for their ruin and demise if they don't see this make believe Islamic path.
Islam expects everyone else to bend over backwards for them, while they continue to dehumanize everyone else.

I am of the opinion, the pushback against Islam should be persistent and hold them to the same standards they want others to adhere towards their religion.
I fear there will be no peaceful outcome without pushing back this entitled religious group. We may yet see Islamic violence on scale never before seen. And we must not allow it. Islamic hegemony can be dismantled and so all attempts must be made towards that effort.
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4 Oct
I don't mind you asking. I have a hypothesis about how it may have happened. My best guess is that an early childhood injury to my left feet had titled it's resting position about a half an inch outward. Read on for how that may be possible. #thread 1/n
What this means is that the tilted feet is the only visible thing that may indicate something was wrong (in hindsight). As attached photo demonstrate. But the hip joint would have had to move also for this to have happened. 2/n
This would have had happened before I was 5 or 6.

Now the human body's skeletal system is evolved to be symmetrical on both sides. Shoulders, the hips, the knees all must align with each other for it's evolutionary optimum function. 3/n
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3 Oct
Behold this monstrosity of pain.

Time to say goodbye to this shaved Wookie in human clothing. This hardware was seriously problematic with many defects that made life really difficult and painful for me. Let me explain the problems. #thread 1/n
Nerd neck: neck bent forward. Loss of range in looking 360 around. Neck pains.

Twisted arms: inability to carry weights for any reasonable amount of int of time. Constant numbing sensation. 2/n
Humped rib cage: hunching in the front and back. Squeeze on the side.

Bent spine: inability to stand straight for long periods of time. Getting tired all the time. 3/n
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2 Oct
A lot of these dumb fucks out there. You are not wrong in making the claim that there are alt-right atheists out there. It's not for me to decide what kind of atheist someone should be. 1/n
But I will comment on ex-Muslim’s who are not white who take on white supremacist or alt-right side. I think it's dumb as fuck if a brown or a black person took the side of WS. 2/n
The thing about white supremacist ideologies and it's child off-shoots is they genuinely believe in the supremacy of the white race and views all other races as inferior to them. 3/n
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