Wow, this is... a pretty bad idea for a sitcom
I hate being the annoying realism guy but pitches like this always remind me of the meta Seinfeld joke where he tries to make a show about having a guy sentenced to be his butler after getting in a car accident with him
Japanese TV executive: "And is this punishment... customary, in your society?"

George: "No! That's the whole source of the humor!"
If a wacky situation like this actually occurred in real life, they simply would not approve the transplant

Just like in the majority of those "Unlikely parent adopts a kid" movies and shows they simply would not allow them to adopt the kid
Which Adam Sandler made into the big final twist of Big Daddy, when the judge interrupts the sitcom music and starts yelling at everybody that they're out of their minds and Adam Sandler is guilty of felony kidnapping

• • •

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More from @arthur_affect

3 Nov
Fascists are not competent and the belief that they are competent is itself part of fascist ideology

It is the nature of fascist ideology and how it defines "competence" that, in fact, *ensures* they cannot be competent
The goal of trying to objectively measure competence and put truly competent people in charge of the things they're competent at is called "technocracy", and Nazis fucking despise it

Opposition to technocracy is central to populism and therefore fascism (populism's worst form)
The loose collection of shitty memes that make up this thing we call fascism orbit this gravitational center of "normal people" and "common sense"

The core of the fascist aesthetic is this idea of good, decent, ordinary Americans/Germans/whatever throwing out "elites"
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3 Nov
There is absolutely no reason to believe that the process that led to 280k dead so far will slow AT ALL as winter sets in and in fact every reason to believe it will keep on accelerating

Regardless of what happens on Election Day, nothing about this can change until January
It's so bad that even Deborah Birx, who's spent this whole pandemic being as much of a self-preserving job-protecting coward as she possibly can, lost it and started yelling at her bosses about how deadly the next wave is gonna be

Probably falling on her sword uselessly
It's this kind of thing that justifies my lifelong kneejerk emotional dislike of "optimism"

One reason it's gotten so bad is people are so fucking eager to believe we've "turned a corner" and "it must be over by now"
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31 Oct
Okay so here's the thing about "good bones"

It doesn't matter if the house has good bones as long as they're hidden under the layers and layers of rotting flesh

The realtor's promise is a lie because to pull off a reno like that you have to rip literally everything out
And they know you won't do that

Tear down the moldy drywall, tear up the rotting floorboards, strip everything down to bare wood and brick and build anew only on what is structurally sound

It's too hard, it's too expensive, you'd have nowhere to live in the meantime
It'd almost be easier to just burn all of it down and build a new house

Everyone tells themselves they'll fix up the fixer-upper but it's a sucker bet, a money pit, a losing investment throwing good money after bad
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22 Oct
The theme of Au Revoir Les Enfants, a movie more people should see honestly

There are movies about committed Nazis, and movies about survivors and resisters, but not many movies about bystanders, which in reality the vast majority of people would be
People think a lot about Anne Frank's family in the attic, and they think about the Nazis who arrested them and the snooping snitch who called the Nazis on them

But not the many, many people who just went to work at that factory every day and just didn't care
What gets me about Au Revoir Les Enfants is that Père Jean isn't any kind of "movie hero"

He's a flawed person, he makes a really bad mistake and gets himself and his charges caught, he tried his best and his best was simply not good enough

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21 Oct
To be fair, this is after he got fired by his publisher after repeatedly demanding they deliver a new set of pencils to his house, preferably sending an attractive young woman to do it, a demand he believed they only refused because the company was run by greedy Jewish misers
I don't wanna like downplay his bigotry or come off as excusing it

But he's not this image people have of a kindly fatherly children's book writer with a hidden dark side

He was like this colossal piece of shit asshole

Dr. House if House were British and wrote books
He was a bigot because he lowkey hated everyone and if he came to highkey hate you in particular he'd unhesitatingly reach for whatever weapons presented themselves to hate you with greater force and let his hate do more damage
Read 4 tweets
20 Oct
I still can't get over the story of how Chris Pratt got converted to Christianity by a *Jews for Jesus guy* and he's *not even Jewish*

He was just lonely and wanted to be part of something
He got taken in by the Jews for Jesus sales pitch, which sucks, but is also targeted narrowly at Jewish people and contains a bunch of crap that makes no sense to you if you're not Jewish

They baited this trap for unhappy vulnerable Jews and this stoned Gentile just wanders in
Like you're playing an FPS and you're trying to take down a helicopter with an anti-vehicle rocket and you somehow kill someone who's not in a vehicle

Like he just jumped up in front of you at the exact right time
Read 5 tweets

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