We don't like to acknowledge that we judge people by their looks and dish out different treatments based on it, because it's admitting that we're shallow assholes.

We'd rather blame our mistreatment of unattractive people on their "bad personalities."
That way, we're not the bad guys, it's just a defense mechanism against their so-called bad personalities.

Which is a total cop-out/rationalization.

Truth is we perceive attractive people to have good personalities, even when they actually don't.

And vice-versa, obviously.
An ugly guy who's confident will be accused of being "cocky," "uppity," "faking it," "try-hard," etc.

A hot guy who's confident will be perceived as, well, exuding true confidence.

But guess what?

It's the exact same personality trait, just expressed by different people.
This example proves that it's not bad personality that we're against.

We simply can't handle the cognitive dissonance that arises from the gap between:

1) the "attractiveness rating" we ascribe to them; and

2) the behavior we expect them to have based on how hot they are.
So when someone "not hot enough" appears to have "hot people" personality traits, we react with disgust and disdain, as if wanting to tell them to stay in their own lane and stop trying too hard.

Subconsciously we can't help but to gatekeep "hot people" privileges from them.
Billie Eilish once said, "You give an ugly guy a chance, he thinks he rules the world."

She's saying, if you're ugly, you don't get to behave in a certain way that a hot guy gets to.

And then of course everyone shouts "body positivity" when she got bodyshamed recently... 🤦‍♂️
What's the point of this thread?

To remind us of our subconscious bias and judgmental nature.

Whenever you think a guy/girl has a bad personality, ask yourself, would you have thought the same if your crush had the same personality?

Would you be more forgiving/apologistic?
You probably would.

The least we can do is to be honest that we're incredibly shallow as human beings.

We need to see the beauty in people more, see beyond the veneer of their looks and appearances.

It's not true that uglier people have uglier personalities.
Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't, but it's just so easy to say they do when they don't to exculpate ourselves from the awkwardness of having pre-judged them based on their faces and then ascribed them a human worth even before getting to know them as a person.
As cliched as this sounds, I firmly believe that there's beauty in everyone to be discovered, cherished, and valued, despite their lack of outer beauty.

We need to treat people better, and the first step is to come from a place of love, empathy, and acceptance.
Nobody asks to be born ugly.
"If you're ugly, you're ugly.

Stop talking about inner beauty, because we don't walk around with X-rays."

-- Robert Mugabe

• • •

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