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Just in case there are people who want to make me into a lock down zealot, I'll just say that I don't know anymore than any other non-expert whether that's the right thing to do now, or whether it should have been better some time ago. That's for real experts.
What I am much more clear about is that if test, trace and isolate, along with masks, wash and social distance had all been in place in March and continued to be in place, we would have and could save lives and #longcovid
A crucial factor to feed into this is the relative success or failure of medication for people who get Covid. Word of mouth from a consultant told me that in the early stages, they had great difficulty in figuring out how or why this virus works in the body and what could beat it
The point is that doctors all over the world are pooling their expertise in limiting the deadliness of the virus. Any measurement of our likelihood to die or suffer from the virus is now relative to whether patients receive the best known treatments - or not.
What is also clear is that in amongst the medical considerations, a set of 'ideas' has emerged to do with such things as: over-70s are less worth living than under-70s; people with 'underlying conditions' can be presented as 'nearly dead people' so 'deserve' to die.
Further to that, the 'herd immunity' without vaccination, continues to circulate, with people who are not virologists peddling 'ideas' that a number of deaths (how many?) is a necessary loss to save the rest of the population. This is both ruthless and truly unknown.
This virus's ability to maintain its potency and/or mutate, + our ability to create antibodies against it (or the mutations), in the short, medium or longterm are still unknown. This means that 'herd immunity' without vaccination is or would be a terrible gamble.
The dividing of the population into people who are 'hardly affected' by the virus and people who ultimately it hardly matters if they are severely damaged or killed by it, is at its core a fascist idea: segregating us into 'real' people 'lesser people'.
This last idea also says, in effect, that it doesn't matter if the 'real people' infect the 'lesser people'. It doesn't matter because the 'real people' are much less likely to suffer damage or death, so it's OK. We can't have 'society' if we think or behave like that.
Personal lives fall apart, the vertical ties between the generations are broken but also the social ties, to do with how we care for each other as a society, also fall apart. These ties gave us the NHS and free education for all, social welfare and could give us much more.

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Jul 30, 2023
Elections were won in the past by warning the British public there were reds under their beds. In the next election, the reds have become the 'Woke' and it's much worse (apparently): the Woke aren't just under your bed, they're in it too.
@Wkrs Inspired by the works of Karl Marx
the Woke have taken over our parks
They want to be seen
to be making us green
and they whinge about 'saving the sharks'.
@Wkrs What does it matter
what we eat?
Let's face it
we love the heat.
The woke want
to stop the oil
What do we want?
We want to boil.
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Jul 28, 2023
1/Ok some serious points about the Baddiel-Oppenheimer argument. The words 'Jew' or 'Jewish' cover a wide variety of traditions. To say, Oppenheimer should be played by a Jew, invites the question (in my mind), played by what kind of Jew?
2/ Oppenheimer's parents came from Germany, they weren't religious. Oppenheimer was born in New York. If one were type-casting, he was a different 'type' culturally from the poor Yiddish-speaking Polish Jews of Lower East Side or London's East End.
3/ And different again from the many traditions eg Sephardi, Mizrahi and many others I haven't mentioned. To ask for Oppenheimer to be played by a Jewish actor opens up the question of these cultural and religious differences.
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May 21, 2023
1/ Then there is the issue of 'talk' (or 'oracy'). We have to remember that talk is the primary act of language for small children. It's how they express what they know and need, their desires, fears, hates, anger, love etc.
2/ Writing is not separate from talk. It was invented as a way of preserving what we say (or count) and then developed into certain specialised forms of expression not often or usually expressed exactly that way in speech and conversation.
3/ For children, (as with us) most saying/speaking/conversing is to make meaning - to express these things. We are showing them that writing can 'catch' some of this stuff and put it in front of them as writing on paper, screens, signs, anywhere.
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May 21, 2023
1/There's an educational theory like this: clever people have broken down a particular bit of knowledge into its constituent parts. In education we'll start with the smallest bits, we'll call them 'building blocks' (metaphor borrowed from mechanics) and 'work up' from there.
2/ There are several problems with this: a) what are being called 'constituent parts' may be disputed b) there may be 'parts' or 'processes' which are crucial but which may not have been included in 'constituent parts' and the pedagogic one c) (see next tweet)
3/ c) that simply because a chunk of knowledge CAN be broken into certain supposed constituent parts, it may not follow that this is the best way to teach that chunk of knowledge.
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May 21, 2023
I will try to tackle the untruths in this article in my tweets that follow:
1. Gross oversimplification of 1950s methods and what replaced them eg the 'Beacon Readers' focused explicitly on phonics+meaning simultaneously (as described in the teachers' accompanying guide).
2. Analysis of the Clackmannanshire schools shows that there were factors at work in those schools other than those to do with how reading was being taught.
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Nov 12, 2022
1/ Yesterday we opened a park in the village where my father’s uncle was arrested prior to being deported to Auschwitz
3. This building (now a bank) used to belong to a woman who rented a room to my father’s uncle. It was top left, and he was there the night of Jan 31 1944 when 4 gendarmes arrested him.
4/ Martin Rosen and his brother Jeschie β€˜disappeared’ from our family. After nearly 30 yrs of research, luck and coincidences I β€˜found’ them.Only with the principled commitment and persistence of the mayor, (and an inscription on the war memorial) has this been possible.
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