i) Gunpowder was invented by Chinese alchemists in 850-900 AD in the Tang Dynasty.

ii) Gunpowder reached India for the first time in 1258 AD, when the envoy of the Mongol ruler Hulegu Khan arrived in Delhi.

iii) Mughals commercialised Gunpowder use in India.

Just like Portuguese brought Chili to India in the 16th Century, the Mughals commercialised Gunpowder use in India in the 16th Century.

Babur successfully used gunpowder for the first time in India when he exploded his cannons at the Battle of Panipat in 1526.
The Mughals then brought firing rockets from China as they terrified horses and elephants.

Tipu Sultan made his rockets so effective that the British copied them to make their own Congreve rockets, and these rockets were used against Napoleon at the Battle of Leipzig (1813).
The bursting of crackers or the firing of guns to celebrate victories or at marriages or other celebrations soon became a Muslim custom Northern India.

Mughal paintings show firecrackers at the grand weddings like those of Nurjahan and Dara Shikoh.
Gunpowder was present at the court of Vijaynagar in 1450 AD as mentioned by Persian ambassador Abd al-Razzaq.

The Portuguese also used Cannons from Sea against the Zamorin of Calicut in early 16t century.
Buddhists and Jains also had Ramayana traditions

For Jains, Diwali has nothing to do with Lord Ram. To them the tradition is that when Mahavira, the 24th Tirtankha died, all the lights of the universe went out and the people had to illuminate their homes with lamps.
In 1923, two brothers Ayya and Shanmugan Nadar went to Calcutta to seek their fortunes.

In 1940 they returned to their native town of Sivakasi and set up a match factory. At this time the Indian Explosives Act was amended so they diversified into the manufacture of firecrackers
Both brothers began to market their firecrackers and associated them with Deepavali in Tamil Nadu and Andhra.

By 1975, the Nadar Bros had over 170 factories in Sivakasi and crackers were now an essential part of Deepavali. Nadars also opened cracker factories in China in 2005.
Before Mughals in India, the use of cannons was limited only to defence of fortresses (Bahmani Sultanate and the Vijayanagara Empire)

But Mughals started the use of heavily gunpowder using cannons in their ground attacks.

Ottoman, Safavids & Mughal were the Gunpowder empires.
Gunpowder and Fireworks arrived in the Indian subcontinent along with Mongols, to be exact at March 1258 AD.

The Mughal envoy was visiting the court of Sultan Nasiruddin Mahmud.

There was no gunpowder or firecrackers in India before 1258 AD.


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Youngest Mayor in India.

21-year-old Arya Rajendran will be the #Mayor of Trivandrum Corporation in Kerala. Image
Have to check the data but She might be the youngest Mayor in Indian History.

Mekala Kavya was 26 and Fadnavis was 27 when they became Mayors.
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Jesus Christ was a refugee, an undocumented child.

Jesus was born in Bethlehem during the reign of Herod the Great. Herod orders the slaughter of all male children under the age of two throughout the region of Bethlehem.

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The family of Jesus fled their country in order to escape persecution by a hostile government.

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Woke Liberals from Delhi : "Pinarayi Vijayan is Islamophobic. Dalit, Adivasi, Ezhava CM's are welcome."

Me : "Do you know that Pinarayi is from Ezhava - Thiyya community, who were not allowed to enter temples till 1947 in Kerala?"

Woke Liberals : " LEFT Trolls are abusing me."
Woke Liberals from Delhi : "Pinarayi Vijayan is Islamophobic."

Me : "Do you know that Justice Vithayathil’s commission report praised Pinarayi Vijayan for his role in bringing peace and guarding mosques during 1971 Thalassery riots?"

Wokes : " LEFT Trolls are abusing me."
Woke Liberals from Delhi : "The LEFT has Brahmanical Hegemony."

Me : "Do you know that the current LEFT ministry in Kerala has 9 ministers from Avarna Community? The Highest even in the history of Kerala. Last 2 LEFT CM's were Ezhavas."

Wokes : "LEFT Trolls are abusing me."
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In 1971, Thalassery riots broke out in Kerala & RSS had a huge presence in Thalassery. Pinarayi Vijayan & his comrades stood guard at mosques.

The efforts of Pinarayi Vijayan & MV Raghavan was lauded by Justice Vithayathil’s commission report, in the 220th paragraph.

The CPIM cadres under the leader of Pinarayi and MVR tried to maintain calm after communal tensions flared and Comrade UK Kunjiraman, lost his life during that riot.

Pinarayi Vijayan was then the MLA of Koothuparamba. The Muslims of Thalassery still praise PV and MVR.

Political leaders like Pinarayi have been fighting Hindutva Fascism on the Ground since the 1960's and 70's.

Meanwhile, the WOKE Liberals on Twitter fight Hindutva Fascism on Social Media by tweets and they shamelessly put Islamophobia tag on Pinarayi Vijayan.
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Which caste does Pinarayi Belong to Aditya?

@AdityaMenon22 you are not answering any of my questions since last few days. Come out
Few days ago i asked you about the comments about Samasta on Welfare party. Then I asked you about IUML's support for Sangh during Sabarimala Protests.

Let's discuss Kerala Politics like they Malayalis do in Chai Kada.
Since you mentioned Dalit, Adivasi, Ezhava or Christian CM also welcome.

Do you know which Party has given the least seats to OBC vishwakarmas and Ezhavas in this election?

Do you know how many Avarna Ministers are there in the LEFT ministry compared to 2011-16?
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20 Dec
The biggest positive for the LEFT - CPM in Kerala is that they have held on to their Dalit - OBC Ezhava vote bank, despite Sabarimala furore and BDJS playing all tricks.

BJP and NDA tried to make inroads in the last 5 years but their gains are very low. 1/2
BJP even made K Surendran (a thiyya) party head in Kerala eyeing the ezhava votes but it still failed. BDJS only got just 1 seat in Local Body election. Alappuzha - Kollam were swept by LEFT.

To grow beyond the 14-15 % threshold in Kerala, they need those votes. 2/3
Dalit - Vishwakarma- Tribals - Ezhavas form 41-42 % of Kerala's population. But even the Sabarimala furore (religion) hasn't rocked the LEFT vote-base.

During 2011-16, BJP used the propaganda that there are very few lower caste Ministers but against LEFT, they can't use it. 3/3
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