Thread- #Vasudevbalwantphadke ,Life and Times

Many have led many revolutions against the tyrannical British Raj but One who ignited the fire of revolution among the Youth was "AdyaKrantikarak" Vasudev Balwant Phadke. Today is his 175th birth Anniversary.
Vasudev,was born on 4th november 1845.From very young age he found himself interested in arts of wrestling and riding horse.Not so academically bright, he dropped out of school and moved to pune in search of Job.
He got job as clerk in military accounts and was there for 15 years. And then he came in contact with a person who would change the course of his life. Lahuji Raghoji Salve,an excellent wrestler and a person revered by Punekars.
Lahuji was from Mang samaj and Vasudev from Bramhan Samaj,but this did not deter them from accepting each other as Guru Shishya as they were fighting for a common goal.

Vasudev learned the techniques of wrestling from Lahuji Vastad and mastered it.
Lahuji use to give him lectures regarding the need to start an armed revolution against the British,as Lahuji knew that British are harming this nation more than ever.Vasudev was getting inspired.Lahuji also told him the importance of engaging the people of backward castes
in the freedom struggle which helped vasudev in his future task.Along with Lahuji's lecture he also started attending Govind Ranade's lecture on how british policies were hurting our people.
Vasudev,after learning the attrocities that
British were committing against the people of Bharat,decided to start an agitation against the empire. He became a member of 'Aikya Vardhini Sabha' a youth organization which helped the public put forth their grievances.During this time ,his mother got ill
and he asked for leave for few days to see her. But the british officers did not grant it . She passed away. Enraged by the thought that he wasn't able to see his mother during her last breathe,he quit the job and got fully engaged in the freedom struggle.

Gaikwad's of Baroda were removed from power by British in 1875 and to protest against this Vasudev launched an agitation.He went from people to people to get united to fight against the tyranical british Raj. But wasn't able to get support from the educated class.
He then, remembered the words of his Guru Lahuji and approached the Ramoshis and they readily accepted to help him. He taught them the skills of wrestling,riding and fencing.He gathered more than 300 men that were motivated to fight against British.
But the funds were insufficient and hence they decided to loot the British treasury at Dhamari in Shirur Taluka. They looted the British Income tax which summed upto Rs 400. They took the money and used most of it to give the famine stricken villages.
But the British were now on his tail. Hence he had to flee from one village to another. Due to his generous acts the people of Ramoshis and Backward class gave him a safe house and for time being he was saved.
He countinued to loot many British treasuries in coming days and the strenght of his army increased.
But he realized that people are with him just for the cause of loot and rewards and not the main intention behind it.
Realizing this he kept his loot with people and went to south where he recruited 500 Rohilas for his mission.
His deeds were being sung by people nationwide. He was inspiring many to loot the treasuries to break the backbone of the British Raj.
He was hence called as the 'AdyaKrantiKarak' the First Freedom Fighter. He attacked many treasuries in coming days.He gathered money and gave it to people who were suffering due to famine.He helped many villagers and inspired many to fight against the British Raj.
His army was growing with Rapid speed but as we all know that good men are cursed with treachery, he was also betrayed by one of his men.The British and The nizam had put bounty over Fadke and seeing the amount a person betrayed Vasudev Balwant Fadke
and informed british about his movements. He was captured fighting against British in Karnataka, Kaladgi village on 20 July 1879.
Vasudev along with his Comrades were taken to custody in Pune.He was sentenced for life for his deeds and
was regarded as one of the most dangerous person of that time for British Raj. Vasudev Balwant Fakde was then transported to Aden Jail in Yemen.
His strength knew know bounds,he took the door of the jail from hinges and escaped on 13th feburary 1883. But his escape was shortlived
He was captured again and put back in Prison. He went on hunger strike and breathed his last on 17th Feb 1883.
What Vasudev Balwant Fadke did was revolutionary during the harsh times when British Tyranny was at its peak.
The Story of Vasudev Balwant Fadke, inspired by the idea of Liberating Bharat Mata from the clutches of British,guided by Lahuji Vastad still ignites the fire in our hearts to fight against the wrong.He lives within our hearts forever.

There is a memorial of him near COEP College Pune,
where you can find the jail he was kept in during his trial.The area is completely ignored and Its our duty to protect the stories and monuments of Such courageous men.
I bow down to Vasudev Balwant Phadke on his 175th Birth Anniversary !
References Used :
Vasudev Balwant Fadke : First Indian Rebel against British Raj by V.J Joshi.

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Islamophobia a term used by liberals,islamists to wash the terrorist acts done by the Jihadis.But there's a reason why we say that terrorism has a religion because of some events.This #thread is of the time when thousands of Hindus were killed by Jihadis in Kohat.
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In August 1924 A Muslim Newspaper published an 'Anti-Hindu Peom' in it. Poem surely hurt the sentiments of Hindus and in answer one, Jeevan Das of Sanatana Dharma Sabha issued a pamphlet where he countered the poem with facts regarding the Islam,
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#Thread : खिलाफत 2.0 ?

इतिहास वाचणं आणि तो जसा आहे तसा वाचणं का गरजेचं आहे हे सध्याची परिस्थिती पाहून लक्षात आलं पाहिजे.भारतातील मुसलमान फ्रांस च्या राष्ट्राध्यक्षाची टीका करण्यासाठी म्हणून भारताच्या विविध कोपऱ्यातून एकत्र येताना आपल्याला आढळले आणि ....
अश्याच सारखी एक घटना १९२१ मध्ये सुद्धा घडली होती.
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पहिल्या विश्वयुद्धानंतर तुर्कस्तानाची स्वायत्तता संपली आणि तिथले इस्लामिक राज्य आणि खलिफा (सर्व मुसलमानांचा राजा/अध्यक्ष) यांचे अधिकार काढले गेले आणि तिथे एक वेगळे सरकार स्थापन झाले.
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"मंदिरं काय ? तुमची पोटं भरण्यासाठी चालू केलेली फॅक्टरी" असे वाक्य मी अनेक वेळेला अनेकांकडून ऐकले आहे,आता मला भटकंतीची आवड असल्यामुळे बऱ्याच मंदिरांमध्ये जाणं होतं आणि बऱ्याच गोष्टी निरीक्षणास येतात.एक एक करत किती लोक मंदिरावर अवलंबून असतात हे आपण पाहुयात.
(1/19) Image
आपण गाडी घेऊन जातो आणि पार्किंग ला लावताना एक माणूस तिथे बसलेला असतो,त्याच्या हाती आपण १० किंवा २० रुपये देऊन पावती फाडतो आणि आपली गाडी लावून पुढे जातो.धरून चला दिवसाला इथे ५०० गाड्या आल्या,म्हणजे ५०० गुणिले २० = १००००/- दिवसाचे, Image
म्हणजे महिन्याचे ३ लाख,सगळा खर्च वगैरे जाऊन त्याला त्यातून पगार मिळत असेल हे तर निश्चित? म्हणजे मंदिरामुळे पहिला लाभ झाला तो पार्किंग करून घेणाऱ्या माणसाला.गाडी लावून झाली कि आपण आत मध्ये चालत जाऊ लागतो,आजूबाजूला अनेक अनेक दुकाने दिसतात. Image
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#Thread: हाथरस आणि राजकारण !

आपल्या देशातल्या लोकांची एक वाईट खोड आहे कि कोणत्याही बातमीचा पाठपुरावा करायचा नाही आणि त्यावर स्वतःचे निर्णय थोपवून द्यायचे आणि काहीही करून भाजप आणि RSS ला वेठीस धरायचं,नुकतंच हाथरस ची केस हे वरील वाक्याचे उदाहरण
.केस होताच,काही क्षणात योगी आदित्यनाथांवर,मोदींवर टीका करायला सुरवात केली आणि हळू हळू करत या संपूर्ण गोष्टीला जातीयवादी वळण दिले.ज्या क्षणाला या गोष्टीला जातीयवादी वळण दिले गेले त्याच ठिकाणी समजलं कि इथे काहीतरी खोट आहे,
कारण जातीयवाद हा एक असा हातचा आहे,जो काहीही ठोस केस नसताना,सहानभूती मिळवण्यासाठी वापरला जातो.जे त्या मुलीसोबत झालं ते वाईटच झालं,आणि ज्यांनी केले आहे त्यांना शिक्षा हि झालीच पाहिजे,पण त्या सोबत सत्य सुद्धा बाहेर आलं पाहिजे.
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