“The most benign possible explanation for the CCP’s campaign for global lockdowns is that the party aggressively promoted the same lie internationally as domestically”

I don’t believe that explanation.
2/ I doubt the CCP really knew how well its lockdown psyop would work, but everything about its response suggests the lockdowns were part of a larger plan. This was Xi’s plan to make the world China, and what the world would look like if he had his way.
3/ Intellectuals forewarned of tyrants using disease:
"if crime and disease are to be regarded as the same thing, it follows that any state of mind which our masters choose to call ‘disease’ can be treated as crime; and compulsorily cured" - CS Lewis 1948
4/ The CCP’s global lockdowns also appear inspired in part on the work of Stanley Milgram, whose experiments proved the willingness of most individuals to commit human rights abuses when instructed to do so by scientific authorities.
5/ Lockdowns further appear to be a “new concept weapon” as theorized by China’s most influential modern strategist, Qiao Liang, in his magnum opus: “Unrestricted Warfare”
6/ In Oct 2019, Gates Foundation, Johns Hopkins, and the WEF hosted an international pandemic simulation in which China took part. The CCP appears to have modeled its lockdown fraud on Event 201, so Gates, Hopkins, and the WEF would play into their hands.
7/ Lockdowns were launched when Xi instructed his inner circle on Wuhan on Jan 7. No person ever publicly conceived of “lockdown” before that date. Businessman Ren Zhiqiang was sentenced to 18 years for a letter requesting Xi’s instructions be made public.
8/ As soon as CCP announced its lockdowns had “reversed the escalating cases” in Wuhan, WHO adopted lockdowns as universal world policy for all countries and cities outside China, regardless of economic circumstance, number of cases, or any other factor.
9/ The CCP’s modelers would provide a continuous supply of alarmist, pseudoscientific models to justify more draconian lockdowns.
10/ The CCP’s “medical guidance” from Wuhan was designed to inflict mass death in 3 ways:

1. Excessive use of ventilators, killing healthy patients
2. Moving still-sick patients to nursing homes, and
3. The stress and deprivation of lockdowns themselves.
11/ The initial, very real spike in deaths due to China’s “medical guidance” during the global March lockdown would be used as proof of COVID’s danger, sowing the fear necessary to justify more lockdowns.
12/ COVID PCR tests are calibrated to produce a high number of positives, even if they’re picking up nothing more than the residue of ordinary cold viruses. This keeps the COVID “pandemic” going indefinitely.
13/ There’s dark humor in the CCP’s use of a common coronavirus for its lockdown fraud. Perhaps in Xi’s mind, if the West was so spineless as to destroy itself over a common cold, was it really worth saving?
14/ Lockdowns were, of course, never really meant to end. First it’s flatten the curve, then the second wave, then “control the virus,” then wait for a vaccine, then the “new normal.” All clever bait-and-switch to gradually strip the world of human rights.
15/ Forcing professionals into their homes had important psychological effects. First, it isolated professionals from their neighbors, initiating the loss of empathy required for them to support crimes against humanity in the form of “lockdowns.”
16/ Forcing professionals into their homes forced them into the CCP’s controlled information environment. Isolating intelligent people in the digital realm allowed the CCP to control public opinion through its army of bots and stakes in most media sources.
17/ Voluntary masking is everyone’s right, but the CCP loves government and corporate mask mandates because they turn every individual into a walking billboard of fear and submission to previously-unconstitutional measures and lockdowns.
18/ It’s no coincidence that “Zoom meetings” suddenly became the staple of professional work. Zoom is the CCP’s personal panopticon—the CCP can and does tune into Zoom calls anytime they want. What better way to monitor dissenting opinions.
19/ Along with Zoom came the 5G towers. Huawei’s control of 5G would complete the CCP panopticon, allowing them to monitor both phone and video calls at will.
20/ The CCP knows western intelligence capabilities better than anyone in the world—including the intel agencies themselves. Somehow—whether by corruption or incompetence—CCP knew intel agencies wouldn’t stop lockdowns, lulling the public into complacency.
21/ It’s not your imagination that lockdowns are specifically designed to ruin small businesses—they’re the one asset the CCP can’t easily own. The shakedown of small businesses increased the value of CCP’s assets and its relative share of world resources.
22/ “Social distancing” is brilliant propaganda because it’s technically a real scientific term, but for purposes of the CCP’s lockdowns, “social distancing rules” are simply rules to which normal constitutional principles don’t apply.
23/ Further, “social distancing rules” are rules enforceable through previously-unconstitutional means of surveillance. Donated surveillance drones and facial recognition—hallmarks of China’s modern surveillance state—would become commonplace.
24/ Snitching has always been among the most tried-and-true methods of totalitarian regimes, isolating individuals in a world where anyone could rat them out anytime. Only natural that snitching would be needed to enforce “social distancing.”
25/ As “cases” continued to rise through mass testing, more and more “social distancing” rules would be implemented. First, protests would be deemed “inessential.” Then, censorship would be required to prevent “inessential” protests.
26/ Devoted to their financial self-interest, globalist oligarchs would quickly intuit their interests now aligned with the CCP’s and support lockdowns regardless of any real data about the virus.
27/ The CCP’s financial ties with social media companies and nonprofits tasked with policing “misinformation” would facilitate the censorship necessary to prevent leaders from easing the public’s COVID hysteria.
28/ (In truth, of course, Xi detests no one more than decadent Western oligarchs. In due time they would discover their corporations belonged to Xi, their services were no longer required, and now they had no country left to defend them).
29/ Continuous protests and political violence would continue to soften up western countries economically and shake their faith in democratic ideals—just as German collaborators had successfully done in the 1930s.
30/ The West softened, Taiwan would be ripe for invasion under the hackneyed pretext that Taiwan is part of China.
31/ But China’s military actions wouldn’t be limited to places it currently considers “part of China.” The CCP can invent historical territorial claims at will—as evidenced by its recent military action in Northern India.
32/ As COVID continued unabated, one right after another would be stripped away in the vain hope it would eliminate the pesky virus as the CCP had supposedly “accomplished” through its super-strict “real lockdown” in Wuhan.
33/ Salvation through vaccination would be dangled like a cat toy in front of fearful populations, each vaccine proving futile—but a great excuse to bill national governments for mandatory vaccine programs, another milestone in the end of human rights.
34/ In time, human rights would be stripped, information censored, and the world would be China—but the “exceptional” virus would remain, calling for indefinite, previously-unconstitutional measures—the “new normal,” as advertised by the CCP’s shills.
35/ Contact tracing and government-mandated “quarantine centers” would first be used to arbitrarily quarantine COVID-positive patients, but could then be repurposed for the “quarantine” of dissidents who opposed “social distancing” rules.
36/ Under the same philosophy of “fangkong” that inspired lockdowns, the CCP has even “quarantined” entire minority populations wholesale in troublesome territories like Xinjiang and Tibet—an effective way to keep the majority in line.
37/ Where nationalist leaders refused to implement national lockdowns, the CCP would simply pressure state and local leaders to impose regional lockdowns and eventually oust the disobedient nationalist politicians, replacing them with more compliant ones.
38/ The suspension of all economic activity would mandate unprecedented, indefinite unemployment subsidies, inevitably resulting in national bankruptcies and the need to sell natural resources and public works to China.
39/ Subservient puppet politicians—under the pretext of the big lie that COVID calls for the indefinite suspension of all rights—would keep populations in check as resources were stripped from one country after another.
40/ Military force would only be needed in the event of uprising or the threat of nationalization, as condoned by the CCP-controlled UN.
41/ The CCP’s colonization plan has distinct echoes of how European powers controlled and exploited the world of the 16th-19th century, for which the CCP’s lockdowns may be seen as revenge. (They’re still incrdibly evil, as evidenced by the famines now unfolding).
42/ (Likewise, the flooding of western countries with fentanyl may be seen as revenge for Europeans having flooded China with opium in the 19th century.)
43/ If anyone ever asked how all these measures could possibly be necessary, the answer would be simple: “The science.” And who, you may ask, determines “the science?” That’s easy: your Chairman.
44/ When the CCP actually put its lockdown plan into practice, problems arose.

First, Taiwan revealed the WHO to be in the CCP’s pocket, destroying its credibility.
45/ Then, the insolent Swedes refused to play along, giving sentient people an obvious alternative.
46/ A global anti-lockdown community was able to form online.
47/ No one really knew what was going on, but they were pretty sure it was China’s fault.
48/ The people fought back.
49/ I don’t think Xi knew how well this plan would work. Shutting down the world is a big feat in itself. But the CCP has a credible plan to make the world China. They actually tried to do it, and still are.

• • •

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2 Nov
1/ Thread – “The Hammer and Dance”

On March 18, the German government circulated a CONFIDENTIAL strategy paper referring to the strategy of strict social distancing as the “Hammer and Dance.” The paper was later leaked to a whistleblower website.
2/ Anti-lockdown activists likely recall the term “Hammer and Dance” from CCP shill Tomas Pueyo’s viral March 19 article, which appeared one day AFTER Germany’s CONFIDENTIAL strategy paper was circulated on March 18.
3/ The term “Hammer and Dance” or “Hammer and the Dance” was never used before March 19.


Neither “Hammer and Dance” nor “Hammer and the Dance” appear on Twitter in the disease context before March 19.
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31 Oct
1/ This is the question that keeps me up at night. The total failure of the intelligence community to connect China with lockdowns is the most devastating part of this story. I can only speculate as to several explanations, roughly in order of least-to-most concerning:
1. They just don’t know.

Immersed in our anti-lockdown community, it’s easy to forget how niche we are. Intel officials have expressed great interest in my work—it’s meant in part as a tip for them. So intelligence agencies may just not know yet.
2. The cleverness of the lab as decoy.

The CCP has deliberately funded rumors that COVID is a super-brain-eating-bio-weapon, mostly to discredit intelligence officials. Based on my interactions with intelligence folks, this decoy has been very effective.
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24 Oct
1/ Last month, it was widely reported that Chinese business leader Ren Zhiqiang was given an 18-year sentence for calling Xi Jinping a "clown."

That's not what happened.

Ren was given an 18-year sentence because he wanted the truth about Xi's lockdowns.
2/ In his essay, Ren was disgusted with Xi's COVID response:

"Trying to cover up the true facts with various 'great achievements,' as if this epidemic began with your written instructions on January 7."

Jan 7 was the day Xi authorized Wuhan's lockdown.
3/ Ren continues: "Why haven’t the January 7 instructions been made public, not yet even today?! How were various national-level meetings able to gather after January 7? Why are you still traveling abroad? Why did you celebrate Spring Festival in Yunnan?…
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22 Oct
1/ In his viral March 10 article, Tomas Pueyo predicted:
"in 2–4 weeks, when the ENTIRE WORLD is in lockdown… people won't criticize"

As of March 10:

-India, population 1,384,000,000. Cases: 62

-Pakistan, pop. 222,000,000. Cases: 19

-Bangladesh, pop. 165,000,000. Cases: 3
2/ As of March 10, when Pueyo predicted the whole world would soon be "in lockdown"…

-Brazil, population 213,000,000. Cases: 34

-Mexico, pop. 129,000,000. Cases: 7

-Argentina, pop. 45,000,000. Cases: 19

-Peru, pop. 33,000,000. Cases: 11

-Colombia, pop. 51,000,000. Cases: 3
3/ As of March 10, when Pueyo predicted the whole world would soon be "in lockdown"…

-Nigeria, population 207,000,000. Cases: 2

-South Africa, pop. 59,000,000. Cases: 7

-Uganda, pop. 46,000,000. Cases: 0

-Kenya, pop. 54,000,000. Cases: 0
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14 Oct

Many folks have asked about some suspicious high-level globalist initiatives and whether they might have worked with the CCP to fake a pandemic. This thread lists some key initiatives and their likely relation to the world lockdown catastrophe. Image
2/ Event 201

This eyebrow-raising, but good-faith, 2019 pandemic exercise, to which CCP was a party, simulated steps for global institutions to take during a severe coronavirus pandemic. This appears to be the model CCP hijacked for its COVID-19 fraud.
3/ Rockefeller Lock Step

This is a 2010 simulation of a nightmare pandemic leading to authoritarianism, discussing how philanthropies could help. If it seems like someone read these scenarios and the book 1984 and got ideas, that’s exactly what CCP did.
nommeraadio.ee/meedia/pdf/RRS… Image
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8 Oct
1/ A visual representation of the 2020 COVID psyop strategy, which appears to be a rare false-false-flag operation.

Essentially, the CCP used the Wuhan virology lab as a decoy to distract hawkish officials while laundering deadly, totalitarian lockdowns as “the science.”
2/ Regardless of origin, studies have proven COVID to be rather ordinary, IFR ~.13%. CCP used fake whistleblowers and propaganda to accuse ITSELF of releasing it, sowing fear and distracting China watchers from the totalitarianism cropping up around them.
3/ Meanwhile, CCP used its clout and collaborators in prestigious international, academic, media, and government institutions, which carry great weight with liberal elites, to normalize the lie that China’s measures could effectively “control the virus.”
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