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1) I am legitimately interested/confused by this. I checked, and the top number is indeed Wisconsin's active registered voter number as of Nov. 1. The bottom is approx. what has been counted. That is a (not feasible) 89% turnout.
2) The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is claiming a 71% state turnout. I'm not sure where it gets this, but that would make more sense, given even populous Milwaukee didn't exceed 83% turnout, and Dane lower. (Do math on what rest of state wud need to bump up state avg to 89)
3) True, Wisconsin has same day voter registration. But to be at 71%, WI would have yesterday needed 900k same-day registrations. ( If I'm doing my math wrong--please tell me. 3,288,771 divided by 4,588,771 equals 71% . 4,588,771 minus 3,684,726 =900k)
4) Is that possible/conceivable? That would be akin to increasing WI's registered voting population by up to 30%--in one day. It would also suggest that if those same-day registrations hadn't happened, WI would have had a ridiculously LOW turnout.
5) I suppose it is possible WI's turnout was higher than 71% (again, not sure where MJS gets that). But that would be wild, given the state's own history and what we saw elsewhere yesterday. An even an 80% turnout would still require HUGE same-day registration.
6)Surely a record/tally of those same-day registrations must exist. It would therefore seem a straightforward proposition to set the numbers/record straight?
Again, explain if I'm missing something. @WI_Elections
7) So, more. I compared some vote totals to voter registration--by county. Nearly every county i've looked at so far--left and right--registered turnout of 89% or higher. (several at 93%) I suppose its possible--but still seems extraordinary.
8) I think high voter turnout is great, and if WI truly did this, wow. I only question it because it is so strikingly at odds with any other state.
9)One thing that makes more sense is if MSP number of 71% if referring to voting-eligible population (rather than registered voters). But still, wow--89% turnout of registered voters....

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Dec 20, 2022
1. This "omnibus" is one of the ugliest, least transparent bits of lawmaking I've ever seen--and that's saying something. It isn't just the spending, though the new domestic numbers are gross, given the trillions spent in the past few years.
2. It's also that Congress, in a new trick, is attaching dozens of pieces of stand-alone legislation to this--retirement changes; public lands management; healthcare policy; cosmetics regulation; electoral count act changes; horseracing rules.
3. Every one deserves a full debate and a roll call vote, so that Americans can see where their representatives stand. Instead, this monstrosity is cooked in a back room, and members can claim they had no choice but to vote against a shutdown--ducking accountability.
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Nov 10, 2022
The GOP choice: Make way for a new generation of winning leaders, or stick with a guy who keeps losing Republicans key elections.… via @WSJ
2) For those saying Trump wasn't on the ballot, c'mon. He was definitive in candidates chosen for major races who got trounced/beat. Bolduc/Oz/Dixon/Michels/Mastriano. The rallies clearly didn't help--tho might have hurt.
3) For those saying this is because McConnell/SLF didn't do enough, c'mon. SLF poured millions in to Trump candidates in Senate races-PA/NH/AZ/GA. $30 million in Ohio alone. One reason Vance won is because DeWine won by huge margin and pulled along voters.
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Oct 28, 2022
1) The comment section for this piece is clocking a lot of liberal pushback, and their arguments provide great insight as to why the left likes this system.....… via @WSJ
2) It basically goes like this (I will decode): Our current two-party primary/election system is turning out "radicals" (ie, conservatives) that are bad for society (ie, liberal causes)....
3) Therefore we the people (ie, liberals funding these ranked choice initiatives) will impose upon all of you a voting system that guarantees more "moderate" "consensus" candidates (ie, politicians more likely to do what we on the left would like.)
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Sep 2, 2021
1) I see @Liz_Cheney retweeted this. Someone ought to ask her how a conservative can justify a committee plan to rifle through the emails/voicemails/texts/calls of private citizens, including her colleagues--without giving them opportunity to litigate.
2) Last I knew, principled conservatives had issues with government that thinks it has a limitless right to secretly spy on its citizens--depriving them of the right to contest in court. Remember the whole FISA/Carter Page thing?
3) At least when Schiff pulled his secret subpoena stunt, he mainly obtained metadata--what phone number called what phone number, and when. The Jan. 6 snoops have asked companies to preserve a stunning amount of text/email/voicemail info, over a 10-month period.
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Sep 1, 2021
1) This article is so off base as to be laughable.…
2) The Jan. 6 Committee hardly has an obvious right to this information. We have laws protecting American privacy. I know it is asking a lot that reporters should do their homework, but they can start with this statute, 47 USC 222.
3) That law does allow telcos to release information when required by "law," but it is far from clear the Committee meets this test. Just last year the DC circuit threw into doubt whether House even has the power to enforce subpoenas.
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Mar 26, 2021
1) Former GOP Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner tells me the @nytimes willfully manipulated his words in its recent hit-job piece on @SenRonJohnson… via @WSJopinion
2) The piece asserted that Mr. Johnson’s “drumbeat of distortions, false theories and lies reminds some Wisconsin Republicans” of Sen. Joseph McCarthy. It then quoted Sensenbrenner saying McCarthy's name.
3) But Sensenbrenner never said Johnson was like McCarthy. He’d made a general point about Wisconsin’s love of mavericks (he also talked about Dem Sen. Bill Proxmire--tho Times filed to mention that), and noted its voters appreciate that Johnson “thinks outside the box.”
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