post canon wangxian where wwx still has the habit of drawing on things.

"lan wangji was here."
"wei wuxian was here."

that was the night when he found that his soulmate, now his husband, also likes to carve (words), though in a drunken state.

now, they lie awake in their
jingshi. it's well after 9pm. but what is sleep, when both wwx and lwj would rather spend every waking moment with one another? they're covered only by their blanket and in each other's warmth.

in wwx's hand is a small sharp carving knife, that they'd gotten from caiyi town from
the sculptor. he starts to slowly carve what lies beside them—their bed frame.

"lan zhan, wanna know what i'm going to try to draw?" wwx says as he gets up from his husband's embrace and sits down cross legged, revealing his naked upper half body, lit by the beautiful moonlight
that seeps through the window slits of the jingshi.

"what are you going to draw?" lwj asks, already expecting his husband not to answer immediately (he's also very, very distracted by the beauty of his wei ying)

"i don't think i should spoil the surprise!"

lwj was right.
one stroke after another of his little tool with finesse, he begins his masterpiece. as he does his own thing, lwj watches him closely. he watches the way wwx shrugs his shoulders when the wood doesn't make way for the knife, the way wwx taps his nose when he's trying to think,
the way he's beautiful, the way he has lwj's very beating heart.

they've been apart for too long now, lwj thinks. he sits up too, inching closer to wwx's back. reaching out, he wraps his arms around his husband's waist. he plants soft kisses on wwx's shoulders, slowly...
slowly up to the crane of his neck. this sends shivers down wwx's spine.

"are you trying to distract me, lan er-gege?" wwx says as he tries not to be pay attention to his hanguang-jun's actions.

lwj stops, "am i?" only for a beat, before he continues to plan kisses that seem
to last longer than the previous one. his lip graces wwx's neck once more. lwj doesn't forget to part his mouth just a little bit, so his teeth will graze the artist at work's skin. he also doesn't forget to make use of his tongue, licking as he moves to wwx's other shoulder.
lwj definitely is trying to distract him. wwx knows exactly what his husband is doing, oh too well, a little too well. but he really does want to show lwj what he's trying really /hard/ to pay attention to, to draw.

wwx: l-lan zhan, s-sing me our song while i draw, will you?
how could lwj ever refuse?

lwj: i will.

the supposed quiet room, is filled with lwj's perfect hums and wwx's little carving sounds. it doesn't take long for the latter to finish up his work. he's used to it—to art. he adds the finishing touch and tows the knife back to its lid.
wwx finally turns around and faces his husband, "do you like it, lan zhan?"

a beat passes.

two beats pass.


"i love it."

"you do?" wwx half-gets up from his sitting position and ends up a little taller than lwj, who is looking at him with the most loving eyes.
he doesn't answer, but instead, he shows just how much he does. with a swift move, lwj carries wwx into his arms and pins him down to their bed. he lays one hand behind wwx's head so it cushions the blow. honey golden eyes melt into gray ones. it's as if lwj has been denied a
touch for the longest time. if one can consider a quarter of shichen the longest time.

their side bed frame, now features wwx's little art of them on their wedding night. it has them facing, bowing to each other.

"i love it. i love you," lwj says once more before he pulls the
blanket over them, shielding them from the rest of the world. the jingshi, lwj's then quiet room, has never been so ever since, ever since wwx also calls it his room.

his room, now their room.
his home, now their home.
lips on lips. hands locked. legs tangled.

then lwj suddenly stops and distances them.

"what's wrong, lan zhan?"
he doesn't reply, but instead he reaches out to grab the little knife that wwx had just used a while ago.

now it's lwj's turn to face the bed frame. with finesse equally as great, he starts to work with the tool.

wwx keeps quiet as he watches what his husband is up to.
one stroke after another from the gusu jade's hand, he's done.

"now it's complete," lwj says.

"complete, and perfect," wwx adds.

"perfect, just like wei ying."

their little art of them has an addition of just two words underneath—忘羡.

"no, like us."

i know, i know, it's supposed to be "wei wuxian was also here" but i got too excited i ate up the word 'also' 🙈🙈. i was half way running just now and suddenly it just came to me, that lwj and wwx would totally doodle on their bed frame together. because it's not like
they'd never done it before, right? hehe. andddd here we are!!! i'd also like to think that they would doodle the most random things ever, like what they did or say today. of course they'd also doodle rabbits... lots of them! eventually their bed frame would be filled with
their little doodles of what, of who, they love!! they do have their parchments to doodle on, but nope, bed frame, much better!!!

i hope this was a nice read albeit short. thank you for reading!!!

credits to wuji that was looping during my run.

• • •

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