Like our own President? As I reviewed the press conference late tonight, I wondered at what point we sound the alarm that he’s using active measures on us?
Please stop and read this. It’s from the Republican-led bipartisan Senate Intel Report Volume 5. It’s important we recognize what is happening. It was a landmark report and many of the same actors are still active and engaged.
This was written six weeks ago. We knew it was coming.…
“This time they’re not writing anything that’s not already said in U.S. space,” often by Mr. Trump himself. They must be flabbergasted and saying, ‘We really don’t need to work hard this time.’” - @selectedwisdom
And yes @selectedwisdom warned us back in 2017.
I’ve been asked why I focus on Google and Facebook but not Apple, Amazon or MSFT. Well only two have businesses built off surveillance advertising and microtargeted content/ads. The same two also regularly not only host but match-make harmful content with vulnerable audiences.
I don’t think one of the largest and most profitable companies in world should also, not only host, but promote video calling for the beheading of the FBI Director. Bannon should have already been on a watch list. This never happens on AMZN, Netflix, MSFT, APPL...just Facebook.
Again, this doesn’t happen on APPL, AMZN, MSFT. But it does on YouTube and Facebook. YouTube was particularly egregious. We knew this was coming, your platforms are being used to undermine democracy.
So yes it’s time for resignations and leadership changes. It’s mindblowing FB played the role it did in 2016 yet covered it up for years without any changes to leadership. Of course, you’ll continue to have more significant issues if the same leadership remains in charge.
Per the above, there is still an all-hands-on-deck to spread disinfo taking its lead from the White House. It needs to be crushed by counter-speech and Facebook/Twitter enforcing their policies rapidly eliminating sharing tools so they don’t amplify the toxic lies.
Here are some more. These need counterspeech. Replies of factual information. Elimination of viral tools by Twitter. Labels and amplification of the facts.
Best thing a lot of people can do right now is retweet this @FoxNews tweet below. Use it to reply to lies. ***I don’t care what you feel about Fox News.*** It’s the most trusted news brand with the people who most clearly are vulnerable to the president’s lies.

GO!!!!! ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️
ps to be clear, I don’t care or need the retweets. Take the Fox News tweet and share it. Those with large audiences do the same. Even reporters at competitive media outlets should do it - IMHO. Bad actors are coordinating to spread disinfo. You should amplify the facts. Broadly.
Here are more tweets that have gone out since the election was projected by every single independent outlet including Fox, Reuters, NBC, CBS, ABCx CNN, AP. Facebook and Twitter should both be focused on labeling and preventing amplification of these. And amplifying facts.
All of the tweets above are being sent by accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers. The President’s tweet will approach and surpass one million retweets if left to spread. I’m fascinated and worried by the dynamic - they’re all taking his and only his lead for now.
Still being considerably amplified - again, taking their lead from the White House without counterspeech to check them. Most of the public is living within their bubbles and news sources - oblivious to this. I hope I’m wrong but Rudy + Breitbart are making the situation clear.
We’re now indeed pushing 800k retweets and it’s still there. If you read this thread ⬆️ from the top-down, you’ll understand my concern and the role of the platforms.

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5 Nov
This is false. I assume Twitter will label shortly.
Sweet. Troll generals are spreading tweets from Russia Today about protests to try to create election chaos. Meanwhile we keep counting votes calmly.
And a promise from the king of deceptive and misleading information. Ignore him. But be aware they are at work to try to create unrest.
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4 Nov
One of the WSJ reporters who covers Facebook. He’s absolutely right. It’s a solution which treats all accounts and users equally benefiting those who seek to spread false election info and harms those who seek/share truth. Twitter does it right. More evidence for FB antitrust.
Good ⬆️ contrast here. Twitter added “curtain” label requiring click to see tweet plus eliminated social sharing tools. Facebook did nothing but add same neutral message it adds to factually correct info. Everyone should be telling their friends & family FB is failing democracy.
Perfect illustration and LOVE having voices sharing this. The sooner everyone understands this the better. Facebook wants everyone talking about censorship (take-down of content/accounts) but this is actually about the mechanics of spread and counter-speech. friction baby!!!
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4 Nov
Repeatedly sharing easily debunked conspiracy theories on the brink of defeat is a hell of a final lesson to teach all the kids.
Here is a thread explaining the background thread on Trump's tweet which he retweeted again after Twitter (rightly) put a curtain in front it. I'm disappointed it has 40k+ retweets as Twitter should also be decelerating it.
One of the many 2020 lessons will be Facebook entirely failed (again) by giving into political pressure and business risk. Unlike Twitter, they mostly avoided any moves which would have a worse effect with our White House. I hope the public makes them pay for this spineless ness.
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4 Nov
“This is the theatre of authoritarianism” ...finally we have a voice of reason on ABC right now. “We should be blunt about this.”
Step up news networks.
The answer isn’t to simply say “we saw this coming.” Correct him real-time and state he has zero authority here. The counting will continue. Every vote will be counted. Calm the public, do not allow him to incite the public.
This is a reasonable prediction. Intentionally stir up the public over the next 48hrs.
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3 Nov
YouTube’s UK public policy head is testifying right now to Parliament (@CommonsDCMS). Maybe they’ll do a solid and ask -> what they plan to do in the case of a premature declaration of victory in US election? Facebook, Twitter, etc have all stated. Not YouTube. @julianknight15
Here is a link for those interested.…
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3 Nov
Mind-blowing that passages like this are being unsealed from the Mueller Report on the eve of the 2020 election.
Mind-blowing that passages like this are being unsealed from the Mueller Report on the eve of the 2020 election. Part 2.
Mind-blowing that passages like this are being unsealed from the Mueller Report on the eve of the 2020 election. Part 3.
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