THREAD: Gematria, for beginners

For starters, what is Gematria? It’s pretty simple. It’s an ancient practice of combining letters with numbers and forming words, sentences, and phrases using that
Where does Gematria come from?

It comes from something called Kabbalah, specifically a kabbalistic book called “The Book of Formation.”

In The Book of Formation, it states that God created the world using letters and numbers, just like how the elites create your world
Here’s Donald Trump in his own written word admitting that he practices Kabbalah:
In Gematria, there are many ciphers, but you only really need to know the four base ciphers:

1. English Ordinal

2. Full Reduction (also called Pythagorean)

3. Reverse Ordinal

4. Reverse Full Reduction (also called Reverse Pythagorean)
English Ordinal

This one is very simple. A is 1, B is 2, C is 3, D is 4, and you just follow that all the way through the alphabet, until you get to Z, which is 26.

Here’s a chart for better understanding:
Full Reduction

In this cipher, you take the value of the letter in the first cipher, and you reduce it, if it’s a double digit number.

For example, J is the 10th letter.
10 is 1+0 = 1, so J is 1 in the cipher.

X is the 24th letter
2+4 = 6, so X is 6
Reverse Ordinal

This is just the English Ordinal cipher in reverse, so Z is 1 and A is 26. Simple enough
Reverse Full Reduction

This one is the Full Reduction cipher in reverse, so you take the value of a letter in the Reverse Ordinal cipher, and you reduce it the same way you did with the Full Reduction cipher
There are many other ciphers, but these four are the most commonly used. The others can be significant sometimes, but we won’t worry about those right now.

Use to find the gematria values on whatever it is you want to
It’s important to know what to look for when decoding a story or predicting something. You want to look for the gematria of names in the story, the date of the story, the date numerology of the story, how long it’s been since the specific person’s birthday, and lots more.
You can also see how long it’s been since something important (album release or a championship win for example) to decode stories.
Now some examples to show you that this stuff is for real.

I’ll start with the United States, and why our Independence Day is July 4th, 1776. July 4th is a date that can be written 7/4 or 4/7, so 74 and 47 are the big numbers here
In Gematria, Independence Day and George Washington both equate to 74, like 7/4. Speaking of George, he was said to have had 74 generals, a completely contrived number.
July 4th can also be written 4/7, like 47, and the following words equate to 47 in Gematria:
Our Independence Day being chosen to be in 1776 wasn’t a coincidence either. Remember the date is 7/4, like 74. How many hours are in 74 days?
One more example, for my sports fans, is football.

The shape of a football is called a Vesica Piscis, which equates to 53
That is why there are 53 players on an NFL team, and the width of a football field is 53 yards wide. This stuff runs deep
I’ll link a few threads that I’ve done if you’re interested in further evidence of Gematria being used to create the news stories you see every day👍🏼

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7 Nov
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This is for the people new to gematria. I’ll try to keep this simple for you guys
First, Kobe died on the 26th day of the year, January 26th.

Bryant = 26

The date was 1/26, like 126
Gianna Bryant = 126
Kobe died at age 41 on the 157th day of his age

Kobe Bryant = 41/157

He also exited his last NBA game with 4.1 seconds remaining
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Here’s a thread of information for anyone new to gematria.

74 and 47 are huge numbers connected to the United States, for a few simple reasons.
The Freemasonic compass is set to 47°, and the numbers 4 & 7 are connected in many ways. 7 is the 4th prime number, and the factors of 4 (1,2 and 4) add up to 7. Lastly, the 47th Problem of Euclid.
In Gematria, the following words equate to 74:

Independence Day, George Washington, Masonic & Jesus

The following words equate to 47:

President, Vice President, White House, Republican, Democrat, & Government.

Now you see why our Independence Day is July 4th (7/4 or 4/7)
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Soleimani = 56

It was reported that at Soleimani’s funeral on January 7th that 56 people were killed in a stampede…
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