Just spoke with Richard Baris @BigDataPoll: AZ now down to 19,000 with over 200,000 (maybe 240,000) left. Quite doable, esp at rates they've been coming in for Trump.

*Says @govdougducey has done a stellar job in making sure we have a firm count on how many ballots are . . .
*contd . . . outstanding, so they can't keep coming up with "more ballots." Says Trump should win AZ by 6,000.

*Says GA will def be recounted, but now with machine issues may also be recanvassed. Said Kemp did very little to get the "extra ballots" under control.
*Both in WI and MI there are now clerical problems/machine problems, which in one county alone would flip the vote.

"MI legislature is engaged."

*Seems like these guys are taking it seriously.
*Tossing illegal ballots in PA would give Trump more than enough to win.

The fight goes on.

• • •

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29 Nov
If you like thrillers, the “Pendergast” series by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child are terrific.

Their character, Aloysius X. Pendergast, a wealthy blue-blood New Orleans FBI agent, is, well, weird.

But intriguing. Pale—almost albino— and educated/cultured out the wazoo . . .
. . . Pendergast rarely beats his opponents into submission like Jack Reacher, and his approach to crime solving (never a “normal crime”) is on a much higher plane than Harry Bosch.

The first in the series is “Relic” but as I recall MANY books ago Pendergast has a small part.
By “Cabinet of the Curiousities” he comes into his own.

The latest, “The Crooked River,” begins with 100 feet in green tennis shoes washing up on a beach near Clearwater.

But the stories are only a vehicle to get you closer to Pendergast, much the way Nelson DeMille’s stories
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27 Nov
1) The direction of the fight over the China Virus vaccines is unclear.

2) Hoax News is fearful that if a vaccine is available, the fear mongering won't work any more.

3) At the same time, Hoax News worries that Trump will rightfully get credit.
4) But there is an underlying concern--especially viewing resistance brewing in Europe--that Hoax News & petty tyrant governors can only keep the lid on so long with masks & lockdowns if there is NOT a "vaccine on the way" with hope of release.
5) Unstated are the basic facts that the death rate from this flu is under 1% & that ANY vaccine that has "gone through trials" is rushed in extremis.

6) Sure, it may appear to work "now," but what are the side effects in 6 months? a year?

7) No one knows, or can know.
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26 Nov
1) Just looking ahead, and NOT counting any chickens.

2) If Trump pulls this out he should go full Attila the Hun in 2021. Make them impeach him again. Who cares?

3) Very first meeting with Yertle: "Yertle, if you want me to campaign for the 2 GA senate seats, . . .
3) contd . . . then tomorrow you're gonna move Minion to the most irrelevant committee you have. He better be on the dog catcher committee.
4) I'd pull out the old pardon book tomorrow, just to screw with people, and pardon Assange, any ICE guys wrongfully charged.

5) I'd declassify every last remaining JFK document and UFO document. A freakin' blizzard of declass. Screw the CIA.

6) You wanna claim security?
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25 Nov
1) Ok, friends, some big victories today, good news across the board. . .

2) But I also would urge you to employ caution. As Jimmy Johnson used to say to the Dallas Cowboys after they would win an NFC Championship game, "You realize you still have one more game to go?"
3) So the good news: The hearing in PA was a smashing success. Very clearly the "audience" (and you know I've been preaching that Trump's team has to get to the right audience) of legislators is extremely sympathetic. If they have enough to deny certification on their own . . .
3) contd . . . remains to be seen. But remember, an army of lambs led by a lion is more to be feared than an army of lions led by a lamb, and it looks like we have some lions ready to lead there now.

4) The court case in PA is equally powerful, and I did not realize . . .
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25 Nov
1) Notes on AZ: The AZ statutory law requires the legislature to submit electors in line with the popular vote, and the legislature DEVOLVED this power to submit electors to the parties!

"in the manner as the legislature thereof may direct" (US Constitution)
2) AZ 16-212: B
"After the secretary of state issues the statewide canvass containing the results of a presidential election, the presidential electors of this state shall cast their electoral college votes for the candidate for president and the candidate for vice president . .
2) contd . . .who jointly received the highest number of votes in this state as prescribed in the canvass.

AZ 212C. A presidential elector who knowingly refuses to cast that elector’s electoral college vote as prescribed in subsection B of this section is no longer eligible. .
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22 Nov
World History taken from my NYTimes #1 bestseller “A Patriot’s History of the United States.” Each year long course (2 semesters) is suitable for grades 9-12 (VERY advanced 8th graders have done it), includes teacher’s guide, student workbook, tests/answer key, maps/graphs . .
. . And ALL units include video lessons taught by me!

In addition, all purchases (fully downloadable) come with a free 1- year subscription to my VIP side that includes severa separate lessons including “The Horrible History of Howard Zinn” and “The 1620 Default.”
Read 4 tweets

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