Assuming this advert from an estate agent is correct, the housing market remains open during LD#2.

”We are open and here to help in the safest possible way.
In line with latest Government’s guidelines on home moving, the housing market will remain open during the national...
... lockdown which started yesterday, the 5th November 2020, and all our offices in England will continue to operate.
Exceptions on leaving home include undertaking any of the following activities in connection with the purchase, sale, letting or rental of a residential...
... property:

Visiting estate or letting agents, developer sales offices or show homes

Viewing residential properties to look for a property to buy or to rent

Preparing a residential property to move in

Moving house

Visiting a residential property to undertake...
... any activities required for the rental or sale of that property”.

This seems to me a surprising activity to keep open, given LD#2 is proposed initially to last 1mo.

It’s almost as if, without telling us, that SAGE has already decided it’s going to be very much longer.
There’s a problem with this possibility, which depends upon the reasonable worst-case (RWC) scenario is, without question, literally impossible.

A condensed reason why I assert this with 100% confidence includes observations that (I) equilibrium has long ago been reached in...
...the country in terms of the daily deaths vs time curve. I’ve no doubt bored people to tears I expect about how instantly meaningful the shape & timings of the various components of that curve are. The turning of the initially very rapidly accelerating epidemic in our country..
...into a much more slowly-advancing infectious episode & thence into the monotonic, long drawn-out ‘tail’ is without question a direct reflection of a speedy reduction of the % remaining susceptible population. In turn this phenomenon, sometimes called (emerging) “community...
...immunity’, arises from a simple & well-characterised interaction of the human immune system & an unremarkable virus which is neither rapidly mutating nor immunotoxic. Specifically, a proportion of the population has prior immunity. You’d have expected this because, while...
...SARS-CoV-2 is nominally new, there’s no such thing as an ‘ancestor-less’ virus & it is related to four other, endemic coronaviruses. Those who’ve been infected by one of these common cold-causing CoVs in the past have immunological memory to SARS-CoV-2 as well. I absolutely...
...recognise that we cannot be sure the extent of this prior immunity but we can be sure that it’s functionally effective because of the fact that in almost no outbreak in U.K. did we find that everyone in a group became infected. There is an ever-growing body of research...
...literature showing not only T-cells which recognise the new virus but also some absolutely fascinating data on antibodies as well, which have been detected using high sensitivity testing systems. There’s not time to dig into this now & anyway I’ll await a finished manuscript..
...which goes into all this. But on top of prior immunity, those infected who survived (which is in excess of 99.9%) then are immune. That’s the way our immune systems work & I’m afraid SAGE cannot argue it doesn’t. Once a community has experienced what I call a “full pass”...
...through the population, it is literally impossible for that same population to support & enable a substantially sized, consolidated & national infectious episode again, certainly not until big slices of protective immunity decays (which is more likely to be years than...
...anything else). I’ve said before & I’ll say again, it seems eminently plausible that certain regional populations might not have been as intensively infected in spring as other places. It’s possible this is a contributor to the tragic events & deaths in the northwest. But... before, and exactly as all prior theoretical expectations coupled with observations show, the infectious outbreak is self-limiting. It’s important to know that, out bluntly, viruses don’t do waves. I exclude from that term some kind of seasonal oscillation (I termed that...
...a “secondaryripple”) which is always far less severe in terms of illness & deaths than the initial event, because now there are far fewer people susceptible to infection by the virus & remember that a very small proportion (0.3.% or less) are expected to die.
I noticed... that, in last week’s Spectator, Fraser Nelson went into the SAGE’s “Reasonable Worst Case” scenario. The whole document is replete with immunological impossibilities. I don’t know how else to communicate thus, but it’s not a “reasonable worst-case” anything. It’s plain..
...wrong. This document was not published (I can imagine why that was: people like me & anyone with even basic knowledge & understanding of the human immune system would point at half a dozen pivotal remarks, numbers, conditions, assumptions let alone the predictions & be... willing to give evidence under oath in front of a court & say “M’lud, these projections or scenarios are literally impossible. No, I’ve no idea why such a document could possibly be drawn up by SAGE, given a number of them, knowing just the same as I do about human...
...immunity, also know that what’s written in the document is strictly impossible”.
The easiest example of this is the “second wave” component in itself. SAGE predicts it will kill a substantial multiple of the number of people who died with or of the virus in spring, when...
...the population was at maximum susceptibility.
The next example is the duration of the episode in SAGE’s RWC scenario. According to their “model”, and in contrast to the spring, where the vast majority of the deaths occurred over a two month period, now we’re expected to...
...accept that a high level of daily deaths will grind along for very much longer. As I’ve argued earlier & elsewhere, not only can the RWC not occur at all, but if we suspend the ‘laws of immunology” long enough to permit a second & substantial outbreak of illness, it’s shape... absolutely characteristic of the interaction of the virus & its human host. It’s literally impossible both for the virus to be highly infectious yet take longer to move through the population.
So I’m left with no other alternative but to interpret this document as having..
...been drawn up with the express intention to mislead the Govt into taking actions it otherwise wouldn’t.
Why that is of interest to anyone, in other words, their motivations, I have no idea. I’m a scientist, not a mind reader or detective.
I’m laying this out in detail...
..,because I’m completely certain that Lockdown #2 is wholly unnecessary & very damaging.
I’ve personally been in discourse with just under 20 MPs, making that point. I know that very many voted for Lockdown #2 with very heavy hearts.
I am hoping against hope that in my...
...follower group, there is at least one constituent for every MP in the House of Commons.
I urge any such a person to scoop up this thread using thread reader app & immediately send it to your MP, including a note that you’re sending this as a deeply concerned constituent.
I invite you to find words to urge them to read it & then check me out, asking what possible motivation can Dr Yeadon have, other than to be telling the truth as his 30years post doctoral respiratory research knowledge & judgement provides, with the intention of helping us lift..
...this completely superfluous Lockdown #2.
Instead of actively making this situation much worse, MPs are the only people in the country who can rescue us all.
It won’t make any difference how many tweets, discussion documents, podcasts etc that I create, unless a large group...
...of Parliamentarians lobby the cabinet & Prime Minister to debate this matter properly this time, and only then decide what they’re going to do.
I want to reassure all of you who help out in this way, by communicating with your MP, that I am but one of a handful of experts... different fields, all related to this matter. They are all each in touch with a set of MPs.
So please consider that, though each effort on your part seems impossible to succeed, the weight of evidence is in totality very strong.
I’ll add Mr Nelson’s article triggering this.…
I’m aware that to read this, you need to sign up but I don’t believe you’re obligated to subscribe.
Please read it & my thread again, then I implore you to take action.
Include name, address & contact details when you write to your MP.
Here is the SAGE document dated July 2020:…

• • •

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@berniespofforth Honestly, is the world so full of people who can spend all day on the net, but can’t find a half hour to peruse a simple, immunology text?
It’s not an edgy view to suggest that, having survived infection by a simple, non-immunotoxic, epitope-stable virus, that robust, durable...
@berniespofforth ...immunity follows, is the general rule, not in any way the exception. It’s not conveyed mostly by antibodies, though such titres are sometimes raised, but through memory T-cells. This is why cellular immunologists knew exactly what studies to run on representative samples of...
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@CJforeveryoung @grahambradymp I’ve briefed him in writing in a ‘one pager’ as I guessed he’s too busy to read more than an ‘executive summary’.
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I’ve briefed 16 MPs personally, one 4x in one day! (He kept calling to check one more thing!). One...
@CJforeveryoung @grahambradymp ...other MP called me at home two weeks ago. They agreed to file a series of written Qs. So I wrote a series of tightly worded Qs to Mr Hancock re PCR testing & to the Cabinet Sec (to whom SAGE formally reports according to a friend in Public Law). I’ve not been told we’ve..
@CJforeveryoung @grahambradymp ...any answers yet. I’m told they’re taken v seriously in Hansard so in due course they have to answer. But so long as they’re not obviously evasive & haven’t lied, it gets you nowhere.
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COVID-19: Do We Have a Coronavirus Pandemic, or a PCR Test Pandemic? - AAPS | Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

I’m not alone is completely distrusting current PCR mass testing.
“Coronavirus is not a pseudo-epidemic...…
... epidemic. Many thousands have died. But the dreaded “second wave” might be a surge of false positive tests that are inevitable in mass screenings of healthy persons.

The CDC limits the primers and probes that may be used for PCR testing. For the viral sequences that may...
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It’s not only primers...
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@BreesAnna Please read my very accessible review of the pandemic here:…
Nothing here is my speculation. All drawn from peer reviewed journals or work in review by worlds top immunologists & epidemiologists.
@BreesAnna Since writing this I’ve come across several anomalies in the public record.
1. Virtually no excess seats since July.
These are inconsistent with SAGE’s claim that a full blown pandemic continues.

I’ve worked in mass testing. It’s...
@BreesAnna ...very easy when using a genetic material amplification technique (PCR) to inadvertently ‘find’ things that aren’t there. Hence when used in forensics, there are often legal / technical arguments about admissibility.
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In U.K. in spring there was an v strong relationship between covid19 deaths & excess deaths. Correlation isn’t causation but it’s strong evidence - in spring - that the one is responsible for the other. In formal terms it’s consistent with that hypothesis. We’d expect it, too.
In recent weeks this has completely broken down. It’s no longer possible to stand up the claim that covid19 deaths & excess deaths are causatively linked. In formal terms the data are not consistent with the hypothesis that covid19 deaths are the cause of any excess deaths.
I forgot to say, the most likely explanation for this inconsistency is that our measurements are wrong.
The PCR test for Covid19, like all such tests, is capable of ‘producing a misdiagnosis’.
Technically we call it false positives. When a testing system is overstretched and...
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What SAGE Has Got Wrong – Lockdown Sceptics

It’s Easier to Fool People Than It Is to Convince Them That They Have Been Fooled.” – Mark Twain

Dr Mike Yeadon has a degree in biochemistry and toxicology and a research-based PhD in respiratory...…
... pharmacology. He has spent over 30 years leading new medicines research in some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, leaving Pfizer in 2011 as Vice President & Chief Scientist for Allergy & Respiratory. That was the most senior research position in this field...
... in Pfizer. Since leaving Pfizer, Dr Yeadon has founded his own biotech company, Ziarco, which was sold to the worlds biggest drug company, Novartis, in 2017.

I’ve reposted my mini biography. I’m the scientific equal of anyone on SAGE. I even worked in an adjacent lab to...
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