I have to share this w/ you all bc reasons. Bought a pair of boots today. I'm a cyborg so boots are complicated. Thought: whatever, I will display these boots on my book case. They really are that beautiful.
Why are boots complicated? AKs and BKs already know so @ashleyshoo you can check out of this tweet cuz it's redundant. Getting boots on/off. Adjusting heel height. Walking in general. All the tryborgs act like walking is sooooo simple.
And maybe walking would be sooooo much more simple if the tryborgs new how to design some dadgum legs & feet. But they don't know how. But they pretend they do. So we get into this boot situation.
So the boots are on my bookcase. I'm on the sofa. I don't have my cyborg leg on. I'm there writing a poem. It's not even a good poem. The poem is like "maybe I could be an incredible crip poem if you just put the boot on" and I'm like what? Only one boot?
Laura Hershey says yeah.
Lucille Clifton says yeah.
Josephine Miles says yeah.
H.D. says yeah.
Hephaestus says yeah.
The Crip/Cyborg Chorus: Yeah. Only one boot.
I'm like no. It cannot be done. Shoes come in pairs. Boots come in pairs. Legs come in pairs. I cannot walk on one boot on crutches.

The Chorus: Why do you need to walk right now? You're writing a poem. Who writes a poem while walking?
My mind is like this b&w photo of Lucille Ball making the biggest surprised look with her eyes and mouth. She is very surprised and likewise I am very surprised.
The Cyborg/Crip/Disabled Chorus: "Duh Jillian duh. We wear one shoe all the time. One shoe is now and the future. One shoe is art and culture. Ours. You can even buy shoes you can't walk in. You don't need to walk to wear shoes."
And my mind is like this GIF of Fairuza Balk with wide eyes saying "What's going on?"
So here's the boot. I'm on the sofa wearing it. It's light brown leather w/ zippers and rivets. I feel kind of strange. Kind of like THAT REALLY TOOK MY ENTIRE LIFE TO FIGURE OUT DIDN'T IT. And another feeling. Pleasure. All mine. So now I'll get back to this poem I'm writing. Image
THIS IS NOT AN OVERCOMING STORY b/c the poem still sux. However, this is a #CripGain story h/t Kim Q. Hall & what is crip gain? "Wisdom unique to the disabled experience."
When you're not one-booting a poem, you can just keep your boots on your bookcase. Example 1. Plz let there be many more examples to come. #ShowYourBoot #Poets Image
Image of book case with boots on it. White framed and matted issue of Playboy from probably the 1950s. Blonde white woman on cover. Sleepy eyes. Nabokov story inside this issue. Haven't read it. Prolly good. Idk about #Nabokov. I luv Lolita but not Pale Fire.

• • •

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10 Nov
"We think we know about this moment in history because we have these [specific, highly curated] images of the moment. But we do not know about it."

I hung out on Zoom today w/ Deborah Paredez, one of the founders of @CantoMundo & author of The Year of The Dog @boaeditions
"These images must be deconstructed. They cannot be simply reproduced."

Paredez on working w/ iconic images from Vietnam War. She used cut-up technique & personal letter archive for embodied experience of working with the material.
I was asking her for advice about how to rebuttal this idea that disability poetics is "niche." She said Latinx poets (some of whom are also, of course, disabled) go through something similar. "It's niche." No it's not. "It's universal. It's mythic. It's epic." #CripPride #Latinx
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8 Nov
John Waite's "I Ain't Missing You" is really into its own chorus.
Can I get a hip hop remix? Is there one already?
I wish Etheridge Knight were still here
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31 Oct
I am on the phone with a voting poll. I'm really tempted to lie.
No, I can't.
Strongly Favorable
No Opinion
Strongly Unfavorable
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31 Oct
In my Top 3 of Best Books of Fiction by Disabled Writers: @ShahdAlshammari 's Notes on the Flesh.

"I thanked him [doctor] for everything, because you have to be polite, and say thank you for hurting me, because you're just doing your job and all."
From another story. First line. "It took Salma only eight years to call me and apologize." #HotDamn #Beginning #CripLit
Another story. "Marriage was a social contract, a contract that made no sense to me at all. It was about products, about how good the goods were, and whether you were worth purchasing." Shahd Alshammari, Notes on the Flesh @faraxabooks
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29 Oct
"I include access notes if you want to read along. I also include approximations of what I'm saying between poems." Zefyr Lisowski starting this reading off with #DisabilityPride which is #Access which one day will be #QuiteStandard but isn't yet
Zefyr reads "Poem In Which Nothing Happens, August 3, 1892," Lizzie Borden poem, which is avail from @center4bookarts as broadside

"I will be thirty-two, which also is a type of box."
"To be a girl is of course always to be a dead girl."

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23 Oct
The woman we are watching take her pup places: Yes, I too adore her. But I would like to adore her a little less b/c I would like for many women to take many of our pups places all the time. Thusly, this would not be spectacle. It would just be a Friday.
Why is it a spectacle?
We are conditioned to believe there is only way to be in public with our significant (or insignificant, as the case may be) others.
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